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mer and Mary his wife, to my son Samuel Sleigh and Barbara his wife (my daughter), to my daughter Martha Palmer, to my son Samuel Palmer, at one and twenty, to my son Joshua Palmer, at one and twenty. My houses &c in Stepney to my four sons, Archdale, Thomas, Samuel and Joshua. To my brother Mr John Palmer and Mary his wife. To my brothers in law Mr John Smith, Mr Henry Smith and Mr Thomas Smith. To my sisters in law M" Jane Gore and M" Elizabeth Danvers. My brother in law Mr John Pegg and his wife. My cousin Thomas Palmer of Stafford. My cousin Robert Palmer of Bassie-shaw, London. My wife Martha to be the guardian of sons Samuel and Joshua, and also to be executrix of this my will &c.

Pye, 115.

WILLIAM PALMER of Wanlippe als Oneleape, in the co. of Leicester Esq. 13 April 1692, proved 14 July 1693. To my wife Martha and my daughter Martha, at her age of one and twenty. My eldest son and heir Archdale Palmer. Three of my children, Thomas, William and Henry. Reference to adventures in Barbadoes. To my son John Palmer & his heirs the reversion and inheritance, after the death and decease of my sister in law Mr Anne Appleton, of and in all my lands &c in Astbury als Newbold Astbury, in the co. Palatine of Chester, with remainder to my youngest son Samuel, then to my right heirs. My late mother Mr Martha Palmer deceased. My loving uncle John Palmer Esq. My two brothers, Samuel Palmer and Joshua Palmer, and their two wives. My wife's three brethren, Rowland Hunt Esq., Thomas Hunt merchant and John Hunt Esq., and her sister M Elizabeth Beale. My brother in law, John Moorewood Esq., Coker, 115.

and his wife.

WILLIAM PALMER of London, Doctor in Physic, 21 April 1708. Wife Mary. Brother Archdale Palmer of Wanlip Esq. and his children, whether of first or second marriage. My nephew John Palmer, the eldest son of his first marriage, and my nephew Charlton Palmer, the eldest son of his second marriage, already provided for. My wife to be executrix.

Commission issued, 15 December 1716, to Henry Palmer, the paternal Uncle and lawfully appointed guardian of Mary Palmer, minor daughter, and only issue of William Palmer lately of the parish of St. Mary Aldermary, London, Doctor in Medicine deceased &c., for the reason that Mary Palmer, wife of the deceased and executrix named in the will, hath departed this life. Fox, 234.



JOHN PALMER of the Middle Temple, London, Esq., 7 July, 1738, proved 22 December 1738. To be buried in St Laurence church by my dearly beloved spouse. To my loving brother Mr Thomas Palmer, of New England, fifty pounds, and in case of his death to his eldest son Eliakim Palmer. To my dear brother M Henry Palmer one hundred pounds. To my dear brother Mr Samuel Palmer five hundred pounds. my beloved sister Mr Martha Palmer five hundred pounds. To my nephew William Palmer five hundred pounds, and my two sets of chambers in Essex Court in Middle Temple. To my niece Barbara Palmer and her sister Mr Mary Palmer, daughters of the said Samuel Palmer, five hundred pounds apiece. To my daughter in law Mrs Graves one hundred pounds. To my grandson M Joseph Andrews one hundred pounds. To my brother in law Mr Thomas Palmer & his sister Mr Mary Palmer twenty pounds apiece. To my niece Bakewell ten pounds. To all my brother Archdale Palmer's children by his last wife ten pounds apiece. To my

niece Molesworth ten pounds. To Mr Andrews & Mr Graves, my sons in law ten pounds apiece. To my nephew Eliakim Palmer ten pounds. To the Fund for supporting dissenting ministers fifty pounds. To D' Earl ten pounds, M1 Newman, Dr Wright's assistant five pounds, the poor of D' Earl's church five pounds & to Mrs Gascoign five pounds. I give plain gold rings of sixteen shillings value to all my brothers & sisters, nephews & nieces, Mr Andrews & his lady, M' Graves & his lady, D' Earl, D' Allen & my dear friend Thomas Hunt Esq. The rest & residue to my nephew William Palmer aforesaid whom I nominate and appoint executor. Wit: John Launder, John Launder, jun' & William Thirkill.

Mention of bonds & other property in Mr Hoare's hands &c. I give rings to cousin Joshua Palmer, cousin More his sister, cousin Lloyd, cousin Birch, cousin Tom Beal, my diamond ring to said niece Barbara & all my other rings to my niece Molly, her sister.

The above was sworn to, 22 December 1738, by Henry Palmer of St Mary Aldermanbury, merchant, and Eliakim Palmer of the same parish, merchant. Brodrepp, 293.

