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which is to lett mee have aboute halfe a dozen hoggs heads of his Virginia Tobacco at price Currant to Satisfie the debt of thirty two pound Seaventeene shillings and eleaven pence which hee owes mee I shall then desire my Cosen Thomas Pargiter the groser, or some others of Judgment whom you shall thincke fitt to looke it over that it be found marchantable and good and worth the monie And then desire you to receave it and shipp it out in his name for Waterford or Dublin in Ireland And this is all the materiall at present: only (in case of mortallity) I then bequeath to you the hundred and fifty pounds now restinge in my brother Robert Pargiters hands for which a yeares interest was due to mee in may last And there is three pounds tenn shillings and nine pence due to mee from my nephew William Pargiter And I doe stand indebted unto Thomas Pargiter's brother who lives at Wardington five pounds And five pounds more to my ffather which hee lett him have long since And for what other estate of mine shalbe cominge to mee from beyound Seas together with the fifty pounds my brother ffrancis Smith hath of mine upon a mortgage I doe as before (only in case of mortallity) bequeath it to my brother William Pargiter and my brother Ezechiell Pargiter to bee equally devided betweene them. Soe wishinge you health and prosperity in all your affaires I take leave and rest Your Loveinge brother to Comand Theodor Pargiter. Commission or Letters of Administration issued 20 May, 1656, to William Pargiter and Ezekiel Pargiter, natural and lawful brothers of the deceased. Berkeley, 164. [What is known of this John Washington who was in Barbadoes just before the emigrant ancestor of George Washington settled in Virginia ?-EDITOR.] Letters of Administration on the estate of JOHN LLOYDE, late in Virginia, deceased, granted 27 August, 1653, to his daughter Mary Lloyde.

Admon Act Book P. C. C., 1653, fol. 24.

[Though I have not met with the name of John Lloyde in early record or print of Virginia, the following data of others of the same name may prove of interest. The State Land Registry Office presents of record, grants to Cornelius Lloyd, 800 acres in Elizabeth City county, June 2, 1635; 400 acres on the west branch of Elizabeth River, March 13, 1636; 100 acres on the east side of Elizabeth River, Dec. 22, 1636Book No. 1, pp. 394, 359 and 406 severally. Cornelius Lloyd of London, merchant, Wm. Tucker, Maurice Tompson, George Tompson, William Harris, Thomas Dobson, James Stone and Jeremiah Blackman, mariner, 8000 acres in Charles City coun. ty, February 9, 1636, Book No. 1, p. 410. Edmund Lloyd, 400 acres in James City county, May 20, 1636, Book No. 1, p. 359. Humphrey Lloyd, 250 acres in Charles River county, November 6, 1637, Book No. 1, p. 523. Cornelius Lloyd was a member of the House of Burgesses from Lower Norfolk county, March 2, 1642-3, Oct. 1, 1644, and Nov. 3, 1647. "Leftenant Colonel" Cornelius Lloyd appears as a burgess from Lower Norfolk county, May 6, 1652, and July 5, 1653.-Hening's Statutes, I. pp. 239, 283, 340, 373 and 379. Edward Lloyd as burgess from Lower Norfolk county, Feb. 17, 1644–5.-Hening, i. p. 289.-Ř. A. BROCK, Richmond, Va.]

Letters of Administration on the estate of ROBERT BOUGHTON the younger, late in New England, bachelor, deceased, issued to his father Robert Boughton, 31 January, 1655.

Admon Act Book P. C. C., 1656, fol. 6. Letters of Administration on the estate of SAMUEL FRYE, late in Virginia, bachelor, deceased, issued 12 March, 1655, to his mother Ann Frye, widow. Admon Act Book P. C. C., 1656.

[The following grants of record in the Virginia Land Registry Office may have some connection with the testator Samuel Frye:-To William Frye, 250 and 500 acres in James City county, May 20, 1637, and Aug. 29, 1643, Book No. 1, pp. 421 and 906; to Joseph Farye, 250 acres in Charles City county, May 27, 1638, Book No. 1, p. 561.-R. A. BROCK, Richmond, Va.]

Letters of Administration on the estate of ANDREW GILLIARD, in ship King of Poland, late in Virginia, deceased, issued 2 April, 1656, to John Fulling, cousin German. Admon Act Book P. C. C., 1656.

Letters of Administration on the estate of MARgaret Gibbons, late of New England, but at her death of Plymouth in County Devon, issued 28 February, 1656, to Jerusha Rea, now the wife of Capt. Thomas Rea, natural and lawful daughter of the deceased.

