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Edward Goodwyn als Saunders of St. Olave's Southwark, a widower aged 26, and Margaret King, maiden, aged 20, daughter of William King of Hodsdon Herts., who consents; at St. Botolph's Bishopsgate.

Oct. 3 Mr. James Bayley, clerk, of the parish of St. Martin's in the Fields alleges that Mr. James Bayley, clerk, preacher of the Word of God, dwelling in Westminster, aged 33, intends to marry Helen Levington, Gent, aged 36, her father and mother both deceased; at St. Martin's in the Vintry.

Oct. 30 Mr. James Chauncey of Sabridgeworth, Herts., clerk, a bachelor aged about 26, at his own government and Elizabeth Mountjoy, maiden, aged 23, her father deceased, with the consent of Mary Mountjoy of Bishop's Stortford, widow, her mother; at St. Mary Somerset.


Nov. 23 Robert Lord of St. Andrew's, Wardrobe, yeoman, a widower aged 44 (or 47?), and Elizabeth Vaughan of the same parish, widow [unfinished]. 29 Arthur Mansfield of St. Martin's, Ludgate, haberdasher, bachelor, aged 28, and Margaret Ryle of St. Peter's in Cheape, maiden, aged 23, her parents deceased; at St. Peter's in Cheape.




Feb. 26 Edward Quiney of St. Andrew's, Holborn, citizen and brewer, a bachelor aged 25, and Anne Corderay of St. Bride's Fleet Street, maiden, aged 23, daughter of James Corderay of Co. Wilts. gent.; at St. Bennet's Paul's Wharf.

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27 Gabriel Colinge, curate of St. Pancras als Kentish Town, bachelor, and Elenor Hicks late of Wigmore, Kent, and now of the Diocese of London, maiden, her parents deceased and she at her own disposing; at St. Leonard's Foster Lane.

I have several wills relating to this family from which sprang our New Eng. land family. H. F. W.


March 27 William Mott of Orset (Essex) yeoman, a widower aged about 63, and Martha Salter of the same

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place, maiden, about 22, at her own dispose; at St. Gregory's, London.

April 12 George Chaveney of St. Peter's Paul's Wharf, dier, a bachelor, aged about 28 and at his own government, and Agnes Southwicke of St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel, maiden, about 16, daughter of Thomas Southwicke of the same parish, gunsmith, who is willing; at St. Mary Matfellon. April 18 Robert Crane of St. Bride's Fleet Street, gent, a bachelor aged about 23, and Jane Porter of the same parish, maiden, about 21, daughter of Porter late of the Co. of Warwick, gent, deceased, and at the dispose of her mother who consents; at St. Giles in the Fields.


April 22 Thomas Weld of St. Mary Woolnoth, grocer, a bachelor aged about 23 (?), and Anne Kempton of Ware, Co. Herts., maiden, about 18, her father deceased; Edward Dexter of the same parish attested the consent of Kempton, widow, her

mother; at same parish church.

April 24 John Croser of Little All Hallows, Thames Street, clothworker, a bachelor aged 30, at his own gov



ernment, and Jane Ambrose of the same parish, widow, aged 32, late wife of Thomas Ambrose, deceased; at Chelsea or Fulham.

April 25 Simon Kinge of All Hallows the Less, gent, a bachelor aged 36, and Philip Pinchback of St. Martin's in the Fields, widow, aged 38; at St. Pancras als Kentish Town.

May 6 Robert Harford of St. Olave's Southwork brewer, a widower, aged 44, and Elizabeth Slawter of the same parish, widow, aged 38, relict of Joseph Slater, smith, deceased; at St. Benet's Paul's Wharf.

May 30 Thomas Mavile (?) of Watford, Herts., collar

May 30 1628


maker, a bachelor aged 24, at his own government, and Elizabeth Goodale of Edgeware, maiden, aged 18, daughter of William Goodale of the same place, collarmaker; attested by Thomas Ellis of St. Faith's, stationer; at Edgeware.

June 30 Thomas Lowndes of St. Stephen's, Walbroke, haberdasher, a bachelor aged 26, and Elizabeth Spenser, maiden, of Stepney, about 21, daughter of Mr. Richard Spenser, citizen and haberdasher deceased and she solely at her own dispose; at Stepney.

June 30 Nicholas Crispe of St. Mildred's, Bread Street, citizen and ironmonger, widower, aged 29, and Sara Spenser of the parish aforesaid, maiden, about 17, daughter of Richard Spenser, citizen and haberdasher deceased and she an "orphant" at the dispose of the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor and Aldermen; attested by Thomas Lownes, citizen and haberdasher; at Fulham.


