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Feb. 7 1611-12

Margaret White, widow, of St. Giles, as Robert Jordin of St. Giles, weaver, a son in law of the said Margaret, testifieth; at St. Giles, etc.


May 20 Robert Edwardes of Orsett, Essex, clerk, testifieth that William Goodin of the same parish, husbandman, bachelor, aged about 23, son of John Goodin of the same parish, yeoman, and with his said father's consent, intendeth marriage with Margaret Kenningdon of the same parish, widow, aged 44 or thereabouts, relict of Richard Kenningdon, late of the same parish, vintner, deceased; at Orsett.



9 Henry Townsend of St. Clement Danes, sealmaker
and a widower aged about 70, and Alice Kirby
of St. John's Walbroke, widow, aged about 60,
relict of William Kirby of
in Co. Kent,
yeoman, deceased three or four years since; at
St. Martin's Vintry.

9 John Francis of the City of London, gent, a wid-
ower aged about 47, and Magdalen Alsop of St.
Sepulchre without Newgate, maiden, aged about
22, at her own government; Francis Greeneway
of St. Sepulchre's, merchant taylor, at whose
house the said Magdalen liveth, giveth his ex-
press consent and testifieth that Thomas and
Robert Alsop of the Middle Temple, gent, broth-
ers of the said Magdalen, are willing etc.; at
Great St. Bartholomew's.


April 3 William Hudson of Gray's Inn, Esq., widower, aged about 35, and Anne Stodderd of St. Michael le Querne, widow, about 36, relict of William Stodderd1, late of the same parish, skinner, deceased about six months since; at Islington, Middlesex.

'I have his will and those of others of his family. H. F. W.

May 12 1613

William Greenough of London, clerk, bachelor, about 32, at his own government, and Agnis More, of St. Alban's, Wood Street, maiden, about 24, daughter of Jeffery More late of Comer (Colmworth?), Beds., yeoman, deceased; Matthew Mallory of St. Alban's, grocer, testifieth that Agnes Carter of Ravensden, Beds., mother of the said Agnes More, is willing and that Sir Miles Fleetwood of St. Alban's, master of the said Agnes, is consenting; at St. Alban's, Wood Street.

Maij XII Mr. John Sadler Clarke Mr. of Artes batcheler, aged 32 yeres or thereaboutes, and Marie Fenner widow, about 33, relict of Edward Fenner late of Auborne in the Co. of Sussex, gent, deed ix yeres since or thereaboutes; then appa. Edward Harrison of St. Katherine Cree Church, skinner, and testified that the said Mary Fenner is a widow and consenting; at Stepney, etc. [signed] John Sadler.1

May 26 Richard Letten of St. Andrew's, Wardrobe, London, draper, a widower aged about 50, and Mary Wolsey of St. Dunstan in the West, maiden, about 23, daughter of John Wolsey late of North Walsham, Norfolk, yeoman, deceased; then appeared Powle Whitmore of St. Dunstan in the West, scrivener, and testifieth that Elizabeth Morgan of the same parish, natural aunt of the said Mary, with whom she now dwelleth, is willing; at St. Dunstan's in the West.


9 William Vassall of Eastwood, Essex, yeoman, a bachelor aged about 20, son of John Vassall of the same parish, gent, with his said father's consent, and Anne Kinge of Cold Norton, spinster, about 20, daughter of George Kinge of Cold Nor

"The father of John Harvard's wife. The place of residence of Mr. Fenner had been entered Patcham; but this name was erased and Auborne written above.

H. F.


June 9 1613 Dec. 8

ton, yeoman; George Kinge appeared and did give express consent; at Cold Norton.

John Harwood, citizen and dier, widower, about 28, at his own government, and Clare Ellison, maiden, about 22, her father and mother dead, and she at her own government and now dwelling with one widow, Mrs. Hamond, who is consenting; then also appeared Andrew Kempe of St. Olave, Southwark, dier, and testified etc; at All Hallows Stayning.

Dec. 18 Raphe Radford of St. Andrew's, Holborn, vintner, a bachelor aged about 27, at his own government, and Rebecca Hancocke, widow, about 26, relict of Richard Hancocke, deceased a half year since; Richard Faldoe, haberdasher, testified; at St. Gregory's etc.

June 15


July 14 †


William Jefferay, gent, of St. James Clarkenwell,
aged about 45 and a bachelor at his own govern-
ment, and Lomley Diglin of the same parish,
widow, aged 36, late wife of John Diglin of
Rosse in Hereford, gent, deceased divers years
since; to be married in the parish church of
Hampsted, Middlesex.

