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10. O God, with thee no word is impossible: thou dost whatsoever pleaseth thee! O that thou wouldest cause the mantle of thy prophet, whom thou hast taken up, now to fall upon us that remain! Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Let his spirit rest upon these thy servants! Shew thou art the God that answerest by fire ! Let the fire of thy love fall on every heart! And because we love thee, let us love one another with a love strongerthan death. Take away froin us all anger, and wrath, and bitterness : all clamour and evil-speaking. Let thy Spirit sa rest upon us, that from this hour, we may be kind 19 each other, tender-hearted: forgiving one another, even as God, for Christ's sake, hath forgiven us !

ERVANT of God, well done!

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The battle's fought, the race is won,

And thou art crown'd at last;
Of all thy heart's desire

Triumphantly possest,
Lodg'd by the ministerial quire

In thy Redeemer's breast.
In condescending love

Thy ceaseless prayer He heard,
And bad thee suddenly remove,

To thy complete reward;
Ready to bring the peace,

Thy beauteous feet were shod,
When mercy sign'd thy soul's release

And caught thee up to God.
With saints inthron'd on high

Thou dost thy Lord proclaim,
And still to God salvation cry,

Salvation to the Lamb.
O happy, bappy soul!

In extacies of praise,
Long as eternal ages roll,

Thou seest thy Saviour's face.

Redeemd from earth and pain,
. Ah! when shall we ascend,
And all in Jesus' presence reign

With our translated Friend!
Come, Lord, and quickly come?:

And when in Thee complete,
Receive thy longing servants home,

To triumph at thy feet!


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