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[2 His loving brother Mr. Thomas Palmer of New England,” married Abigail Hutchinson the daughter of Eliakim, of Boston, who gave Thomas a piece of land at the foot of Fort Hill, upon which the beneficiary erected a large house which he subsequently altered into two tenements as mentioned in his son Eliakim's will. He was one of the most useful public men in Boston, and during a long contest between the town and himself in relation to some of his father-inlaw's property, he was still selected for the most important positions. He held advancing positions throughout life.

By the will of Thomas he gave to his son Eliakim all of his "houses and lands wharves and real-estate wherever to be found," except one of the tenements above referred to; he gave him also “one moiety of all my personal estate in what part of the world soever it may be found." Son Thomas was to have the other moiety of the personal property and the tenement which was left after Eliakim had taken his choice; but the "Tappestry hangings in the end of the House Mr. Job Lewis now possesses shall not be taken down, but belong to that tenement whoever chooses it. To granddaughters Hannah and Abby Lewis £500 each; all my plate to be divided between my children Eliakim Palmer and Sarah Lewis. To son Thomas wearing apparel, household goods, negro woman Fanny, with my horse and furniture and chaise. To brother Samuel, with my sister Martha Palmer and sister Arch. Palmer, each a Ring of suitable value, as also a Ring to my brother's wife. To my partner Nath' Balston, Esq., £100 as a token of my love. £30 to the poor of Brattle St. Church and £10 each to Rev. Ben". Colman and Rev. Thos. Cooper." Mourning clothes provided, &c. &c. Nathaniel Balston was Executor, and evidently the intended way of managing the property was a family secret as he never rendered any account until forced to do something at the death of the son Thomas in 1752, brother of Eliakim, when he reported personal property in his hands belonging to the brothers, undivided, amounting to nearly £10,000. It will be noticed in Eliakim's will that he gave all the real estate inherited from his father, in trust to Nathaniel Balston, for the ultimate use of Abigail and Hannah Lewis his nieces.

Thomas Palmer, the brother of Eliakim, left Boston for England in January, 1750, and beside his will he gave written orders that his sister Mrs. Lewis should remain in his house rent free, in case of his death, not returning from England, or not giving contrary orders. Whether he died abroad or at home the writer does not know; his son Thomas under 14 years of age was put under the guardianship of James Boutineau and Nathaniel Bethune with bonds of £4000, increased in 1760 to £10,000.—JOHN COFFIN JONES BROWN.]

HENRY PALMER the elder of St Mary Aldermanbury, London, Merchant, 19 April 1739, proved 22 May 1740. To my brother Thomas Palmer of Boston in New England Esq. five hundred pounds and to his son Thomas Palmer and his daughter Sarah Lewis five hundred pounds

each. To Job Lewis, the husband of the said Sarah Lewis, and to Hannah and Abigail Lewis, children of the said Job and Sarah, one hundred pounds each, and to Mary Palmer, wife of my said nephew Thomas Palmer, twenty pounds. To Anne Palmer, widow of my brother Archdale Palmer Esq. deceased, fifty pounds. To Anne Palmer, widow of my nephew John Palmer Esq. deceased, twenty pounds, and to Anne Palmer, her daughter, thirty pounds. To my nephew William, son of my brother Archdale Palmer Esq. deceased, twenty pounds and to Elizabeth Palmer, his wife, one hundred pounds, and to Henry Palmer, son of the said William and Elizabeth, three hundred pounds. To my niece Elizabeth Bakewell one hundred pounds and to Mr John Bakewell, her husband, twenty pounds. To my nephew Henry, son of my brother Archdale Palmer Esq. deceased, three hundred pounds. Reference to a bond of his to William Fauquire Esq. and other debts. Nephew Thomas, son of my brother Archdale Palmer Esq. deceased. Nephew Archdale Palmer, son of my brother Archdale Palmer Esq. deceased. Nephew Henry Palmer of London, Merchant. Niece Mary Faris, wife of William Faris, and John Faris her son. Anne Ewer, Katherine Handley, Martha Lewis, Barbara Palmer, Charlton Palmer and Betty Palmer, children of my late brother Archdale Palmer Esq. deceased, and Walter Ewer, Samuel Handley, Benjamin Lewis and William Faris, my nephews in law, and Rebecca Palmer, my niece in law. To the Hon. Doctor Coote Molesworth and his wife Mary Molesworth. My brother Samuel Palmer and his wife Elizabeth and William, Barbara and Mary Palmer, children of the said Samuel. My sister Martha Palmer. My cousin Mary Palmer, spinster, and Sarah Blundell, widow of Benjamin Blundell. My much esteemed friend Lieut. Gen. Peers Esq. of the Barbadoes. Item I give to the incorporated Society for propagating the Gospel in New England, whereof Sir Robert Clark is the present Governor, the sum of one hundred pounds. To my nephew Eliakim Palmer, eldest son of my brother Thomas Palmer, and his heirs and assigns my freehold house of inheritance situate on Ludgate in London, known by the name of the Swan and Star, and now in the occupation of Bernard Townsend, which house I purchased from Nicholas Charlton Esq., and to the said Eliakim the residue of my estate, as well in foreign parts as in England. The said Eliakim Palmer to be executor. Browne, 153.

