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tended to have been given him for a legacy; of both which sums I do discharge him, the which may appear partly by his bond of three hundred pounds, dated 19 July 14 James &c. and partly by other writings, and I give him his plate remaining in my hands as a pledge for twenty pounds more, which twenty pounds I forgive unto him also. To John Palmer, son of my said son Michael (sic) two hundred pounds, besides I have given with him to his master the sum of forty pounds. To the said John Palmer, son of my said son William, the lease of my now dwelling house situate upon London Bridge, &c. &c., provided that the said William Palmer, his father, shall, from and after the end of two months next after my decease, until the said John Palmer his son shall accomplish his full age of four & twenty years, have hold & enjoy my said dwelling house, given unto his said son, paying & discharging the rent to be due for the whole to the Bridgehouse and one pepper corn yearly at the Feast of the Birth of our Lord God unto his said son if he lawfully demand the same. Reference made to the will of John Palmer, the late husband of the testatrix, and legacies to John and Mary Palmer, children of Michael, and John Palmer, son of William.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Anne Faldo, late wife of Robert Faldo Esquire, deceased, two hundred and three pounds of lawful money of England and my chain of gold, and unto Thomes Faldo, her son, forty pounds, and unto Francis Faldo, her son, forty pounds, to be paid to my said daughter their mother, and by her to be paid to the said Thomas & Francis when they shall accomplish their ages of two & twenty years. To Anne Faldo, her daughter, forty pounds, and to Jane Faldo, one other of her daughters, twenty pounds, and to Elizabeth Faldo, one other of her daughters, forty pounds, at their several ages of one and twenty years or at the days of their several marriages &c.

To my daughter Elizabeth Fawcett, wife of William Fawcett, gentleman, two hundred pounds, besides four hundred pounds to them formerly given &c. and my bracelets and all my rings of gold &c.

Reference to an Obligation wherein the said John Palmer deceased (former husband of the testatrix) stood bound with the said Michael Palmer (the son) to Mr Jacob Vercelin in the sum of twelve hundred pounds, with condition thereupon endorsed to leave Mary, then wife of the said Michael Palmer & daughter of the said Jacob, if she survive the said Michael, worth in goods & chattels the sum of one thousand pounds &c.

Item I give and bequeathe unto my cousin Anne Streate and to my cousin Ellen Yarwoode twenty shillings apiece to buy them rings to wear in remembrance of me. As touching blacks to be worn at my funeral I dispose them as hereafter followeth, that is to say, I give and bequeathe unto my son Michael Palmer & William Palmer and unto my son-in-law William Fawcett and unto John Fawcett, husband of Jane Faldoe, and to my loving friends & cousins Stephen Streate and Richard Yarwoode and John Grene and Ralphe Yardley, to every of them a cloak of brown blue cloth containing three yards and half quarter in every cloak at twenty shillings every yard or thereabouts. I give and bequeathe unto my cousin Robert Poole a cloak cloth of forty shillings price, to my cousin Richard Hinde a cloak cloth, about forty shillings price and unto his wife a piece of stuff about fifty shillings price to make her a gown. Similar bequests to "my" cousin Nicholas Cowper and his wife, and cousins Anne Streate and Ellen Yarwood, and to Elizabeth Blinkensopp and Margaret Kinge and to Christopher Blinkensopp and Nicholas Kinge their husbands. Other bequests.

And I do ordain and make the aforesaid Richard Yarwoode & Stephen Streete grocers, 66 my cosens," full executors &c. and I appoint my loving friends John Grene Esq. and "Richard (sic) Yardlye Pottecary my cosen overseers of this my will and testament, and I give and bequeath unto the said John Grene and Ralphe Yardeley for their pains therein to be taken twenty nobles apiece &c.

In a codicil dated 17 June 1624 the testatrix refers to her daughter Anne Faldoe as since married to Robert Bromfield. 111, Byrde.

