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Oct. 9 1637






(or Roffe) of St. Catherine's near the Tower, maiden, aged 18, her parents deceased and with consent of her grandfather William Peirce of the same parish; at All Hallows in the Wall or St. Catherine's Coleman Street.

11 Francis Collyns of St. Matthew, Friday Street, citizen and skinner, bachelor, aged 30, and Sara Glover of St. Faith's, maiden, aged 26, at her own disposing; at St. Anne's, Blackfriars.

13 John Norton, surgeon, aged 32, bachelor, and Jane Britton of St. Giles Cripplegate, widow, aged 26 ; at St. Giles Cripplegate or St. Margaret Lothbury. Oct. 31 William White1 of St. Mary Woolnoth, citizen and haberdasher, and Mary Dennis of London, spinster, aged 22, daughter of William Dennis of Stevington, Beds., gent, who consents; at St. Leonard's Bromley or the Chapel of Stratford Bow. Nov. 7 William Soutton [as signed] of St. Alban's, Wood Street, widower, aged 27, and Rebecca Armett of St. Mary Staynings, spinster, aged 26; at St. Lawrence Powntney.

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Dec. 22 Alexander Louell? [as signed] of St. Bartholomew the Great, silkweaver, bachelor, aged 25, and Martha Bumpasse, of St. Bartholomew the Great, spinster, aged 21, with consent of her father; at St. Bennet Paul's Wharf.



10 Edward Noyes3 [as signed] of Hatherden, Southampton, gent., aged 21, bachelor, and Martha

1I have will of William White, citizen and haberdasher of London (1676) who speaks of a brother John in Virginia. H. F. W.

"The name Alexander Lovell occurs early in the records of Ipswich, Mass. H. F. W.

Kings Heatherdean or Hetherden was in the parish of Andover, Southampton, and in 1613, when Robert Noyes of Erchfounte (or Urchfont), Wilts., made his will, seems to have been in the possession of his eldest son, Robert Noyes of Hatherden, whose burial. as of 13 Jan., 1636–7, I found entered in the parish register of Andover. His brother William succeeded at Urchfont and made his will 19 March, 1617,

Jan. 10 1637-38


Detton of Christ church, London, maiden, aged 21, with consent of her father, Richard Detton of Detton in Shropshire; at Christ church.

Jan. 15 Symon Harris of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, salter, aged 27, bachelor, and Anne Yardley of St. Alban's, Wood Street, maiden, aged 18, with consent of her father, Richard (sic) Yardley of the same place, who gives consent [signed by Raphe Yardley1]; at St. Alban's Wood Street.


Feb. 22 Benjamin Negus2 [signed] of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, salter, aged 25, bachelor, and Elizabeth Williamson of London, maiden, aged 25; at St. Faith the Virgin.



March 29 William Gerrish3 [signed] of St. Andrew Undershaft, clothworker, bachelor, aged 27, and Barbara Jackson of St. Dionis, Backchurch, maiden, aged 22, with consent of her father, Robert Jackson of the same place, clothworker; at the parish church of St. Mary Mounthaw or St. Mary Islington.


April 23 Daniell King [signed] of St. Giles in the Fields, whitebaker, aged 24, bachelor, and Susanna Spire of the same parish, maiden, aged 22 ; at St. Bride's. June 19 Jacque de la Vingne of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, silk

proved 2 Feb., 1618. in which he mentions kinsman Peter Noyes of Andover. Our Peter Noyes of Sudbury, Mass., dying in the fall of 1657, left lands in Andover, England, called the Breaches, the moiety whereof was settled upon his eldest son Thomas, as joint purchaser, and the remaining moiety he bequeathed to his two sons Peter and Joseph. I found on the parish register of Andover the entry of baptism of a Peter, son of Thomas Noyce, 30 August, 1590 (?). This Peter, I am inclined to think, was our Sudbury man. What relation this last bore to the families of Noyes in Wilts., Southampton (i. e. Hampshire) and Berks., I will not yet venture to suggest. H. F. W.

1Ralph Yardley, the apothecary, in his will, previously referred to, mentions his son-in-law Simon Harris and his daughter Anne Harris.

2Benjamin Negus of Boston had a wife named Elizabeth. H. F. W.