Admon Act Book P. C. C., 1657. [This was Margaret, widow of Maj. Gen. Edward Gibbons. See REGISTER, viii. 276; ix. 346; Savage's Gen. Dict. ii. 245; Wyman's Charlestown, i. 406.-ED.]

Letters of Administration on the estate of Richard Pate, late in Virginia, deceased, issued 30 October, 1657, to John Pate, his brother's son. Admon Act Book P. C. C., 1657.

[The following grants are of record in the Virginia Land Registry Office :-Richard Pate, 1141 acres, of land on the north side of York River, Dec. 12, 1650, Book No. 2, p. 271. John Pate, 1000 acres in Rappahannock county, Dec. 31, 1662, Book No. 5, p. 201. The name Pate is numerously represented in Virginia at the present day.-R. A. BROCK, Richmond, Va.]

FRANCIS ANTHONY, Doctor of Physick, 25 May, 1623, proved 19 June, 1623. To be buried in the parish church of St. Bartholmewes. My lease at Barnes I bequeath to my beloved wife, consisting of mansion house, garden, orchard, &c., late in the occupation of Thomas Erskins, and ten pounds a year to be paid out of my dwelling house in St. Bartholmewes, during her natural life, and all moneys in the hands of Sir Stephen le Sure, Knight, and Mr Richards. To my daughter Martha, as her dowry money, three hundred pounds. The inheritance of this ny dwelling house in St. Bartholmewes to Francis my son, my copyhold lands, &c. in Barnes to my youngest son Charles. Other estates to eldest son Francis.

To my sons Francis, John and Charles all that state of mine in Virginia, together with all disbursements of all and singular such moneys as the Company have received from me for thirty shares, and all the appurtenances in Southampton Hundred there, to be divided amongst them by equal portions as long as they shall be living, "and so to the longest liver of them three." To my wife the basin and ewer of silver and all such other plate as was in her possession at the time of my marriage with her. To my daughter Vickars twenty pounds a year. To my son Charles twenty pounds a year during the term of the lease at Barnes. To my daughter Smith and my daughter Martha each twenty pounds, in the same manner. To John and Charles, my sons, all my books equally except my written books, which I bequeath to Charles. To them I give and bequeath all my medicines equally.

I appoint my wife and Sir Stephen le Sure, Knight, my executors, and Mr Humfrey Selwood overseer.

The testator made his mark 26 May. Probate was granted to Elizabeth Anthony the relict and one of the executors, power being reserved for the other. On the 17th of March, 1629, commission issued to Sir Stephen le Sieur, Knt, the other executor. Swann, 60.

FRANCIS ANTHONY of London, gentleman, 11 Aug. 1623, proved 18 Aug. 1623. To be buried in the parish of St. Gyles without Crepelgate, London. To wife Judith Anthony all those two leases of the mansion house, &c.

&c. situate, lying and being in Barnes in the County of Surrey, sometime in the tenure of one Thomas Erskins, and my right, title, interest, &c. in the same by virtue of the last will and testament of Francis Anthony, my father deceased, on condition she do suffer my mother in law Elizabeth Anthony to enjoy such part of the same mansion house and premisses as by the last will and testament of my said father she is appointed to enjoy, and that she pay such legacies as are or shall be due to be paid to my said mother for her dower, my brother Charles Anthony, my sister-Robinson, my sister-Smith and my sister Martha, out of the same two leases, &c. or out of my messuage or tenement in the tenure of John Anthony my brother, situate, lying and being in the parish of Great St. Bartholmewe near West Smithfield. To my son Edmond Anthony all my said messuage or tenement in Great St. Bartholmewe, &c. to hold forever; but if my said son Edmond shall depart this present life before he shall accomplish his full age of twenty and one years then to Elizabeth Anthony my daughter. If both die before accomplishing the age of twenty one then to my said wife Judith for and during the term of her natural life, my wife to receive the rents, &c. until they attain their several ages, as aforesaid. To my said daughter Elizabeth one hundred and fifty pounds at her age of twenty one or day of marriage. To Sara Russha my daughter in law fifteen pounds due me by bond from my brother Charles Anthony within four years next after the date hereof. To my said wife all the arras hangings, the best taffata bed, &c. To the poor of St. Gyles without Crepelgate ten shillings. The residue to my wife Judith whom I appoint executrix. My brother John Anthony, Doctor of Physicks, and Edmund Bollyvant to be overseers. Wit: John Wandley Scr., Edward Leche, John Duesh.

Swann, 87.