Inquisition taken at St Margaret's Hill, St Savior's Southwark in the County of Surrey, 11 March 22 James I. post mortem Ralph Yardley, lately citizen and merchant taylor of London Deceased, who was seized, before death, in fee of one capital messuage with the appurtenances called the Horn, lately divided into two several messuages, and situate lying and being in the parish of St Savior in the Borough of Southwark, in the County of Surrey, now or late in the several tenures or occupation of George Fletcher, fisherman, and Lawrence Lunde, or their assigns; and the said Ralph Yardley, being so seized, did on the 25th day of August 1603, 1 James, by his last will in writing, give and bequeath all and singular these premisses, in English words, as follows (then follows an extract from the will). And he died, so seized, the 1st day of July 1618, and Ralph Yardley, named in the will, is son and next heir, and was aged at the time of the death of the said Ralph Yardley the father, twenty one years and more ; and the said capital messuage, into two separate messuages divided (as above) with the appurtenances, is held and, at the time of the death of the said Ralph Yardley, was held, of the Mayor, Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London in free soccage, as of their manor of Southwark, in Southwark aforesaid, by the annual rent of two shillings per annum, and is worth clear per annum, during a certain lease made by the said Ralph Yardley to a certain Richard Yerwood, citizen and grocer of London, bearing date 10 July 1603, and during the term of one hundred years, one peppercorn, and after the determination of the said lease will be worth clear and in all events and beyond reprise, three pounds per year.

Chancery Inq. p. m., Miscel., Part 4, No. 130.

[These Yardley items are interesting as showing the connection of Sir George Yardley, the governor of Virginia, to Richard Yerwood, one of John Harvard's step-fathers. I believe a little research would show that these Yardleys were of the Warwickshire family of that name. Richard Yerwood and his kinsman Stephen Street were of Cheshire, I have no doubt.-H. F. w.]

RICHARD BOWMER of the parish of St Saviours in Southwark in the county of Surrey Innholder, 7 January 1593 proved 20 March 1593. My body to be buried in the parish church of St Saviours. To the poor people of the said parish forty shillings and to the poor of the parish of St George in Southwark twenty shillings. For a sermon made at the time of my burial for me (by Mr Ratliffe if it please him) ten shillings. To the three daughters of Agnes Lackenden widow, viz' Joane, Alice and Mary, twenty shillings apiece. To Stephen Lackendon ten shillings, and to my godson, his son, five shillings. To my godson Richard Smyth of Plumpstede in the county of Kent five shillings & to my godson William Cleere of Walworthe five shillings. To my goddaughter Ellyn Beech five shillings. To Thomas Vaugham five pounds and to Henry Vaugham, brother to the said Thomas, three pounds six shillings & eight pence. To Cisly Vaugham, their sister, four pounds. To Richard Emmerson, son of William Emmerson, five shillings.

To Richard Emmerson son of Humfrey Emmerson, five shillings. To Robert Rodes, youngest son now living of Roger Rodes of said parish of St Saviours, goldsmith, three pounds six shillings and eight pence, and to Elizabeth Rodes mother to the said Robert five pounds. To my kinsman Peter Bowmer of Sevenocke in Kent, sadler, ten pounds. To Elizabeth Mitchell wife of Abraham Mitchell feltmaker dwelling at Horseydowne near Southwark, thirty shillings, and to my godson, her son, ten shillings. To Lambert Bowmer of the parish of St Ollifes twenty pounds, and to Robert Bowmer, his son, twenty pounds, also to the two daughters of the said Lambert now living five pounds apiece. To Henry Yonge twenty shillings, to John Yonge twenty shillings, to Gregory Francklyn twenty shillings, to Abraham Allyn twenty shillings, and to every one of their wives twenty shillings apiece to make every of them a ring of gold withall. To Richard Cuckowe ten shillings and to Peter Holmes scrivener ten shillings (for rings) and to Isaac Allen twenty shillings.

"Allso my full intente will and mynde ys: and I doe herebye giue and graunte the lease of my nowe dwellinge house called the queens heade scituate in the sayd parrishe of St. Saviors wythall my Intereste and tytle therein after my decease unto Rose my wife duringe all the yeares therein to come. Provided allwayes and my will and mynde is that the sayd Rose my wife shall haue one years respitte after my decease to pay and dischardge my legacyes herein bequeathed, and therefore I doe appoynte hereby that shee the sayd Rose shall wythin one month nexte after my decease become bounde in good and sufficyente bonde in lawe unto my ouerseers here after nominated in the some of two hundred poundes of lawfull money of Inglande that shee the sayd Rose or her assignes shall well and truly performe fulfill and keepe the tenor of this my will: and pay and discharge: all legacyes and other duetyes by me hereby given and appoynted accordinge to the tennor and true meaninge of this my last will and Testamente."