This may possibly be our Capt. William Gerrish of Salem and Newbury, Mass. H. F. W.

June 19 1638

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weaver, bachelor, aged 26, and Frances Sisson of the same parish, spinster, aged 23, her father deceased, etc.; at St. Faith's.

July 17 John Fitzherbert1 of St. Andrew's Holborn, gent., bachelor, aged 24, and Anne Atkens of Cheshunt, Herts., spinster, aged 19, at the disposing of her father, Edward Atkens of Cheshunt Esq., who gives consent; as attested by John Whyte gent., of St. Andrew's, Holborn; at St. Olave's, Hart Street, or Cheshunt.

July 19 William Barttram2 of Sepulchre's, "ostler," aged 28, bachelor, and Martha Taylor of the same parish,


maiden, aged 24, at her own disposing; at St. Faith the Virgin.

Oct. 16 John Brainwood of Rumford, Essex, carpenter, bachelor, aged 21, and Alice Johnson, maiden,

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aged 21, of St. Martin's in the Fields; at St. Paul's, Covent Garden.

Nov. 22 Richard Glover [signed] of St. Mary Bow, citizen and mercer, bachelor, aged 48, and Anne Man of Stratford Bow, widow, aged 33, late the wife of Francis Man deceased; at the Chapel of Stratford Bow.





20 Nicholas Hodson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, cordwainer, widower, aged 50, and Judith Blake of St. Lawrence, Old Jewry, widow, aged 30, relict of Peter Blake deceased; at St. Andrew's, Holborn, or St. Lawrence's, Old Jewry.


8 Edward Tynge3 [signed] of St. Michael Cornhill, merchant, bachelor, aged 28, and Mary Seares of

This is that John Fitzherbert of Begbrooke, Oxon., Esq., of whose will I have published a short abstract in my paper on the Ancestry of Washington, p. 13. His father-in-law, Edward Atkins, Esq., was styled in that will "one of the Justices of the Common Bench." H. F. W.

2There was a William Bartram early in Lynn, Mass., and a George Taylor also. H. F. W.

3A well known and wealthy colonist of Massachusetts. This record confirms the tradition as to the family name of his wife and, in addition, shows her baptismal name and English home and parentage.

June 8 1639

July 18



Layton Buzzard, Beds., maiden, daughter of
Francis Seares of the same place, mercer, who
consents; at St. Catherine Cree Church or Great
All Hallows, Thames Street.

William Roades of St. Giles in the Fields, gent,
aged 30, bachelor, and Joane Tanner of the said
parish, maiden, aged 25, at her own disposing; at
St. Bennet, Paul's Wharf.

Aug. 13 John Yardley of St. Giles Cripplegate, vintner, alleged that Robert Yardley, of the same place, gent., bachelor, aged 30, intendeth to marry Joice Saunders of the same place, widow, aged 40; at St. Mary's Islington.


Aug. 26 Hugh Knowling1 of Bridewell, beavermaker, bachelor, aged 25, and Mary Read of the same place, maiden, aged 21, daughter of Edward Read of the same place, glover, as attested by Thomas Knowling of St. Bride's, beavermaker; at the Chapel of Bridewell.

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8 Clement King2 of St. Giles Cripplegate, citizen and dyer, bachelor, aged 24, and Mary Rayner of St. Sepulchre's, widow, aged 29; at St. Faith's.

28 Robert Williams3 of St. Sepulchre's, tailor, bachelor, aged 30, and Jane Hattrell of St. Olave, Hart Street, maiden, aged 25; at St. Faith's.

1Here is another kinsman of Mr. Andrew Knowling, the stepfather of Mrs. Amphillis Washington. H. F. W. (See pamphlet on the Ancestry of Washington, p. 10.)

2Ralph King of Watford, Herts., father of Daniel King of Lynn, Mass., had also a son Clement. H. F. W.

3This would seem to be the younger brother of our Roger Williams of Salem and Providence, who also came over himself and settled in New England. If so he must have been about seventeen years old when he apprenticed himself to his brother, Sydrach Williams, the merchant tailor and Turkey merchant. (See N. E. Hist. and Genealogical Reg., Vol 43, p. 427.) H. F. W.

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