[ There is a full pedigree of the family of Sir Samuel Handley in the College of Arms, London.-J. C. C. SMITH.]

MARTHA PALMER of Newgate Street, London, spinster, 19 April 1744, proved 14 January 1745. To my sister Anne Palmer, widow of my brother Archdale Palmer, thirty pounds. To my nephews, Harry Palmer and Charlton Palmer, and my nieces, Elizabeth Bakewell, Anne Ewer, Katherine Handley and Martha Lewis, all children of my said brother Archdale Palmer, twenty five pounds each. To my nephew Archdale Palmer, in whose house I now dwell, and my nieces Barbara and Betty Palmer, likewise children of my said brother and yet unmarried, one hundred pounds each. To my nephew Eliakim Palmer and my niece Mary Molesworth twenty five pounds each. To my grand-nephew Harry Palmer, now in the East Indies, sixty pounds. To my nephew Thomas Palmer, son of my said brother Archdale, one hundred aud fifty pounds. To my sister Elizabeth Palmer, widow of my brother Samuel, fifty pounds. To my nephew William Palmer, only son of my said brother Samuel, five hundred pounds, and to his sisters Barbara and Mary Palmer seven hundred pounds each.

My said nephew William to be executor, and to him three hundred pounds new South Sea Annuity stock, on trust to pay the interest and dividend arising therefrom to my niece Mary Faris, to her sole and separate use exclusive of her present husband &c. To her son John Faris one hundred pounds at his age of twenty five years, or at the decease of his said mother, the which shall first happen. The Rev. M'. Samuel Chandler and others. Edmunds, 25.

ELIAKIM PALMER of London, merchant, 14 May 1749, proved 24 May 1749, as to the deceased's estate in England or in any other parts except in New England. Reference to contract on marriage with wife Elizabeth. To said wife fifteen thousand pounds. My father Thomas Palmer, of Boston in New England Esq. deceased, being seized in fee &c of a mansion house, by him built, at the foot of Fort Hill in Boston aforesaid and divided into two tenements, by his last Will and Testament gave and devised to me such one of the said two tenements as I should choose and the other tenement to my brother Thomas. I hereby make choice of that one now or late in the occupation of Charles Paxton Esq. and release &c to my said brother Thomas all my right and claim in and to the other tenement in which he now lives or lately lived. To Nathaniel Balston of Boston Esq. and my said brother Thomas Palmer, all my houses, buildings, wharves, lands and Real Estate whatsoever at Boston, during the life of my sister Sarah Lewis, wife of Job Lewis of the said town of Boston, in trust to pay the rent &c into the hands of my said sister for her sole and separate use. And after her decease I give the said houses &c to my nieces Abigail and Hannah Lewis, her daughters, as tenants in common &c. To the said Nathaniel Balston Esq. and my brother Thomas Palmer one hundred pounds each, to Mr Mary Barker, widow of Dr. John Barker deceased, one hundred pounds, To John Faris, son of my cousin Mary Faris, one hundred pounds. To George Walker and the Hon. John Lyte of the Island of Barbadoes, esquires, fifty pounds each, making it my humble request to them that they will assist my executors in getting in that part of my effects which I shall (—) possessed of in the said Island. To Beeston Long Esq.* and M' Henry Norris Junior of London, merchants, my executors hereafter named, and to my cousin William Palmer of London, Attorney at Law, also one of my executors, the several sums of one hundred pounds each. Certain servants and others. My house in London. My house at Ealing. Aun Palmer widow of my late uncle Archdale Palmer. My late uncle Henry Palmer. The poor of the congregation of Protestant Dissenters in the Old Jewry, London.

The residue to my son William Finch Palmer and the child or children wherewith my wife is now "Ensient." The said Nathaniel Balston Esq. and my said brother Thomas Palmer to be executors as to my estate in New England and the said Beeston Long, Henry Norris and William Palmer, as to the estate in England or any other parts except New England. Lisle, 157.

[ Beeston Long was a West India merchant (see memoir of him in Gentleman's Magazine, 1785). One of his sons was created Baron Farnborough, and from one of his daughters descend the Prescotts baronets.-J. C. C. SMITH.]

THOMAS SMYTH the elder of Aldermanbury, London. Esq. 24 February 1665, proved 13 June 1666. My two younger sons, Henry and Thomas Smith. My eldest son John Smith, with my consent, did marry Mary, one of the daughters of Sir Edmond Wright, knight, late Alderman of the

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Sam'l Sleigh Barbara John Moorewood. Palmer. Palmer, M.D. Martha

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Eliakim Palmer. Will proved 1749.

Sarah Palmer Job Lewis,

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