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March 10 Henry Clench of St. Runwall's, Colchester, apothecary, bachelor, aged about 26, at his own government, and Jane Harlakenden, maiden, of Earl's Colne, Essex, aged about 16, daughter of Richard Harlakenden Esq.1 of Earl's Colne; at Earl's Colne.


April 18 Philip Baker of St. Andrew's Holborn, cordwainer, bachelor, aged 32, and Margaret Fitch of Hounsdon, Herts., widow, aged about 25, late wife. of Fitch of Bocking, Essex, clothier, deceased about a year since; at St. Ethelborowe, London. May 29 John Stoke of Matching, Essex, yeoman, bachelor, aged about 30, at his own government, and Phillida Lyman of Navestocke, maiden, aged about 24, daughter of Henry Lyman3 deceased; then appeared Henry Lyman, brother to the said Phillis, and testifieth that Phillis Lyman als Greene, mother to the said Phillis, is willing and consenting; at Christ Church, London.

Aug. 20 John Waley of St. Mary Magdalen's, old Fish street, tailor, a bachelor aged about 26 and at his own government, and Anne Mason, widow, of the same parish, relict of Bryan Mason, deceased six years since; at St. Mary, Islington.

Nov. 21 Richard Vaughan of All Hallows Barking, silkthroster, a bachelor aged about 27 and at his own government, and Frances Goodwyn of Casthorton, Surrey, a maiden aged about 23, daughter of William Goodwyn of Wickam, Bucks., cloth

1I have numerous wills of this family who were connected with New England.

H. F. W.

2James Fitch of Bocking, clothier, who died in August, 1616, left a widow Margaret. I have his will and a great many others relating to the Fitch family, whence sprang our New England families of that name. H. F. W.

I have his will and others relating to this family. I was not aware till now that her mother was re-married to-Greene. H. F. W.

Nov. 21 1618


Feb. 8


worker, and she a late servant of Mrs. Jeane Beale of Casthorton who is willing; at All Hallows Barking.


Francis Fletcher of Brainford, Middlesex, yeoman, a bachelor aged about 30 and at his own government, and Elizabeth Woodward, maiden, of St. Botolph Aldersgate, aged about 26, daughter of Richard Woodward, gent, deceased long since; then appeared Ezechias Woodward1 of Vavestone, Kent, gent, a natural brother of the said Elizabeth, and did give his express consent; at St. George's in Botolph Lane.

John Angell of Whitechaple, Middlesex, silk weaver, bachelor, aged about 27, and Ann Palmer, singlewoman, of St. Andrew Undershaft, about 24, father deceased and she now at her own government; at St. Andrew Undershaft. William Plasse2 of St. Botulphes wthoute Algate, London, gunmaker, and a widower aged xlviiity yeres or thereabout and did alleg that he intendeth to marrie wth Phebe Waters, widowe, of the same poshe aged xlviity yeres or there about, the Relicte of James Waters, Iremonger, deceased a yere since, and of the truthe of the p'misses as alsoe that he knoweth of noe lawfull lett or impedimt by reason of anie p'contracte or otherwise to hinder this intended marriage he made faiethe and desired license for them to be married together in the pishe Church of St. Botulphe aforesaid. March 18 Raphe Brace of St. Bride's, merchant tailor, allegeth that Anthony Thatcher of St. Katherine's near the Tower, shoemaker, a bachelor aged about

'It is this name which lends special interest to the above extract. Where his place of residence was I cannot tell, unless Barfreston is meant. H. F. W.

2 William Plasse and his stepson Richard Waters came over and settled in Salem. The latter was the ancestor of the well-known family of Waters in Milbury, Mass. H. F. W.

March 18 1618-19

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23 and a freeman, at his own government, intends marriage with Mary Clarke of St. Savior's Southwark, maiden, about 21, daughter of Clarke, husbandman, deceased long since, she now a servant with Mrs. Roberts, widow; then appeared Henry Flint of St. Giles Cripplegate, tailor, and testifieth etc.; at St. Bennet Paul's Wharf. March 24 Roger Dade of St. Dunstan's in the West, bachelor, at his own government, grocer, aged about 27, and Katherine Lea of the same parish, maiden, about 21, daughter of Thomas Lea of Alveley in Co. Salop, gent, at St. Helen's.


April 17 Daniel Perry of St. Botolph's Bishopsgate, woollen draper, a widower aged about 33, and Elizabeth

Pye of the same parish, widow, about 34, relict of John Pye, carpenter, deceased; at Whitechapel. April 21 William Blake of St. Benet's Paul's Wharf, chirurgeon, a widower aged about 33, and Faith Spencer, maiden, of St. Michael's Wood Street, aged about 24, daughter of Spencer, silkman, deceased ten years' since, she now living with her

mother, Mary Spencer, widow, of St. Michael's;

at St. Michael's etc.

