Hints for pedestrians, by Medicus

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Página 13 - Each in his hidden sphere of joy or woe Our hermit spirits dwell, and range apart, Our eyes see all around in gloom or glow— Hues of their own, fresh borrow'd from the heart.
Página 89 - Cornaro, who was the author of the little treatise I am mentioning, was of an infirm constitution, till about forty, when, by obstinately persisting in an exact course of temperance, he recovered a perfect state of health; insomuch that at fourscore he published his book, which has been translated into English, under the title of, Sure and certain methods of attaining a long and healthy Life.
Página 13 - What is this passing scene? A peevish April day! A little sun — a little rain, And then night sweeps along the plain. And all things fade away.
Página 3 - Ah! what avail the largest gifts of heaven, " When drooping health and spirits go amiss? " How tasteless then whatever can be given! " Health is the vital principle of bliss, " And exercise of health. In proof of this, " Behold the wretch, who slugs his life away, " Soon swallow'd in disease's sad abyss; " While he whom toil has braced, or manly play, " Has light as air each limb, each thought as clear as day.
Página 102 - What is a man, If his chief good and market of his time Be but to sleep and feed? a beast, no more. Sure he that made us with such large discourse, Looking before and after, gave us not That capability and god-like reason To fust in us unus'd.
Página 14 - Yet wait awhile and see the calm leaves float Each to his rest beneath their parent shade. How like decaying life they seem to glide ! And yet no second spring have they in store, But where they fall, forgotten to abide Is all their portion, and they ask no more.
Página 14 - Now the tir'd hunter winds a parting note, And Echo bids good-night from every glade ; Yet wait awhile, and see the calm leaves float Each to his rest beneath their parent shade.
Página 8 - Now, in travelling, we multiply events, and innocently. We set out, as it were, on our adventures ; and many are those that occur to us, morning, noon, and night. The day we come to a place which we have long heard and read of, — and in Italy we do so continually, — it is an era in our lives ; and from that moment the very name calls up a picture.
Página 103 - WHO says, the wan autumnal sun Beams with too faint a smile To light up nature's face again, . And, though the year be on the wane, With thoughts of spring the heart beguile? Waft him, thou soft September breeze, And gently lay him down Within some circling woodland wall, Where bright leaves, reddening ere they fall,* .Wave gaily o'er the waters brown.

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