The Thousand and One Nights: Commonly Called, in England, The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, Volumen2

C. Knight and Company, 1840

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Página 474 - There is a pleasure, sure, In being mad, which none but madmen know...
Página 467 - Zumurrud lost, and with her a pair of saddle-bags full of money belonging to the Christian ; and when I arrived there, I found the Walee standing at the door of the pavilion, together with his officers ; and there is no strength nor power but in God, the High, the Great...
Página 468 - Alee, and with all the other favourites of God. God is our sufficieney ; and excellent is the Guardian. And there is no strength nor power but in God, the High, the Great. O God, 0 our Lord, O Thou liberal of pardon, O Thou most bountiful of the most bountiful. O God. Amen.
Página 418 - ... her beauty and loveliness. I was exceedingly delighted with her; and when midnight came, and the bride slept, I arose, took the keys, and opened the closet, and, taking the knife, I killed the cock, threw down the flags, and overturned the chest ; whereupon the damsel awoke, and saw that the closet was opened, and the cock killed ; and she exclaimed, There is no strength nor power but in God, the High, the Great...
Página 572 - And they continued together in the most delightful of joys until they were visited by the terminator of delights and the separator of companions.
Página 251 - Friday ; * and when he came forth [from the inner apartment], he took the barber's looking-glass, and, looking at his face in it, said, I testify that there is no deity but God, and I testify that Mohammad is God's Apostle...
Página 495 - ... treasurer, and the superintendent of war ; after whom followed the nobles and people, according to their dignity and respective classes. A large loaf, made of the above-mentioned grains, being then presented to the King, after eating part of it he offered some to those who were around him, saying, ' This is the new day, of the new month, of the new year, of the new time ; when all things consistent with time must be renewed.
Página 360 - Abu-lHasan had exercised his authority until the close of the day, he looked towards the chamberlain and the rest of the attendants, and said to them, Depart. He then called for a eunuch who was near at hand, and said to him, I am hungry, and desire something to eat. And he replied, I hear and obey : — and led him by the hand into the...
Página 91 - Yet the more she shewed reluctance to marry, so much the more did her suitors increase in eagerness to possess her. All the Kings of the Interior Islands of China sent presents and rarities to her father with letters requesting her as a wife, and he repeated the proposals to her many times; but she opposed his wish, and was angry with him, and said to him, If...
Página 593 - O servant of God ! O son of a handmaid of God ! know that, at this time, there will come down to thee two angels commissioned respecting thee and the like of thee. When they say to thee, ' Who is thy Lord?' answer them,

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