Enoch and the Book of Coincidences II: The Second Messiah

Virtualbookworm Publishing, 2006 - 108 páginas
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It began in 1986 with a desire to learn the true nature of a relationship with a lost love. Curiosity led me to a class in the paranormal near my home in Brooklyn, where I met 'Rosalyn' and several others. Within weeks we were meeting informally to speak with what they insisted were entities from another plane of existence. I watched as things no one could have known were revealed, and events we were told would happen actually did. Supplemented by a flood of coincidences in my everyday life so pronounced and consistent with the messages that only a fool could dismiss them, my belief grew. Soon we started receiving messages saying that Rosalyn and I had been "chosen" to bring the incredible knowledge of life and death, heaven and Earth, and man and God to the world through several books that I would write - the first of which would become "Enoch and The Book of Coincidences." But by the first book's conclusion many unanswered questions remained. How could Rosalyn and myself have inadvertently changed the course of history? What exactly was the mysterious revelation we supposedly experienced on a lonely road nearly 20 centuries ago? Why would God, if that's Who it was, select the two of us for any kind of mission at all, when Rosalyn was only moderately religious and I was an outright agnostic? And if the real, historical Jesus was the first of two prophesied messiahs, as they were telling us, where was the second - the true Son of David who according to ancient legend will battle the forces of evil, usher in the Apocalypse and ultimately help bring about man's final redemption? The final entry in "Enoch and The Book of Coincidences" was made on August 10, 1987. This book begins one day earlier.

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