Rivers Parting: A Novel

Crown Publishers, 1950 - 311 páginas
Here, as you begin to read, is Sherwood Forest, where John Scarlock still feels in his veins the tug of the blood of Robin Hood's men. Here, in Nottingham in the year 1628, John loves the orphan Joan, and does not wait for any man to say a prayer over their love, and promises that she shall follow him to the New World. Here is New Hampshire in America, where men loyal to the king and his church build a happy land that honors both the spirit and the flesh, till the godly men of Massachusetts come with laws to still their neighbors' laughter, where a strange little girl named Nan boasts that her mother was the first harlot in Portsmouth, and where Joan bears John a son and calls him Will. Here is London, when young Will returns to his father's England in the year of the plague, where a girl in a scarlet dress plays her lute and sings to keep her city gay, while the street-voices cry "Bring out your dead!" Here is the Goose Fair Wedding, old as England, and ill-omened, at which Will and the singing girl, Doll, are joined together in haste and carnival joy. Here is the Great Fire of London, when all the living gather to watch the mighty timbers of St. Paul's burn and totter, when Doll's lute is found in the ashes, when Will finds Nan and loves her, and knows the sin of hoping his wife is dead. Here is the odd little house on London Bridge, where Doll returns to him, and Will must make his sorrowful choice. And here is the story of the strange, unholy happenings in New Hampshire when Will and Doll and Nan come home to live, the story of three who sinned against God as the Puritans knew Him, but still hoped for "happiness in spite of Hell." - Jacket flap.

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