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May 10 1602

Nathaniel Duckett, gent, of Christ church, London, bachelor, aged about 30, his father deceased and his mother living, and Mary Rowe, maiden, of Walthamstow, Essex, late daughter of William Rowe, gent, there deceased, who died six years since; then appeared Mr. Reynald Argall, gent, father in law of the said Mary Rowe, and allegeth his consent and that of his wife the natural mother of the said Mary Rowe; at Walthamstow &c.

June 10 Geo. Purcas1 of Thaxted, Essex, yeoman, desired license for his son John Purcas of St. Dunstan's in the West London, gent, bachelor, about 31, to take to wife Ellen Sands, maiden, about 24, daughter of Thomas Sands late of St. Dunstan's, deceased, who died sixteen years ago; personally appeared Mary Sands, widow, now of St. Dunstan's, mother of the said Ellen, and giveth con



Jan. 4 John Harrington of the Middle Temple Esq., bachelor, aged about 24, and Mary Offeley, maiden, of St. Lawrence Pountney, about 16, daughter of William Offeley, late of the same parish, merchant, deceased; a note in writing subscribed with the hand of Mrs. Anne Offeley, the mother of the said Mary; at St. Lawrence Pountney.


Jan. 4 [probably] Edward Kytchyn of St. Stephen's Coleman street, cook, a widower and householder, about 60, and Margaret Pygott, widow, of St. Michael's Basishawe, late the wife of Abraham Pygott of St. Michael's Basishawe, porter, deceased; at St. Michael's &c.

Jan. 8 William Meuce, merchant tailor, of St. Leonard's

1 This George Purcas was probably the father of the famous Samuel Purcas or Purchas, author of Purchas his Pilgrimage and Purchas his Pilgrimes, and of Mary, wife of the Rev. William Perkins, afterwards of Topsfield, Massachusetts. The marriage license of the author of the Pilgrimage &c., has already been given (Dec. 2, 1601). H. F. W.

Jan. 8 1602-3

Foster Lane, London, a widower, and hath been twelve months, aged about 50 years, and Elizabeth Ellys, maiden, now his servant, about 34, late daughter of William Ellys of the city of London, yeoman, deceased about ten years since; attested by Robert Horwood, draper, of St. Swithin's, London Stone; at Islington &c.

Feb. 15 William Austen, haberdasher, of St. Mary Wool church, a bachelor, and keepeth shop for himself and hath these ten years, aged about 38 years, and Katherine Keale, widow, of the same parish, about 40, late wife of William Keate (sic) of the same parish, goldsmith, deceased about a year past; then appeared Richard Dottyn of All Hallows Bread street, merchant, and testified to the consent of the said widow Keale; at St. Mary Wool church.

Feb. 16



John Cocke of the parish of St. Alban's in the town of St. Alban's, Herts., chandler, a widower aged about 28, and Rebecca Shrimpton, maiden, of St. Alban's, aged about 18, daughter of Robert Shrimpton, innholder, with whom she dwelleth; appeared Robert Shrimpton, brother to the said. Rebecca, of the parish of Christ church by Newgate, merchant tailor, & alleged consent of her father; at St. Mildred Bread Street.

John Taylor of St. Clement's Danes, salter, a bachelor aged about 28, a housekeeper at his own government, his father being dead, and Judith Culverwell, maiden, of St. James Garlickhithe, aged about 20, daughter of Anthony Culverwell of the same parish, mercer; appeared Anne Dickenson of St. Martin's in the Vintry, widow,

1 Mrs. Ann Dickenson was the widow of Edward Dickenson of St. Margaret's Lothbury. and daughter of John Culverwell of St. Martin's in the Vintry, cooper; their cousin Ezekiel Culverwell's will has already been published in my Gleanings (Part I, p. 87). He left a third of his Latin books to our great schoolmaster Ezekiel Cheever and a bequest to the latter's mother, Mrs. Margaret Cheever. They were also related to one branch of the Hathorne family, through Elizabeth, sister of Anthony Culverwell. H. F. W.

Mar. 3 1602-3

cousin german unto the said Judith and testified that the said Anthony Culverwell (who is now sick) hath given express consent; at Stepney, Middlesex.


July 28 Nathaniel Mollson of Stepney, Middlesex, shipwright, a bachelor, aged about 28 and at his own government, and Joane Graves, maiden, of Stepney, about 20, daughter of Graves of Step

ney, shipwright, deceased about sixteen years past, or more; Hugh Bullock of St. Andrew's Undershaft, haberdasher, testifieth that the mother of the said Joane, being now the widow of one Thomas Maisters of Stepney, with whom the said Joane dwelleth, is willing and consenting; at Stepney, &c.

