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When we glance over the goodly array of our nineteen volumes, and recal the fear and trembling with which so responsible though humble a task was first engaged in, great indeed is the thankfulness excited, to the Lord first, in whose Name, and for whose glory the lowly attempt was originally made, and by whose blessing alone it has so prospered; and next to the encouraging friends who have borne with our many mistakes and short-comings, aided us when weak, and cheered us on when opposition arose-for these are not days when the truth may be plainly spoken with impunity. We have always stood ready at any moment to relinquish our office, beloved and cherished as it really is in our inmost heart; but resolved by God's grace to yield no point of Christian verity ; nor even to be silent in any matter where the trutb of the gospel is assailed.

It has recently pleased the conductors of that very


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