The Annual Report of the President of Harvard University to the Overseers on the State of the University for the Academic Year ...

University Press, 1919
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Página 24 - I direct that the president and fellows be free to provide from the endowment all grades of instruction in applied science, from the lowest to the highest, and that the instruction provided be kept accessible to pupils who have had no other opportunities of previous education than those which the free public schools afford.
Página 25 - University and of those professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors appointed for more than one year, the greater part of whose work of instruction is done in the School, and of a limited number of other teachers of subjects offered in the School to be appointed in the usual way. The term of appointment of a teacher from any other institution who gives instruction in the School shall be for one year only; his title shall be lecturer, instructor, or assistant. The Faculty...
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Página 25 - The work of the school shall be carried on in the class rooms and laboratories of the university, but arrangements may be made from time to time for the use of the facilities of other institutions for any part of the work (in its advanced technical courses) when the needs, financial resources and best interests of the school so require. Arrangements for the use of facilities of other institutions, or the interchange of instruction, shall be made for a period of only one year at a time. When...
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Página 25 - The term of appointment of a teacher from any other institution who gives instruction in the school shall be for one year only; his title shall be lecturer, instructor or assistant. The faculty shall, under the direction of the corporation, have control of all instruction given in the school wherever the instruction may be given. 7. Degrees. A student satisfactorily fulfilling the requirements of a prescribed four-year program in any of the engineering fields shall be awarded the degree of bachelor...

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