The Abounding River Personal Logbook: An Unfamiliar View of Being Abundance

North Atlantic Books, 2007 - 91 páginas
The Abounding River Workbook is a training manual to experience a life of being provided for. Consider that scarcity (not enough love, money, time, beauty, etc.) is an inherited way being—a view of life that we practice and fuel by widespread agreement. This book is the antidote for our obsession with scarcity. Abundance, like love or joy, is a presence that we can evoke by our conscious attention to it—to what we have already been given.

In this book, you practice being someone who:
1. Loves your life
2. Adores yourself
3. Accepts the world
4. Is generous and grateful every day
5. Experiences being provided for

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This is an amazing idea. I've started working with it. I've been studying and working with spiritual practices for over 30 years and this resonates so strongly with me that I'm shocked. I feel more centered just thinking about starting this practice. Thank you so much.

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Acerca del autor (2007)

Matthew Engelhart’s business ventures always aspire to shake up the existing paradigm. His Flax Clothing line he grew from one treadle sewing machine to a 28 million dollar a year natural clothing business. This all C.O.D. company (unheard of in the garment industry) was run out of an old dairy barn in central New York. In the next insurrection, he and his wife Terces took on being restaurateurs. Their restaurant chain, Cafe Gratitude, is an experiment in sacred commerce, as well as a organic raw vegan community center. He and Terces lead workshops in sacred commerce, abundance, and relationship as a path of awakening. They are the creators of The Abounding River Personal Logbook and board game and stewards of Laulima Farm, a jewel of tropical permaculture in east Maui.

Terces Engelhart and her husband, Matthew are founders of Cafe Gratitude, creators of The Abounding River board game and authors of The Abounding River Logbook, as well as her newest book, I Am Grateful, recipes and lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude. She and her husband facilitate workshops on Abundance as a quality of the Divine, Kindred Spirit — Spiritual relationship, Sacred Commerce — merging the sacred with the commercial, and One Week Without Sugar — an introduction to a spiritual diet. Some of their workshops are combined with Yoga and living foods on their farm in Maui. She has been featured on radio as well as a cable television. She is the mother of five and grandmother of three. Her life is about making a difference through empowering future generations by bringing out the best in them.

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