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In 2002, in Kiev, the statue of Archangel Michael was black or blackened as a result of chemical reactions during the burning of iron in tires and the energy of emotions and events during the Maidan. Which is made in the Baroque style / translation - a pearl with a flaw, and t, d /. It is located on top of the Lyadsky gate, later called Pechora.
The name of the Kabbalist, founder of the Chabad movement, was approved and recorded as Rabin Schnuer Zalman of Lyad (1745 - 1843), named after the village of Lyad /, where Rabin worked on a book of his teachings TANYA. Now this statue of the black archangel is in the book. And on the first cover is the image of the bright Archangel Michael, recommended by the Prophet Elizabeth.

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