[Frauncis Anthoyne obijt one Wensdaye the 13 of August buryed in St Giles Criplegatt before the Pulpett the 15 of ye same 1623 wt 7 escochens.-Harleian MSS. 1754, f. 63.-H. F W.]

EZEKIELL CULVERWELL, of London, clerk, 5 July, 1630, proved 9 May, 1631. To Nicholas Piccard my kinsman ten pounds. To Katherine my kinswoman ten pounds. To Mrs Johnson, wife to Frederick Johnson, five pounds. Item to Margaret Chevers, for herself and her son Ezekiell, ten pounds. To John Hudson, student at the University in Dublin, forty shillings. To Josiah, son to Martha Wilson, five pounds. To old Alice Grinder twenty shillings. To old Ellyn Smith, a maid, forty shillings. To Ezekiell Washbourne, son of Robert Washbourne, five pounds. To my daughter Sarah one hundred pounds to her own use. To Benedict, son of my daughter Sarah Barfoot, two hundred pounds. To poor faithful preachers and godly poor students in either University one hundred pounds.

For all my English books (my bible in quarto excepted, which I give to Martha Wilson) I leave to my executrix for her own use. All my Latin books I will to be divided in three parts, equally as may be, and then, by lot, to give to Nicholas Piccard one lot, to Josias Wilson another lot, a third lot to Ezekiell Cheuers. The residue to my daughter Sara, whom I appoint sole executrix. Wit: Arthur Harbur.

Reg. of Commissary Court of London (1629-34), fol. 147.

[Ezekiel Culverwell, a Puritan divine and author, was curate of Felsted in Essex, but in 1583 was suspended for not wearing the surplice; was afterwards rector of Stambridge magna in the same county, of which living he was deprived about 1609, his successor having been instituted March 27 of that year. He was afterwards curate of St. Antholin's, London. The register of that church, contains this entry

under the year 1631: "April 14, Mr Ezekiel Culverwell, minister, bur." Biographical sketches are printed in Brook's Puritans, iii. 512, and Davids's Nonconformity in Essex, p. 125. See also Newcourt's Repertorium, ii. 542; Register of St. Antholin (Harl. Soc.), p. 65. Brook and Davids give the titles and dates of his works; as does also Allibone in his Dictionary of Authors, i. 458.-EDITOR.

Ezekiel Cheever, one of the legatees named in the foregoing will, was doubtless the famous master of the Boston Latin School. He was born in London, Jan. 25, 1614, came to Boston in New England in 1637, and died there Aug. 21, 1708, in the ninety-fourth year of his age. For a biographical notice of him and an account of his family, see the articles entitled "Ezekiel Cheever and Some of his Descendants,' in the REGISTER for April, 1879 (xxxiii. 164), and April, 1884 (xxxviii. 170).—JOHN T. HASSAM.

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In vol. i. p. 395 London Visitations (edited by Dr. Howard and Col. Chester), appears the marriage of Thomas Horton, of London, merchant, a° 1634, 3d son to Margaret, dau. of Lawrence Culverwell.—J. C. J. BROWN.]

JAMES HOLT of Virginia, planter, 8 December, 1629; proved 12 May, 1631. To my son James Hoult all and singular my goods, catells, chatells, household stuff and all my houses and ground and all other things which I have or may have in Virginia or elsewhere; and also all the servants which are or shall be mine in Virginia, and all the time that they have yet to serve with me; only to my servant William Bond one year of his time. To my servant Richard Bawinton four years of his time. My executors to be Nathaniel Flood, planter, Henry King, planter, Theophilus Berrestone, planter.

Wit: Theophilus Berrestone and Peter Perkins.

Emanavit commissio Wmo Donne, curatori ad lites Jacobi Houlte, &c. (for the reason, it appears, that those named executors in the will were beyond the seas).

Reg. of Commissary Court of London (1629-34), fol. 150.

[The following grants from the Virginia Land Registry Office may be informatory in connection with the above.

Randall Holt, 400 acres in James City county, Sept. 18, 1636; Thomas Holt, 500 acres in New Norfolk county, May 22, 1637; Robert Holt, 700 acres in James City county, July 23, 1640.-Book No. 1, pp. 386, 423 and 727.

99 66

John Fludd, 2100 acres in James City county, May 12, 1638, Book No. 1, p. 548. John Flood," Gentleman,' an antient planter," 1100 acres in James City county, June 7, 1650-" Mary Flood, John Flood, John Lawrence and John Connaway,' being among the "head-rights."-Book No. 2, p. 227. Francis Flood, 300 acres on York river, April 1, 1651, Book No. 2, p. 318. John King, 300 acres in Charles River county, Dec. 10, 1642; "Anne his wife, Katharine Kallaway, Thomas Clary, Phillip Neale, Alice Smith and Alice Cocke," " transports or head-rights John King, 500 acres in York county, Nov. 9, 1649.-Book No. 2, p. 192. John King, 200 acres in "Gloster" county, October 10, 1651, Book No. 2, p. 345.-R. A. BROCK, Richmond, Va.]