To the Society of the Vestry of St. Saviors thirteen shillings & four pence. The residue to Rose my well beloved wife whom I make & ordain my full & sole executrix. Thomas Jackson, merchant Tailor, & Miles Wilkinson, Baker, to be overseers. 23, Dixey.

ROSE BOOMER of the parish of Saint "Savyoure" in Southwark in the County of Surrey, widow, 29 March 1595, proved 9 August 1595. My body to be buried in the parish church of St Saviour's where I am a parishioner. To the preacher that shall make a sermon at my funeral ten shillings. To the poor people of the said parish forty shillings, to be distributed amongst them at the discretion of my Executor & the Collectors for the poor there for the time being. To the poor people of the parish of Bossham in the County of Sussex, where I was born, the sum of forty shillings, whereof I will that ten shillings shall be paid to Alice Reade, the widow of Richard Reede (if she be then living) And if she be then deceased then the same ten shillings to be paid to Richard Chapman. To the poor people of St John's house in the city of Winchester forty shillings. To Richard Braxton, son of Cornelius Braxton, the sum of six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence, which I will shall remain in the hands of such person as shall keep him towards his education until he shall be bound apprentice and then delivered over to use for the best profit of the same Richard and the same, with the interest, to be paid him at the expiration of his apprenticeship. And if he happen to decease before the said sum shall come unto his hands then I will to his half brother Edmond Braxton


ten shillings & to his sister ten shillings, and the residue to his other two whole brethren both by father and mother, equally. To Richard Mapcrofte six pounds thirteen shillings & four pence, or if he dies to his children (in hands of his wife). To Matthew Barnard the younger, dwelling in Yorkshire three pounds. To Matthew Barnard the elder ten shillings. To William Hildrop a piece of gold of ten shillings, for a remembrance. a similar bequest to his brother Barnabie & his brother Richard and to John Hildrop and their sister -, also to Johane Hoskyns, widow, and to her sister the daughter of Edward Hildroppe, and to William Braxton and Hardam of Chichester, son of Margery Braxton, and to Richard Wallys of Winchester, to Margaret Bathe, to John Homeade's wife of Winchester and to Richard Homeade her son, to Mrs Bird, to Mistress Denham, to Mr Thomas Thorney, of Portsmouth, to John Androwes, to Robert Boomer, to Thomas Vaughan, to his sister Cicely, to Robert Roades, & his brother Henry Clarke, and to my servant that shall attend upon me at the time of my decease, ten shillings. To Johane Allen, my daughter, fifty pounds (and certain household stuff). To Isaacke Allen, her son, & to Rosanna Allen the sum of twentie five pounds each. To my daughter Alice Francklin (certain household stuff).

" Item I will and bequeathe unto Gregorye ffrancklyn my sonne in lawe and the sayed Alice his wife (yf she the same Alice shalbe living at the tyme of my decease) all my Righte title and interest of and in so muche and suche partes and parcells of the mesuage or Inne called the Quenes hed in the parishe of Sainct Savyoure in Sowthwarke aforesayed as I lately demised by Indenture of Lease unto one Oliuer Bowker and of in and to the gatehouse of the sayed Inne nowe in the occupacon of Bryan Pattenson: The Interest of which premisses I haue and hould by vertue of a Lease heretofore made and graunted by one John Bland unto Richard Boomer my late husband deceased and me the said Rose for diuers yeres yet to haue contynewance. Except allwayes and my meaning ys that the sayed Devise by me as aforesayed made shall not extend to certeyne garden plottes lying on the East syde of the Dytche or Common Sewer extending and passing by the Tenter yard and the garden behinde the sayed mesuage. Prouided all wayes that yf the sayed Gregory and Alice shall not permitt and suffer Abraham Allen and Jone his wife Isaacke Allen and Rosanna Allen and theire assignes peaceablye and quietly to hould and enioye the sayed excepted garden plottes according to the tenure of suche graunte and assuraunce as I haue lately made unto them That then and from thencefourthe the Devise made to the sayed Gregorye and Alice as aforesayed shall cease and be utterlie frustrate and voyde (any thinge before expressed to ye Contrary notwithstandinge)."

