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LONDON 1598 TO 1639.



April 5 John Lendall, a cooper, of the parish of St. Martin's Vintry, London, aged about 56 years, widower, and so hath been this twelve month, allegeth that he is to be married to Margaret Kiluer,1 widow, of the parish of St. Ethelburgh, Bishopsgate, aged about 40 years, late wife of George Kiluer, while he lived of the same parish of St. Ethelborough, tallowchandler, deceased about one half a year since and more.

Aug. 29 Richard Sterne, barber surgeon, of St. Andrew's Holborn and a widower, aged 58 years, and Mary Warmingham, widow, of the same parish, aged 50 years or thereabouts, relict of John Warmingham of the same parish merchant taylor, deceased two years since. [signed] Richard Stearne.

Nov. 29 Thomas Kynge, gent, of the Inner Temple London, bachelor and born at Althorne, Essex, aged 23

years, whose parents are deceased some years past, and Dorothy Glascocke, widow, of St.

1This may be Kiluer (Kilver), as I have it, or Kilner, as in Colonel Chester's transcript. H. F. W.

Nov. 29 1598

Clement's without Temple Bar, London, aged 23. late wife of Richard Glascocke of Roxwell, Essex, gent, deceased some four months past; at St. Bennet's Paul's wharf.

Dec. 4 Richard Tynes of St. Mary Mounthawe, grocer, aged about 27 years, bachelor, his father deceased one year since and his mother deceased twenty years since, and Ellen Millett, widow, of St. Andrew's Holborn, aged 30 years, widow of Thomas Millett, yeoman, late of St. Andrew's &c.

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May 28 Richard Tucke, merchant tailor, of All Hallows the Less, Thames street, bachelor, free of the city and hath been these twelve months, aged about 24 years, and Julyan Poyntell, maiden, of St. Mary Aldermanbury, aged about 24, late daughter of Henry Poyntell of Stepney, baker, deceased, and now solely under the government of Danet Poyntell, draper, her uncle; at St. Mary Aldermanbury.


July 4 Gilbert Howlte of St. Sepulchre's, London, glover, a bachelor whose parents are dead, aged 35 years or thereabouts, and Alice Rodes, widow, of the same parish, relict of John Rodes of the same parish of St. Sepulchre, yeoman, deceased about Christmas last, she aged 45 years or thereabouts, John Coxe of the same parish, chandler, certifies; at St. Sepulchre's.

Aug. 14 t

Edward Atkinson, cordwainer, of White chapel with

out Algate, bachelor, about 28 and a householder, having neither father nor mother, and Sibell Hallam, maiden, of White chapel, about 24, daughter of Robert Hallam, while he lived of Langham, Rutland, shoemaker, deceased; testified by Gilbert Hallam of St. Dennys Backchurch, blacksmith, free of the Vintners, brother of the said Sybell.


Sept. 18 Francis Dent of St. Peter the Poor, psalter (salter) a bachelor and a householder, and hath been for four years, aged 27, and Elizabeth Garton, maiden, of St. Peter the Poor, aged 17, daughter of Giles Garton, of St. Margaret's New Fish street, Ironmonger, deceased. Lawrence Cooke offereth to be deposed who was personally present with the said Francis Dent in the house of Mr. Richard Goddard, one of the Aldermen of the City, who declared his consent and that of his now wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Goddard, the natural and lawful mother of the said Elizabeth Garton; at St. Peter le Poor.

Sept. 24 William Perkins of Fobbinge, Essex, yeoman, bachelor, about 33, at his own government, and Fraunces Boade, maiden, of St. Mary Axe, London, about 21, late daughter of William Boade of Much Stambridge, Essex, yeoman, deceased about twelve years past; at St. Olaves Hart street. Sept. 25 John Hallsey, merchant tailor, of St. Austin near Powle's, bachelor, about 25, and Anne Meade, of Bearden, Essex, about 18, daughter of Richard Meade of Bearden, yeoman, with the consent of Mr. Hallsey, merchant tailor, of St. Awsten's, father of the said John Hallsey, in the parish church of Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, for that the maiden's aunt, Margaret Would, dwelleth there and the father of her intendeth to be at the marriage. [signed] John Haucesey.

