The Catechism of Positive Religion

J. Chapman, 1858 - 428 páginas

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Página 334 - Here thou to us, of charity and love, Art, as the noon-day torch ; and art, beneath, To mortal men, of hope a living spring. So mighty art thou, Lady, and so great, That he, who grace desireth, and comes not To thee for aidance, fain would have desire Fly without wings.
Página 259 - Posato al nido de' suoi dolci nati La notte che le cose ci nasconde, Che, per veder gli aspetti desiati, E per trovar lo cibo onde...
Página 334 - Nel ventre tuo si raccese l' amore Per lo cui caldo nell' eterna pace Così è germinato questo fiore. Qui se' a noi meridiana face Di caritade, e giuso intra i mortali Se' di speranza fontana vivace. Donna, se' tanto grande e tanto vali, Che qual vuol grazia ea te non ricorre , Sua disianza vuol volar senz
Página 334 - Donna, se' tanto grande e tanto vali, che qual vuol grazia ed a te non ricorre, sua disianza vuol volar sanz'ali. La tua benignità non pur soccorre a chi domanda, ma molte fiate liberamente al dimandar precorre. In te misericordia, in te pietate, in te magnificenza, in te s'aduna quantunque in creatura è di bontate.
Página 259 - E'EN as the bird, who midst the leafy bower Has, in her nest, sat darkling through the night, With her sweet brood ; impatient to descry Their wished looks, and to bring home their food, In the fond quest unconscious of her toil...
Página 1 - In the name of the Past and of the Future, the servants of Humanity — both its philosophical and its practical servants — come forward to claim as their due the general direction of this world. Their object is to constitute at length a real Providence in all departments — moral, intellectual, and material. Consequently they exclude once for all from political supremacy all the different servants of God — Catholic, Protestant, or Deist — as being at once behindhand and a cause of disturbance.
Página 346 - They are subject to no control, and must act on their own moral responsibility, and in the interest of a proletariate of thirty-three times their number. In each separate republic, the government properly so called, that is to say, the supreme temporal power, will be vested exclusively in three bankers. The three will have their separate departments ; they will represent commerce, manufactures, agriculture. Before these two hundred triumvirs the Western priesthood, acting under the direction of the...
Página 74 - Religion, we are told that we must— define Humanity as the whole of human beings, past, present, and future. The word whole points out clearly that you must not take in all men, but those only who are really capable of assimilation, in virtue of a real co-operation on their part in furthering the common good.
Página 75 - This miserable fate Suffer the wretched souls of those, who lived Without or praise or blame, with that ill band Of angels mix'd, who nor rebellious proved, Nor yet were true to God, but for themselves Were only. From his bounds Heaven drove them forth Not to impair his lustre; nor the depth Of Hell receives them, lest the accursed tribe Should glory thence with exultation vain.

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