8 Henry Goodwyn of Horndon on the Green, Essex,
blacksmith, a widower aged 32 years, and Thom-
asyn Ashen, spinster, aged 18, daughter of John
Ashen of Burntwood in the same Co., brewer; at
St. Botolph without Algate.
Marmaduke Stephenson,1 skinner, of St. Magnus in
Lothbury, a bachelor, aged 28 (?) years, and
Elizabeth Stepney, spinster, aged 20, daughter
of one Thomas Stepney.

1 My notes taken from the Apprenticeship Books of the Skinners' Company of the city of London (by the kind permission of the clerk of that company) show that (under date of 6 March, 1604) Marmaduke Stevenson, son of John Stevenson of Dotthall in Co. Salop, Esq., hath put himself apprentice to Thomas Fisher, citizen


Oct. 28 James Spaight, yeoman and a widower, aged 45, and Margaret Bright of St. Andrew's Undershaft, London, spinster, aged 30, daughter of one Thomas Bright1 of St. Edmund's Bury, Suffolk, draper; in the parish church of St. Andrew Undershaft.

Aug. 7


Mr. John Collins, Dr. of Physick, a bachelor aged 40 years, and Judith Easton of St. Mary Cole Church, widow, aged 30, relict of John Easton, grocer, deceased at Michaelmas last; to be married at Fulham, Middlesex.

Aug. 9 Nicholas Hatche, coachmaker, of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, bachelor, aged 26, and Rachel Durant, maiden, aged 26, daughter of Richard Durant of Katherine's Hill by Guilford, Surrey; at Holy Trinity in the Minories.

Sept. 17 John Oxenton of Enfield, Middlesex, yeoman, a widower aged 32 or thereabouts, and Susan Curtys, of Enfield, spinster, aged 23, daughter of Thomas Curtys of Enfield,2 yeoman; Henry Jackson of St. Sepulchre's, gent, alleges that her father hath consented; at St. Lawrence Pountney.

Sept. 28 John Vinton of St. Botolph's Bishopsgate, chandler, bachelor, about 28, with consent of Thomas Vinton his father, and Margaret Kinaston of London, maiden, about 22, daughter of Kinaston de

and skinner and merchant adventurer from the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord last past for IX years.

Under date of July, 1615, I find the following: "Marmaduke Stevenson hauinge serued his full tearme of his Indenture wth Thomas Fisher was this day preferred to his freedome."

We had a Marmaduke Stephenson in Boston, who was executed 27 October, 1659, as a quaker. I recollect seeing, years ago, among the papers in the office of the clerk of the courts of Suffolk Co., a statement, or plea, or petition, wholly written by him and in a beautiful hand. I hope it is still among the court papers of that county. H. F. W.

1I have numerous wills of this family, connected with New England. H. F. W. 2It was from Nazing near Enfield that our William Curtis of Roxbury came. H. F. W.

Sept. 28 1616

ceased, with consent of Alice Kinaston, widow, natural mother of the said Margaret; in the parish church of Stepney.

Oct. 2 2 Thomas Farrer [Ferrour he writes it] of St. Clement Danes, milliner, bachelor, aged 27, and Mary Dallie of St. James Clarkenwell, spinster, aged 27, daughter of Edward Dallie of Layeham, Suffolk, gent at St. Andrew's Wardrope.

Dec. 27

Robert Warren, of St. Andrew's Undershaft, grocer, bachelor, aged 22, his parents dead, and Mary Billinge of St. Andrew's aforesaid, maiden, daughter of John Billindge late of London, chandler,1 deceased, she aged 29 years and at her own government and disposing; attested by James Hewetson; at St. Mary Stayning.


Jan. (?) 2 Thomas Froswell of St. Martin's in the Fields, Gent, a bachelor aged about 30 years, and at his own government, and Mary Hille, maiden, aged 24, daughter of Roger Hille of Greeneford, Middlesex, yeoman; then appeared personally Ruben Harvie wife of John Harvie of Sandon, Herts., Esq., etc.; at St. Sepulchre's, London.

Jan. 21 John Foote of Fulham, Middlesex, husbandman, aged 33, bachelor, and Margaret Cotterell, maiden, aged

20, daughter of Cotterell of Wingfield, Barks. ; at Fulham, etc.

Feb. 3 Peter Kinge of St. Botolph's Algate, barber surgeon, single, aged 28, and Mary Amys of St. Bride's, spinster, daughter of James Amys of Castle Heningham, Essex, joiner, aged 22; at St. Mary Mounthawe, London.

Feb. 4 Owen Roe of All Saint's Honey Lane, haberdasher, bachelor, aged 24, at his own government, and

'John Billing, whose wife, Susanna, seems to have been a sister of Mrs. Amphillis Washington (see, Ancestry of Washington, p. 9) was a chandler. This connection of Warren and Billing therefore becomes interesting. H. F. W.

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