A View of Ancient Geography and Ancient History: Accompanied with an Atlas of Ten Select Maps, Calculated for the Use of Seminaries, &c, Volúmenes1-2

Published and sold by John F. Watson, no. 51 Chestnut Street, A. Fagan Printer, 1813 - 2 páginas

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Página 63 - Albinus fell by his own hands. The administration of Severus was wise and equitable, but tinctured with despotic rigour. It was his purpose to erect the fabric of absolute monarchy, and all his institutions operated with able policy to that end. He possessed eminent military talents. He gloriously boasted, that, having received the empire oppressed with foreign and domestic wars, he left it in profound, universal, and honourable peace.
Página 62 - He died in Pannonia, m the 59th year of his age, and 19th of his reign, AD 180. 3. Commodus, his most unworthy son, succeeded to the empire on his death. He resembled in character his mother Faustina, a woman infamous for all manner of vice. Her profligacy was known to all but her husband Marcus, by whom she was regarded as a paragon of virtue.
Página 183 - Towards the north side is a large square piazza, encompassed with marble pillars, together with the fragments of strong walls at some distance. But the most remarkable object is a church, said to have been built by the empress Helena over the place where St. John the Baptist was beheaded, the dome of which, together with some beautiful columns, capitals, and mosaic work, prove it to have been a noble Fabric. Jacob's well is highly venerated by Christian travellers, on account of its antiquity, and...
Página 71 - Maximus. Gratian was the first who refused that ancient dignity as a profanation. In the time of Theodosius the cause of Christianity and of Paganism was solemnly debated in the Roman senate between Ambrose, archbishop of Milan, the champion of the former, and Symmachus, the defender of the latter.
Página 193 - ... themselves out to assist their brethren in the conquest of their lots, and others dispersed themselves among every tribe, Where they served as scribes, notaries, &c. so fully was Jacob's curse verified on them, as well as on the tribe of Levi, on account of their cruel massacre of the Shechemites : " Cursed (said the patriarch) be their anger, for it was fierce ; and their revenge, for it was inhuman : I will disperse them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel.
Página 58 - Vitellius meanly capitulated to save his life, by a resignation of the empire. 'The people, indignant at his dastardly spirit, compelled him to an effort of resistance ; but the attempt was fruitless. Priscus, one of the generals of Vespasian, took possession of Rome ; and Vitellius was massacred, and his body flung into the Tiber.
Página 74 - Belisarius was the support of his throne, yet to him he behaved with the most shocking ingratitude. The Persians were at this time the most formidable enemies of the empire, under their sovereigns Cabades and Cosrhoes; and from the latter, a most able prince, Justinian meanly purchased a peace, by a cession of territory, and an enormous tribute in gold. The civil factions of Constantinople, arising from the most contemptible of causes, the disputes of the performers in the circus and amphitheatre,...

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