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William Whiting of St. Botolph's, Algate, wheelwright, bachelor, aged 24, and Mary Parsons, maiden, aged 18, her parents deceased; at St. Faith's.

12 John Hore, woollwinder, aged 47, and Mary Seawell of Great St. Bartholomew's, widow, aged 36, late wife of John Seawell deceased; at St. Faith's.

24 William Goodwin of Orsett, yeoman, desired license for Richard Randall of the same parish, yeoman, bachelor, aged 25, and Hester Ayre of the same parish, maiden, aged 18, daughter of Richard Ayre, deceased, and 'with consent of Hester Goodwin als Ayre, wife of the said William Goodwin, her mother; at

Edmond Pateshall1 [signed] of St. Mary Strand als Savoy, citizen and salter, bachelor, and Martha Denham of the same parish, spinster, about 22, daughter of Richard Denham of the same place, salter, who giveth consent; at St. Margaret Pattens.


Feb. 25 Thomas Carter of St. Andrew's, Holborn, yeoman, aged 40, bachelor, and Elizabeth Wyld of the same parish, maiden, aged 40; at St. Faith's. March 23 Simon Stone of St. Alban's, Wood Street, haberdasher, bachelor, aged 25, and Ellen Fawcett of St. Botolph's, Algate, spinster, aged 25, at her own disposing, as attested by Henry Lovell of St. Martin's, Ludgate, haberdasher; at St. Botolph's Bishopsgate.



March 30 Richard French of Saffron Walden, draper, bachelor, aged 26, and Mary Parker of the same par


'Edmund and Martha were names in the Pateshall family of Pemaquid and Boston. H. F. W.

May 30


March 31




ish, spinster, aged 19, daughter of John Parker of the same place, chandler, whose consent was attested by William Parker of St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, fishmonger; at Much Hadham. Francis Hudson of Ware, Herts., yeoman, bachelor, aged 36, and Anna Lyde of the same place, maiden, aged 27, at her own disposing; at St. Alban's, Wood Street.

28 William Graye of Stansted Abbots, Herts., yeoman, bachelor, aged 22, and Mary Holmested of the same parish, spinster, aged 20, daughter of Nicholas Holmested of the same place, gent. deceased, with consent of Rachel Holmested of the same place, widow, as attested by John Holmested, brother of the said Mary; at St. Ethelburg, London.

June 15 William Stephens of Redriffe, Surrey, gent., aged 50, and Blanch Fellgate, maiden, aged 21, daughter of William Fellgate of All Hallows Barking, merchant; at Hackney or Stepney.


Aug. 12 John Greene of Hatfield, Broadoak, yeoman, bachelor, aged 25, at his own government, and Jane Man of Hatfield Broadoak, maiden, aged 22, her father deceased and with consent of Frances Man of the same place, widow, her mother; at St. Botolph's Billingsgate.

Aug. 15 †

Aug. 25 t

Oct. 13 t

William Pope of St. Andrew's, Holborn, pewterer, aged 24, bachelor, and Anne Ducke of St. Margaret's Westminster, maiden, aged 19, with her father's consent; at St. Faith's.

Isaac Foote of Stepney, seaman, aged 36, widower, and Ruth Browne of the same place, maiden, aged 22, at her own disposing; at Stepney.

Thomas Greene of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tailor, bachelor, aged 27, and Susan Dobey of the same parish, spinster, aged 18, at her own disposing, being an hired servant, her father deceased; at St. Andrew's, Holborn.

Oct. 21 1635




George Earle of St. Sepulchre's, citizen and goldsmith, bachelor, aged 24, and Elizabeth Blake of Harverdstock, Essex, spinster, aged 22, her father deceased; at St. Faith's.

Abraham Higby of Aldham, Herts., bachelor, aged 21, and Grace Killingworth of the same parish, maiden, aged 19, at the disposing of her mother who consents; at St. Michael's, Basishaw. Nov. 9 George Frier of St. Ellen's, London, merchant, bachelor, aged 30, and Blanch Stevens1 of All Hallows Barking, widow, aged 20; alleged by William Fellgate; at All Hallows Barking.

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Robert Williams of St. Olave's, Southwark, shipwright, widower, aged 30, and Dorothy Powell of St. Martin's in the Fields, maiden, aged 32; at St. Martin's, etc.

Nov. 24 Sampson Waters of St. Giles in the Fields, blacksmith, widower, aged 30, and Anna Seymor (?) of St. Martins in the fields, maiden, of the same age; at St. Sepulchre's.

Nov. 28 John Juxon3 of the City of London, gent., widower, aged 34, and Anne Michelborne, maiden, aged 23, daughter of William Michelborne of Westmeston, Sussex, gent., at St. Margaret Pattens.