July (1-9) James Baudouyn1 of St. Mary Woolchurch, merchant, bachelor, aged 28, and Martha de Caugh (or Cangh) widow, of St. Dunstan's in the East, aged 23, relict of Thomas de Caugh, merchant, deceased; at Stepney or Hackney.




Edward Adams of Richmond, Surrey, yeoman, ropemaker, bachelor, aged 25, and Ellen Austen of the Diocese of London, maiden, aged 22, her parents deceased and she at her own dispose; at St. Andrew's, Wardrobe.

Sept. 27 Henry Lea of St. Mary Magdalen, embroiderer, bachelor, aged 24, and Elizabeth Baugh of the

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same parish, maiden, aged 32, her parents deceased; at St. Mary Magdalen.

1 Could this have been the father of Pierre Baudouin and grandfather of our James Bowdoin? H F. W.

2 I associate the name of Baugh with the Hancock family with which the Lees of Virginia were undoubtedly connected. There was a family of that name once seated at Twining in Gloucestershire.

Oct. 9 1628




Thomas Angell of Stepney, mariner, widower, aged
40, and Grace Gray of St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf,
widow, aged 40, relict of Slingsby Gray of St.
Giles in the Fields, ironmonger, deceased; at St.

18 Thomas Cole of St. Mary Matfellon als White-
chapel, shipcarpenter, widower, aged 32, and Mary
Wade of the same parish, maiden, aged 28, daugh-
ter of Richard Wade of Ipswich, Suffolk, mariner;
at St. Mary Matfellon.
John Beedle of Uxbridge, yeoman, bachelor, aged
32, and Anne Sharpe of the same place, maiden,
aged 23, daughter of Thomas Sharpe of Kilburn,
yeoman, who is willing; at St. Mary Mounthaw.
William Partridge of Harrow on the Hill, husband-

Oct. 20


Dec. 29

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man, bachelor, aged 40, and Anne Butterfield of Hempstead, Herts., maiden, aged 30, at her own disposing; at Christ Church.



Feb. 5 Matthew Andrewe of St. Olave's, Southwark, grocer, bachelor, aged 23, and Sarah Evance, of St. Michael in the Querne, maiden, aged 22, daughter of Hugh Evance of the said parish, citizen and clothworker, personally present and consenting; at St. Michael's &c.


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5 George Moncke of Shering, Essex, shoemaker, bachelor, aged 20, son of George Moncke of the same place, shoemaker, with his said father's consent, and Joane Dyer of Sabridgeworth, Herts., maiden, aged 21, her parents deceased and she at the dispose of Thomas Dyer of the same parish, yeoman, her brother; attested by George Waterman of Hatfield Broadoak, gent.; at Shering.

12 John Lee of St. Andrew's Holborn, tailor, bachelor, aged 26, and Margaret Snowe of the same

1A sister of John Evance of Connecticut (see Emmerton and Waters' Gleanings, pp. 27-33). H. F. W.

Feb. 12 1628-29

parish, maiden, aged 22, daughter of William Snowe, yeoman, of Co. Wilts., who consents; at St. Gregory.

Feb. 16 John Lee of St. Alphage, mason, bachelor, aged

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21(?), and Elizabeth Wright, of St. Alban's Wood Street, maiden, aged 21, daughter of Thomas Wright, deceased, and with consent her mother; as is attested by Richard Wright, her brother; at St. Alphage.

March 2 Francis Norton1 of the parish of St. Olave's in Southwark, in the Co. of Surrey, haberdasher and



a bachelor aged about 27 years, allegeth that he intendeth to marry with Mary Phillips of the Diocese of London, widow, aged about 29 years; at St. Christopher in the Stocks. [signed by Francis Norton.]

March 17 William Stephens of St. Olave's, Southwark, mariner, a bachelor aged 22, at his own government, and Elizabeth Brewland, maiden, aged 23, at her own dispose, her father deceased, and with consent of Elizabeth Brewland, her mother; at St. Andrew's, Wardrobe, or St. Mary Magdalen, old Fish Street.


March 21 Robert Cunliffe of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, salter, bachelor, about 28, at his own government, and Rebecca Norton of St. Swithin near London Stone, spinster, aged 25, daughter of Nathaniel Norton of the same parish, grocer, who consents; at St. Mary Mounthaw.


April 2 Nicholas Bound of St. Olave's, Surrey, brewer, bachelor, aged 27, and Joane Jennings of St. Trinity

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the Less, maiden, about 33, at her own dispose; at St. Trinity.

1Col. Francis Norton of Charlestown, Mass., was a haberdasher and his wife Mary was sister of Robert Houghton of St. Olave's Southwark (see my Gleanings, Part III, pp. 25-78). H. F. W.

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