May 5 Thomas Hyde Esq., widower, aged about 32, and Lucy Chauncey, spinster, aged 20, daughter of George Chauncey' of Barking, Essex, Esq.; at St. Mary Mounthawe.

May 15 George Horwood of St. Dunstan's in the West, clothworker, bachelor, aged 28, and Ann Welling of the same parish, widow, about 28, relict of Welling of London, gent, deceased; at St. Dunstan's in the West. [signed by George Horwood.] Richard Goodinge of St. Peter's Cornhill, grocer, widower, about 50, and Rose Hitchcock of the

May 24

1A name of interest to New Englanders. H. F. W.

May 24


same parish, spinster, about 28, parents deceased, a servant of the said Richard; at Whitechapel. May 26 John Ailmer1 of Much Hadham alleged a marriage intended between Mr. Hugh Floid D.D., widower, about 33, and Sisley Ailmer, maiden, of Much Hadham, about 19, daughter of Mr. Dr. Theophilus Ailmer Archdeacon of London; at Much Hadham.

June 12 Edward Heath of Endfield, widower, yeoman, aged about 40, and Elizabeth Palmer of North Mims, Herts., widow, about 41, relict of Thomas Palmer of the same parish, yeoman, deceased about a quarter of a year since; at St. Andrew Wardrobe. Aug. 20 Thomas Andrew of St. Mary Bow, merchant, bachelor, aged about 32, at his own government, and Margaret Daniel, maiden, of Springfield, Essex, about 20, daughter of John Daniel, clerk, of the aforesaid parish, deceased; Thomas Brocke of St. Mary Bow, mercer, testifieth consent, of Margaret, wife of Mr. Hill, mother of the said Margaret; at Ingatestone, Essex. Gilbert Pickett of Witham, Essex, woollen draper, widower, about 35, and Jane Draper, maiden, of Mountnessing, about 22, daughter of Henry Draper, deceased long since; she testifieth that Elizabeth Weld als Draper, wife of Thomas Weld of Ingatestone, her mother, is willing; at Margaretting.

Sept. 16

Sept. 19

Sept. 21

Edward Hatch of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, schoolmaster, allegeth that John Evans of the same parish, laborer, a bachelor aged about 62, intends marriage with Alice Nealer of the same parish, widow, about 50, relict of Robert Nealer, clothwoker, deceased about a quarter of a year since; at St. Giles etc.

Thomas Hooker of St. Mary Strand als Savoy,

1I have a number of wills relating to the Ailmer or Elmer family. See note on p.75. H. F. W.

2 Probably a relative of Elder Heath of Roxbury. H. F. W.

Sept. 21 1619

gent, a bachelor aged about 27, at his own government, and Mary Pritchard of the same parish, maiden, about 26, her father deceased; Robert Cooke, yeoman, appeared and testifieth Pritchard,

mother of the said Mary, is willing; at St. Anne Blackfriars.

Nov. 16 John Marten of St. Michael Querne, cook, bachelor, about 35, at his own government, and Elizabeth Usher, of St. Giles Cripplegate, widow, relict of Thomas Usher late of the same parish, beerbrewer, deceased about a year since; at St. Giles, etc.


Feb. 2 Joseph Ewer of St. Giles in the Fields, gent, bachelor, about 21, and Dorothy Fitch, maiden, of the same parish, about 18, daughter of Richard Fitch, clerk, of Flushing in the low countries, deceased about six years since, the mother of the said Dorothy and the father of the said Joseph willing, as testified by Bartholomew Hill of St. Trinity Minories, haberdasher; at St. Giles, etc. Feb. 3 James Finch, clerk, curate of St. Giles in the Fields, bachelor, about 35, and Anna Fitch, of St. Leonard Shoreditch, maiden, about 19, her father deceased about six years since; then appeared Edward Hatch, schoolmaster, of St. Giles, &c.; and testifieth that - Ewer als Fitch, lawful mother of the said Anna, is willing; at St. Benet's Paul's Wharf.


May 27 Henry Acorman of St. Leonard Shoreditch, silkweaver, bachelor, about 21, his parents deceased,

and Joane Dawbney of the same parish, maiden, about 17, daughter of Humfrey Dawbney, "musicianer" deceased; then appeared Stephen Marshall of the same place, "musicianer," father in law of the said Joane, and testifieth his own consent and 1See previous note on page 31, about the name of Fitch. H. F. W.

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