Nov. 28 John King gent., widower, aged 40, (?) and Anne Whitney, widow, aged 30, relict of George Whit


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ney deceased; attested by Richard Crowther of St. Bride's; at St. Mary Mounthaw.

Dec. 2 John King of Stepney, mariner, aged 21, and Mary Bambricke of the same parish, maiden, aged 21, at her own disposing; at St. Trinity Minories. 21 William Sedgwicke1, clerk, rector of Farnham, Es


1Widow, undoubtedly, of William Stevens (see entry of June 15, same year) H. F. W.

2See previous note on p. H. F. W.

I have over forty wills referring to this family, which was connected with families in New England and Virginia. H. F. W.

This was " Doomsday " Sedgwick (so called), brother of our Major General Robert Sedgwick. For his will and some account of him see my Gleanings, Part III, pp. 259-260. H. F. W.

Dec. 21



sex, bachelor, aged 26, and Anne James of Hackney, widow, relict of Nathaniel James citizen, and draper, deceased, about 25 years old; at Hackney.






William King of St. Mary Islington, vintner, aged 28,bachelor, and Anne King of St. Mary Abchurch, maiden, aged 24, with consent of her father, Edward King of St. Mary Abchurch, husbandman; at St. Faith's.

Jan. 27 Edward Carleton1 of St. Bartholomew near the Exchange, citizen and mercer, bachelor, aged 30, and Margaret Burrish of St. Bennet Gracechurch, spinster, daughter of Edward Burrish, citizen and mercer deceased, with consent of Margaret Burrish, widow, her mother, as attested by George Burrish of St. Bennet's, citizen and mercer; at St. James Dukes Place or St. Michael's Wood Street. John Steere of St. Giles without Cripplegate, woodmonger, bachelor, aged 27, at his own government, and Joane Billy of the same parish, widow, aged 30, relict of John Billy deceased; at St. Faith's.

March 3




April 11 Thomas King of St. Margaret's New Fish Street, vintner, bachelor, aged 26, and Anne Terry of the same place, spinster, aged 26, at her own government; at St. Faith's.

April 15 Peter Cheever3 [signed] of St. Botolph's without Algate, glover, aged 23, and Elizabeth Curle of the


same parish, spinster, aged 22, with consent of

1We had an Edward Carleton in Rowley, freeman, 1642, rep. 1644 and 7, ancestor of a highly respectable family in Essex Co., Mass. H. F. W.

2There was a John Steere early in Rhode Island. H. F. W.

Peter Cheever, a glover, kinsman of the famous schoolmaster Ezekiel Cheever, was the first New England ancestor of our Salem family of Cheever. Could William Cheever, the skinner, of London, father of Ezekiel, have been father also of the above Peter and grandfather of our Salem man? H. F. W.

April 15 1636


her mother Catherine Curle of the same parish widow; at St. Botolph's Algate. [On the margin "Bannes ter pubd dimid. feod."]

May 3 Leonard Norton of the City of London, clerk, M. A., and Margaret Traac (?) of Micham (Mitcham) Surrey, maiden, aged 25 or 26, at her own disposing, with consent of Margaret Traac (?), widow, her mother (of the same place); at St. Martin's in the Vintry.




9 John Okes of St. Bartholomew the Less, stationer, bachelor, aged 31, and Mary Norwood of Sepulchre's, maiden, aged 31, father and mother deceased and she living with her uncle, John Cox of the same parish, who is willing; at St. Sepulchre's or St. Swithin's near London Stone.

May 18 John Grenlefe [signed] of St. Andrew Undershaft, dyer,1 bachelor, aged 24, at his own government, and Hester Hoste, maiden, aged 21, daughter of James Hoste of Stepney who consents; at St. Augustine's near Pauls Gate.

May 24 John Ward of Hadleigh ad Castrum in Co. Essex, clerk, bachelor, aged 26, and Alice Edmonds of Olkham, Kent, spinster, aged 24, with consent of Nicholas Edmonds, her father; at St. Leonard's, Foster Lane. [signed by John Ward.]

May 26 John Greene of St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, turner, t aged 24, bachelor, and Anne Price of the same

parish, maiden, aged 28; at St. Botolph's Bishopsgate.

May 26 Anthony3 Bartlett of St. Faith's, gent., bachelor, aged 40, and Alice Wildman of St. Bartholomew

1Edmond Greenleaf, the ancestor of the distinguished family of that name in Essex Co., Mass., was a dyer. There was also a John Greenleaf in Boston, of a younger generation, who was probably of the same kin. H. F. W.

2 This was that clergyman of Haverhill, Mass., already referred to in note on p. 73. H. F. W.

3 I note that Colonel Chester calls him Nathaniel Bartlett. Unfortunately I have no means at hand to settle the question as to the correctness of one or the other reading. H. F. W.

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