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May 27 1620 Aug. 4

that of Jane Marshall als Dawbney, her mother; at St. Leonards etc.

Nicholas Easton1 of Little St. Bartholomew, chandler, a bachelor and housekeeper, aged about 22, at his own government, and Bridget Frenche, widow, of St. James Clarkenwell, about 30, relict of French, chandler, deceased; testified by the said Nicholas Easton [Eassone as he writes it] and by Charles Martindale of St. Botolph's Aldersgate; at St. James Clarkenwell.

Aug. 8 Richard Culpepper, merchant tailor, bachelor, aged 38, and Anne Evans, relict of John Evans late of Whitechapel, yeoman, deceased; at Whitechapel. Aug. 12 Jonas Stockton of St. Trinity Minories, clerk, M.A., bachelor, about 32, and Dorothy Barnes of Lambeth, Surrey, maiden, aged 19, daughter of William Barnes, merchant, deceased, and she now at the government of Alice Barnes als Bohoone, her mother, wife of Mr. Laurence Bohoone, M.D.; her consent testified by Mr. Daniel Nicholls, clerk, M.A., at Little All Hallows. William Goodwyn of St. Andrew Undershaft, scrivener, a bachelor aged about 24, a freeman of the city and at his own government, and Joane Clemence, maiden, of the same parish, about 25, daughter John Clemence of Cisam, Northampton, yeoman; then appeared John Fitch3 of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, chirurgeon, and testifieth that Robert Butterton of St. Andrew's, gent, with whom said Joane now dwelleth and so hath done these four years, is willing etc., at St. Andrew's etc. [signed by Will Goodwin and John Fytch.]

Aug. 16 16

1A New England name. H. F. W.

2 I am inclined to think that this Jonas Stockton was a son of William Stockton, clerk, parson of Barkeswell, Warwick (see his will in my Gleanings, Part II, p.149) and consequently a kinsman of John Stockton, parson of Alcester, whose daughter Patience was the wife of Edward Holyoke, the first New England ancestor of Presi dent Holyoke of Harvard College. Col. Chester seems to have read this name John instead of Jonas. H. F. W.

This connection of Fitch with Goodwin suggests the inference that the above William Goodwyn belonged to the family of that name in Bocking. H. F. W.


Feb. 13 Thomas Upcher of Colchester, tailor, bachelor, about 23 (?), at his own government, and Ann Ayre, maiden, about 22, daughter of Robert Ayre, innkeeper, deceased, and her mother also; Thomas Brasey of St. Martin's, Ludgate, draper, testifieth; at St. Leonard's, Foster Lane.


June 13 Richard Tayler of Christ Church, chandler, bachelor, about 25, son of Richard Tayler of Edgeworth, Middlesex, yeoman, with the consent of his said father, and Martha Kinge of Langley, Herts., maiden, about 22, daughter of Robert Kinge of the same parish, yeoman, who is willing; attested by William Woodehouse of Christ Church, grocer; at the Church or Chapel of Bridewell.

Aug. 6 Personally appeared Elizabeth Saunders of St. Bride's widow, and alleges that Thomas Atkinson of the same parish, horner, a widower aged about 70, intends marriage with Susan Lloyd of the same parish, maiden, about 24, daughter of Thomas Lloyd of Cherborough, Salop, brasier, who consents; the said Susan now lives as a servant with the said Atkinson and so hath done for four years past; Rose Andrews, wife of Robert Andrews of St. Bride's, cutler, natural sister of the said Susan, testifies; at St. Peter's Paul's Wharf.

"There is a King's Langley as well as an Abbot's Langley near Watford in Herts. I have the will of a Robert King of King's Langley (1627) who appoints wife Alice executrix and brother Raph King overseer. Daniel King of Lynn, Mass., had a brother John who was vicar of Abbot's Langley and a father Ralph who was a draper and a prominent man in Watford. Contemporary with him was a Francis King, also of Watford, mercer, who in his will (1630) mentions a brother Raphe King, of London; and he appoints for overseers a brother John Kinge and a cousin Raphe Kinge. This latter may have been the Ralph of Watford, father of our immigrant to Lynn. The brother John is shown clearly by the will of Thomas Bigg of Watford (1623) to have been of King's Langley. Who Raphe Kinge of London was I am unable to say. There was a Raphe Kinge at that time a vintner in Pope's Head Alley Lombard street, whose pedigree is given in the Visitation of London 163334 and who belonged to the same family as the Bishop of London. But I have not yet proved the connection of all these. H. F. W.

