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Página 556 - Hopkins, which is, to give some encouragement in those foreign plantations for the breeding up of hopeful youths, both at the grammar school and college, for the public service of the country in future times.
Página 815 - Thomas W. Evans Museum and Dental Institute, School of Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania.
Página 498 - ... abundant easy exercises designed not only to fix in mind the forms and principles of grammar, but also to cultivate readiness in the reproduction of natural forms of expression...
Página 477 - February and which lead normally in from three to four years to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. The...
Página 507 - Definitions and relations of the six trigonometric functions as ratios; circular measurement of angles. Proofs of principal formulas, in particular for the sine, cosine, and tangent of the sum and the difference of two angles, of the double angle and the half angle, the product expressions for the sum or the difference of two sines or of two cosines, etc.; the transformation of trigonometric expressions by means of these formulas.
Página xxv - It is declared, that the President and Fellows of Harvard College, in their corporate capacity, and their successors in that capacity, their officers and servants, shall have, hold, use, exercise and enjoy all the powers, authorities, rights, liberties, privileges, immunities and franchises, which they now have, or are entitled to have...
Página 507 - The usual theorems and constructions of good text-books,* including the general properties of plane rectilinear figures; the circle and the measurement of angles; similar polygons; areas; regular polygons and the measurement of the circle. The solution of numerous original exercises, including loci problems. Applications to the mensuration of lines and plane surfaces. SOLID GEOMETRY The usual theorems and constructions of good text-books...
Página 499 - During the second year the work should comprise: (1) the reading of from 250 to 400 pages of easy modern prose in the form of stories, plays, or historical or biographical sketches...
Página 507 - The usual theorems and constructions of good textbooks, including the relations of planes and lines in space; the properties and measurement of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, and cones; the sphere and the spherical triangle. The solution of numerous original exercises, including lori problems.
Página 562 - College one thousand dollars in trust, for an annual prize to the best dissertation by any student of the College, or any of its schools, undergraduate or graduate, on Universal Peace and the methods by which war may be permanently superseded. I do this in the hope of drawing the attention of students to the practicability of organizing peace among nations which I sincerely believe may be done. I cannot doubt that the same modes of decision which now prevail between individuals, between towns, and...

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