Nov. 5 Thomas Lowe, alderman of London, allegeth a marriage intended between Robert Offeley,1 son of William Offeley late of St. Lawrence Pountney, London, merchant tailor, deceased, aged about 19 years, and Mary Lowe, maiden, about 16, natural daughter of the said alderman Lowe; the said

have numerous wills relating to this family, to which undoubtedly belonged Mr. David Offley of Boston, who had a brother Robert, a citizen and merchant of London. H. F. W.

Nov. 5 1601

Robert being an orphan of the City of London, hath chosen him the said alderman as guardian; at St. Peter Bread street, being the parish where the said alderman Lowe dwelleth.

Nov. 27 Thomas Wayght, of the Middle Temple, London, gen", a bachelor, about 28 and at his own government, his father being dead, and Barbara Hunt, maiden, of St. Michael Querne, about 18, daughter of Edmund Hunte of Hempsted, Norfolk, Esq.; at St. Alban's, Wood street.

Dec. 2 Samuel Purcas, clerk, curate of Purleigh, Essex, bachelor, aged 27 or thereabouts, and Jane Lease, maiden, of the same parish, aged 26, daughter of Vincent Lease of West Hall, Suffolk, yeoman, her father and mother both living, as by testimony of Thomas Lease, brother to the aforementioned Joane Lease, and the said Samuel Purcas exhibiteth letter from Mr. D. Freake, parson of Purleigh, whose household servants the said Samuel Purcas and Joane Lease now are, and the said Joane hath lived with Dr. Freake these three

years; to be married at Purleigh.

Dec. 12 Henry Adams of St. Michael Cornhill, scrivener, about 33, bachelor, at his own government and hath kept house for himself this five years &c., and Elizabeth Newman of St. Michael aforesaid, aged 17, daughter of Thomas Newman of St. Michael aforesaid, deceased, with consent of her own mother; at St. Michael's &c.


Jan. 9 John Mott gent, of Clifford's Inn, bachelor, about 25, his father and mother both living and dwelling in Braintree, Essex, and he at his own government and disposing, and Alice Harrington of Althorne, Essex, maiden, aged 18, daughter of Thomas Harrington of Althorne, yeoman. Then

Jan. 9 1601-2

appeared John Lynsey of Burntwood, Essex, yeoman, and testified; to be married in the parish church of Althorne where the maiden and her friends now dwell, and the said John Lynsey offereth to take his oath that Mr. Mark Mott1 of Braintree, father unto the said John Mott, was at Althorne within these eight weeks and there did conclude with the said Mr. Thomas Harrington about "joynters" and other assurances and did give his express consent.

Jan. 23 Robert Kinge, cloth worker, of St. Mary Staynings, bachelor, whose father and mother are both dead and he at his own government and hath kept house for himself these two years, and Elizabeth Sharpe, widow, of St. Botolph Aldersgate, aged about 50 years, relict of Henry Sharpe of St. Botolph's, clothworker, deceased half a year since; at St. Botolph's &c.


April 3 Arthur Lee of St. Magnus by the Bridge, London, girdler, aged 29, a bachelor at his own government, having kept house three years or thereabouts, his father deceased twelve years since, and Elizabeth James, widow, aged about 30, relict of John James of St. Magnus, grocer, deceased, four months since; at Stepney &c.


With this family of Mott were connected sundry families who settled in Con. This Mark Mott, of Braintree, gentleman, as he styles himself in his last will and testament, refers, in said will, to John Mott, as his eldest son, and to Alice Mott wife of the said John. He also mentions "cousin Collyns, minister of Braintree," by whom, of course was meant Mr. Samuel Collins, brother of Daniel Collins whose will, an abstract of which was published in Emmerton and Waters' Gleanings (Essex Institute Historical Collections, 1880), disclosed a very close connection with certain New England families. One of the brothers of this John Mott was Mr. Mark Mott, Rector of Rayne Parva, D.D., who in his will made 18 Dec., 1630, and proved April 1, 1631, bequeathed to his cousin "Dorothie, the wife of John Caylecott two porrengers of china." Believing this last name to be a mistake for Taylecott I called the attention of the authorities at Somerset House, giv. ing my reasons. The original will was produced and my guess proved to be right. John and Dorothy Taylecott were the ancestors of the Talcotts of Connecticut. I ought to say that there were Calcotts as well as Talcotts; only in this case I was quite sure the latter must be the correct name. H. F. W.

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