English Hypothetical Universalism: John Preston and the Softening of Reformed Theology

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2007 M06 25 - 304 páginas
John Preston (1587-1628) stands as a key figure in the development of English Reformed orthodoxy in the courts of ElizabetháI and JamesáVI. Often cited as a favorite of the English and American Puritans who came after him, he nevertheless stood as a bridge between the crown and the nonconformists. Jonathan D. Moore retrieves Preston from his traditional place as one of the "Calvinists against Calvin," provides a convincing argument for Preston's unique hypothetical universalism, and calls into question common misperceptions about Reformed theology and Puritanism.

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A Biographical Introduction
Prestons Heritage
William Perkins and Elizabethan Particularism
Prestons Theology
The Divine Decree
The Death of Christ
The Gospel Call
Defender of the Faith at the York House Conference
Bishops James Ussher and John Davenant
Prestons Works
Other Primary Sources
Secondary Sources

Prestons Mentors

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