A sermon [on Prov. xvii.14] preach'd before the lords spiritual and temporal, in parliament assembled, in the abbey church at Westminster, on the 30th of January, 1711/12


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Página 6 - The beginning of strife is as when one letteth out water : therefore leave off contention, before it be meddled with.
Página 22 - And be it hereby declared, that by the undoubted and fundamental laws of this kingdom, neither the Peers of this realm, nor the Commons, nor both together in Parliament or out of Parliament, nor the People collectively or representatively, nor any other Persons whatsoever, ever had, have, hath, or ought to have, any coercive power over the persons of the Kings of this realm.
Página 22 - Now I am informed by the statute 1 Jac. c. 1. that lineal succession is a privilege belonging to the imperial crown, and by 12 Car. 2 c. 30. 17. that by the undoubted and fundamental laws of this kingdom, neither the peers of this realm, nor the commons, nor both together, in parliament, or out of parliament, nor the people collectively, nor representatively, nor any persons whatsoever, hath, or ought to have, any coercive power over the kings of this realm.
Página 20 - Submit yourfelves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's fake ; whether it be to the king, as fupreme; or unto governors, as unto them that are fent by him, for the punifhment of evildoers, and for the praife of them that do well.
Página 12 - Counfels or Practice, which might more alienate the Affections of the People from the Government ; and then, that by this relation He would be more able, to do the King Service in the Houfe...
Página 24 - ... the grace of God, we should find, if — we endeavoured truly to answer the humiliation enjoined on this black and sorrowful day; a day to be had in sad and lasting remembrance of all, and to be observed by a general repentance, with a particular amendment of those, who are conscious to themselves of the want of any due regard to the authority of the prince, or the rights of the people, from a love of arbitrary power in the one, or faction in the other.
Página 4 - World might judge of it from what they f aw it, and not from what they heard it to be. The (Reader has it exactly as it was delivered without any Alteration 5 and I believe he will find, that there is no ground for tbofe Characters which have with fo much liberty been fix'd upon it.
Página 24 - Majefty, and to all in Authority under Her, with as tender a regard to the whole...

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