Oct. 10 1621

Sidrach Williams1 of St. Gabriel Fenchurch, London, merchant tailor; a bachelor aged about 27 years, alleges that he intends to marry with Anne Pinner of the parish of St. Michael Querne London, widow, aged about 22 years, the late wife of Francis Pinner, grocer, deceased about two years since; and then appeared personally Thomas Tyler of the parish of St. Michael aforesaid, haberdasher, lawful father of the said Anne, and testified the premisses to be true; at St. Michael's aforesaid. Oct. 20 John White of Stratford Bow, mariner, bachelor, about 30, at his own government, and Elizabeth Fitche of the same place, maiden, about 24, daughter of Robert Fitche, of the same place, brewer, who is willing, etc.; attested by Thomas Peache of Stepney, mariner; at Stratford Bow. Edward Tomlins2 of St. Dunstan's in the West, grocer, a bachelor, aged about 21, son of Edward Tomlins of Todman, in Co. Gloucester, husbandman, but he alleges that he is now solely at his own government, and Jane Bassall of St. Dunstan's aforesaid, maiden, aged about 25, daughter of Bassall

Oct. 31


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late of in Oxon, weaver, deceased long since, and her mother also; as is testified by Robert Jermaine [signed Jarman] of St. Gregory near Paul's, haberdasher; at St. Peter's by Paul's Wharf.

6 Walter Overbury of the Middle Temple Esq., bachelor, aged about 27, at his own government, and Mary Pinchion, maiden, about 17, daughter of Sir Edward Pinchion3 of Writtle (Essex) knight; at St. Alban's Wood street.

1This was the elder brother of our famous Roger Williams who spoke of him as a Turkey merchant in London, which we have proved him to have been. If Col. Chester had only given his age I should have been saved some guess work. It will be noted, too, that my extract gives the maiden name and parentage of Sidrach Williams' wife. H. F. W.

2 Perhaps afterwards of Lynn, Mass. H. F. W.

I have numerous wills relating to this family, who were connected with New England. H. F. W.

Nov. 12 1621

Richard Cowley of St. Botolph's without Bishopsgate, brasier, a bachelor aged about 24, at his own government, and Ruth Kirbey, single woman, aged about 23, daughter of John Kirbey deceased; then appeared William Langton of St. Giles Cripplegate, tailor, and testifieth that Joane Kirbey,1 widow, mother to the said Ruth, is willing and consenting; at St. Olave's old Jewry.


Feb. 4 Richard Chauncy, painter, a bachelor aged about 25, son of Henry Chauncy of Gravesend, painter, with consent of his said father, and Agnes Gugly spinster, aged about 16, daughter of


late of in Co. Gloucester, yeoman, deceased, but with consent of Dorothy Gugly als Chauncy, as is testified by Mr. George Scarboroughe, parson of St. George, Botolph Lane; at St. George's, etc.

Feb. 9 Mr. Thomas Moody, clerk, parson of Haseley, Essex, widower, aged about 48, and Margaret Scrivenor,2 widow, aged about 35, relict of Bartholomew

Scrivener, clerk, late Vicar of Messing, deceased; at St. Martin's Ludgate.

March 2 Thomas Gate of the Inner Temple Esq., a bachelor aged about 29, and Anne Morley, maiden of St. Lawrence Jewry, aged about 19, daughter of Thomas Morley3 of the same parish, merchant, who being present consents; at St. Andrew's Holborn or at Hackney.

1I have her will and those of eight or ten others of this family, who were connected with the Downings, Carters and Hales of New England. H. F. W. 2She was a daughter of Mr. Thomas Morrice, parson of Layer Marney, see p. 14. H. F.W.

3The wife of Thomas Morley was Katherine Burnell, daughter of John Burnell of London, and sister of Thomas Burnell whose will appears in my Gleanings (Part I, p. 79). See also N. E. Hist. and Gen. Reg. for April, 1892. John Morley of Charles. town, Mass., was a brother of Mrs. Gate. H. F. W.

March 18 1621-22

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Weston Clarke1 of St. Alban's Wood street, merchant, a bachelor aged about 22, his father deceased and he at his own government, and Dorcas Smith of the same parish, maiden, aged about 20, daughter of Matthew Smith late of King's Lynn, Norfolk, merchant, deceased, and now solely at the government and disposing of Samuel Pordage of St. Dennis Backchurch, London, grocer, who is her lawful guardian; at St. Michael's, Quenhithe.


April 20 Thomas Hall of St. Olave's Southwark, London, draper, a bachelor aged about 25, his parents deceased and he at his own government, and Anne Walley of All Saints in Honey Lane, maiden, aged about 20, daughter of Thomas Walley late of All Saints Barking, merchant, deceased, but with the consent of Mrs. Farrington of All Saints in Honey Lane aforesaid, as

[Here it ends abruptly and all is erased and "vacat” is written on the margin. H. F. W.]

May 20 Richard Price of St. Mary Abchurch, painter stainer, a bachelor aged about 28, and at his own government, and Mary Harwood, widow, aged about 30, late the wife of George Harwood of Chelmsford, Essex, deceased about three years since; at St. Christofer's by the Stocks.

May 31 John Wheeley of Burntwood, Essex, brasier, a widower, aged about 27, and Joane Tabor, maiden, of the same parish, aged about 21, daughter of Christopher Tabor of the same place, collarmaker, whose consent is obtained; as is testified by Allen Convers2 of the same place, linendraper; at the chapel of Burntwood. [signed by Allen Convers.] Aug. 1 John Williams, clerk, parson of Duddinghurst, a

1 Possibly a brother of Jeremiah and uncle of Weston Clarke of Rhode Island. H. F. W.

2See note on p. 29. H. F. W.

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