Sept. 1 John Evans of St. Andrew's Holborn, gent, a bachelor aged about 30, at his own government, and Thomasine Parris, maiden, of Ratcliff, Stepney, about 37, daughter of Parris, of the isle of Jernesey, merchant, deceased above thirty years past, and her mother also dead, and the same Thomasine dwelling with her sister, Follis, wife of one Follies of Ratcliff, mariner, which said sister is all the kinsfolk and special friends and governors that she the same Thomasine now hath, and the same Follies wife is very willing and consenting to this intended marriage as John Evans of St. Martin's, Ludgate, then present, offereth to testify of his own knowledge; at the parish church of Whitechapel.


4 John Lendall of St. Anne Blackfriars, widower, house holder, aged about 60, and Sarah Farmer, widow, of St. Magnus the Martyr near London Bridge, relict of Thomas Farmer of the same parish, salter, deceased; as Henry Carr testifieth; at St. Austin's Paul's Wharf.

Dec. 3 1603

Christopher Davie of Limehouse, Stepney, Middlesex, shipwright, widower, about 50, and Ann Willis of Ratcliff in the same parish, widow, about 35, relict of William Willis of Ratcliff, miller, deceased; at St. Katherine Cree Church.

Dec. 8 Nicholas Okes, bachelor, of St. Sepulchre's, stationer, son of John Okes of the same parish, aged about 24, and Elizabeth Beswick, maiden, of St. Mary Magdalen Old Fish street, daughter of Beswick of the city of Gloucester, cook, deceased, and she at the sole government of Thomas Russell of St. Mary Magdalen &c., cloth worker; at St. Bennet Paul's Wharf.


Jan. 11 Nicholas Clay of Lamborne, Essex, husbandman, widower, aged about 40, and Mary Waylett, widow, of the same parish, about 45, relict of William Waylett of the same, tanner, deceased at Easter last; appeared William Waylett of Lamborne, tanner, son of the said William Waylett deceased, and testifieth that the said Mary Waylett his mother is both privy and consenting, &c.; at Lamborne.

Jan. 25 Francis Lee of St. Katherine Cree Church, sadler, about 26, free of London, at his own government, and Ann Perepoynt, of the same parish, maiden, about 20, daughter of Nicholas Perepoynt of Eastwell, Leicester, gent, with consent of said father, as John Perepoynt of Eastwell, gent, her natural brother, testifieth; at St. Katherine Cree Church. George Lee of St. Katherine Cree Church, the natural father of the said Francis, appeared and gave consent.


8 William Gower of All Hallows Stayning, grocer, a widower and householder, aged about 35, and Joice Shelton, widow, of St. Peter's within the

Feb. 8 1603-4

Tower, about 30, relict of

Shelton late of

the same parish, yeoman, deceased; at All Hallows Stayning.

Mar. 5 Richard Nottingham of Stepney, yeoman, alleges that one George Bartlett of the same parish, merchant, aged about 40, bachelor, intends marriage with Elizabeth Burroughe of the same parish, maiden, aged about 23, daughter of Stephen Burroughe1, of Chatham, Kent, mariner,deceased, her mother also deceased, and the said Elizabeth Burroughe dwelleth with her sister Mrs. Kinge at Ratcliff, who giveth her express consent; at Stepney, &c.


June 30 Edward Stephens of Stepney, Middlesex, shipwright, widower, aged about 48, and Joane Graves, widow, of Stepney, relict of Thomas Graves2 of Stepney, shipwright, deceased about twelve months since, she aged about 36; personally appeared John Saffyn of the Middle Temple, gent, and testified &c; at St. Benet's Paul's Wharf.

Aug. 28 James Shawe of Christ Church, London, merchant tailor, bachelor, aged about 30, at his own gov

1 A marriage license was granted 26 March, 1563, to Stephen Aborowghe and Johanna Overye of Stepney. William Aborowghe, gent., received a license 17 Nov., 1571, to marry Judith Joanes, widow, of Stepney, at Stepney. License was granted 2 Dec., 1586, to Thomas Skott, gent, of Colchester, Essex, to marry Judith Aborough, spinster, of Limehouse, parish of Stepney, Middlesex, daughter of Stephen Aboroughe late of Chatham, Kent, Esq. deceased, at Stepney. John Vassall of Ratcliffe, parish of Stepney, mariner, received license, 23 March, 1593-4, to marry Judith Scott of the city of London, widow of Thomas Scott of the said parish, gent. William Burroughe Esq. in his will, 26 July, 1598, proved 28 Nov., 1598, mentioned sister Borroughe, widow of brother Stephen Borroughe deceased, and her three unmarried daughters, and his said brother's married daughters Judith, wife of John Vassall and Susan wife of William King. In a book of Miscellaneous Pedigrees at the college of Arms (A. I., I. H., Vol. I), which through the kindness of one of my friends there I was allowed to examine, I found a pedigree of this family of Vassal, from which some of our New Englanders were descended. I have collected numerous notes of wills of them and their connections which I hope to publish one of these days. H. F. W.

2 His will I have. He belonged to a family of shipwrights from which sprang, I suspect, our Admiral Graves of Charlestown. H. F. W.

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