To my daughter Anne Younge the lease of my now dwelling house and of certain grounds at Wallworth and one hundred pounds (and certain household stuff). To my son in law John Younge and Anne his wife towards the buying of their blacks for my funeral four pounds. The same to Gregory Franckling & Alice his wife & to Abraham Allen & Johane his wife. Bequests to others. John Younge to be executor and Thomas Jackson & Myles Wilkenson supervisors. 53, Scott.

GREGORY FRANCKLIN of the parish of St Savior in Southwark in the County of Surrey, citizen & sadler of London, 11 September 1624, proved 22 September 1624. My body to be buried within the church of the parish of St Savior, at the discretion of Katherine my wife & sole executrix.


To the poor of the said parish forty shillings. To the Wardens of the Company of Sadlers in London four pounds to make them a supper withall. Itm whereas I the said Gregory ffrancklin by my deede indented bearing date the Second day of ffebruary in the Thirteenth yeare of the Kings Mats Raigne aforesaid of England ffraunce and Ireland, And of Scotland the Nyne and ffortieth (ffor the Consideračons in the said deede expressed) did graunte enfeoff and confirme unto Gilbert Kinder Cittizen and Mercer. of London All that Capitall Messuage or Inne called or knowne by the name of the Queenes head Scituat and being in the pish of St Savior in the Borrough of Southwark in the County of Surr. and one garden to the same belonging To certen severall uses in the said deede expressed As by the same more plainly may appeare, I the said Gregory ffrancklin doe hereby publish and declare that the only cause and consideračon wch moved me to Seale unto the said deede was for that at the tyme of the making and sealing thereof I was a widdower and a sole pson, not having any yssue of my body then living nor then intending to marrye. Nevertheles with a Res'uacoñ unto myselfe in case I did marrye and had yssue, That not wthstanding the saide deede, or any estate thereupon executed, the power should remaine in me to giue and dispose of the said Inne and p'imsses at my owne will and pleasure, In such manner as I should thinck fitting. And therefore for significacon of my will intent and meaning concerning the same, And forasmuch as it hath pleased God that I have marryed the said Katherine my nowe wiffe by whome I have yssue Gregory ffrancklin my sonne and heir who is very young and of tender yeares, unto whome I have but small meanes to conferre and settle upon him both for his educacon and bringing upp and otherwise weh wth care I would willingly provide for after my decease, And not minding or intending that my said sonne should be disinherited or deprived of his lawfull right of and to the said Messuage or Inne doe hereby renounce and frustrate the said deede and all thestate thereupon had Togeather wt th the severall uses and limitačons therein expressed, And doe declare the same to be of noe force or vallidity at all. And doe hereby giue deuise and bequeath the said Messuage or Inne and garden wth thapp'tenñces to the said Gregory ffrancklin my sonne and the heires of his body lawfully to be begotten, And for default of such yssue unto Gilbert Kinder and Margarett his wife and unto theire heires for ever."

Reference made to a deed indented dated the last day of August 1616 for the jointure of the said Katherine (if she should happen to survive), conveying certain tenements in the parish of St Savior in Southwark & in the parish of St Sepulchre without Newgate London and confirmation of that deed. Also to the said Katherine the moyty or one half part of the Rents Issues and Profits, when and at such time as the same shall grow due and payable of all and singular those gardens or garden plots with the Alley way or passage to the same leading and used with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging lying and being on the backside of the Messuage or Inne commonly called &c. the Queen's Head &c. now in the tenure or occupation of Isaac Allen Gent or his assigns. And the other moiety or half part of the Rents &c. of the same gardens and premisses I give, will and bequeath to the said Gregory Francklin, my son, at such time as he shall accomplish his full age of one & twenty years. And after the decease of the said Katherine, my wife, I give will & bequeath all the said premisses unto the said Gregory my son & the heirs of his body lawfully begotten. If my son shall happen to depart this transitory life before his said age &c. (having no issue of his body living) then the said Katherine, my wife, shall

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