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Notes on Abstracts previously printed.

THOMAS SPELMAN (ante, p. 72).

[The Thomas Spelman (Spilman) of Virginia, an abstract of whose will is found in the Genealogical Gleanings of Henry F. Waters, in the REGISTER of July, 1884, p. 323, came to Virginia in A.D. 1616, when he was about sixteen years of age. His wife Hannah, when about eighteen years old, arrived in A.D. 1620. In the Muster of Inhabitants, taken in January, 1624–5, and published in Hotten's Lists, Thomas was then listed as twenty-four years old and his wife as twenty-three. The daughter Mary, in England, in 1627 could not have been more than six years old. Spilman in 1625 had four white servants in his employ, and lived at Kecoughton in

Elizabeth City Corporation, now Hampton. At the same time there was another Thomas Spilman living at James City, twenty-eight years of age, who came in A.D. 1623, and was a servant of Richard Stephens, who arrived in the ship George with him. Stephens was for several years a prominent colonist.-From Rev. EDWARD D. NEILL, of St. Paul, Min.]

RACHEL PERNE (ante, pp. 60-61).

[I may add from my own family papers, that "John Tyse, clerk," son-in-law of Richard and Rachel Perne, mentioned on p. 60, had two children, John and Mary. The former, I think, died unmarried; but Mary married, first, John (or Nicholas) Goddard, of Gillingham, and, secondly, in 1681, William Weston, of Weston in Stalbridge, both in Dorsetshire. She died about the year 1725, having had an only son, John Goddard of Gillingham, who died in 1702, leaving, by his wife Martha Cox, who predeceased him, Mary Goddard, sole heiress. She became in 1717 the wife of William Helyar of Coker, co. Somerset, eldest son of William Helyar of Coker, M.P. for Somersetshire in 1714, and from this marriage is descended the present Horace Augustus Helyar of Coker Court, Secretary of the British Embassy at the Hague.-Letter of the Rev. Charles J. Robinson, M.A., of West Hackney, London, England.]

THOMAS BROWNE, 17 April, 1663, proved 17 July, 1663. List of Property &c. viz:-on board the Samuel, Jemaico, one half of fifty thousand pounds of Sugar, the other half belonging to George Thompson. Goods coming per George Ladd. I left behind, in hands of George Thompson, &c. I have in Abraham Brown's hands, in New England, one hundred and fifty pounds. I have in brother William's hands about one hundred pounds. I have in Virginia employment fifty pounds, &c.

For the hundred pounds to brother William, I freely forgive him. To my sister Joane Browne twenty pounds, besides ten pounds I owe her. To my cousin Joane Browne ten pounds. Which sums I desire may be paid out of the sugars I have in Barbados. The balance; to my son Thomas, God sending him to age, one third, and two thirds to my wife Priscilla Browne.

Wit: Argent Tuttle, William Browne.

Juxon, 89.

[Abraham Browne, an early settler of Watertown, is supposed by Bond, in his history of that town, to be a son of Thomas Browne of Swan Hall, in the parish of Hawkedon, co. Suffolk, by his wife Joan. A tabular pedigree of this family from John Browne, alderman of Stamford, co. Lincoln, in 1376 and 1377, is found in that book, pp. 116-17.—Editor.]

JOHN PEMERTON (by mark) of Lawford in the County of Essex, weaver, 9 September, 1653, proved 25 March, 1654, by John Beeston, sole executor. For my worldly goods being in New England, in the custody of Hercules Woodman, living in Newbery in the County of Essex, or his assigns, I give and bequeath unto my daughter-in-law Deborah Gofe, there born, and to her heirs forever, and all my moveable goods which I now possess in this England, both, within doors and without, whatsoever. I make and ordain my loving kinsman and faithful friend, John Beeston of Dedham, my executor. My debts to be paid within six months next after my decease. My desire is likewise that if my said daughter-in-law should happen to die without heirs that then all the forementioned estate should be equally divided, that is, for my means in New England, to my brother James Pemerton and to my sister Robinson, to be equally divided between them. And for such my other goods my desire is that they may be divided equally between my three brothers, William, Richard and Thomas.

The witnesses were William Winge, John Stud and Thomas Boston. Alchin, 191.

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