The Satanic Diseases: Part: 02

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This book “THE SATANIC DISEASES” is the first of its kind written by a contemporary North American Muslim author covering the basics of Biblical and the Qur’anic commonalities to naturally align efforts for a common understanding, united front, and a joint struggle against evils threatening mankind.


The author Qamrul A. Khanson is a spiritually motivated technocrat who mastered the technique of preventive methodology to fight evil spiritual diseases, which afflict Mankind.  Having studied Food safety, Quality Assurance, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and comparative Abrahamic series of divine books, the author has successfully identified, described, elaborated analogies of the diseases, which are microbiological, psychological and physical causing human suffrage all over the world today.  The book invites whole Mankind towards understanding the purpose of its creation and its rewarding benefits in the hereafter.


The book draws the attention of modern Muslim youths towards The Qu’ran for its divine guidance, wisdom, preventive measures, prescribed cure against diseases, and spiritual intelligence to attain prosperity, vigor, healthy attitude towards fellow humans without any prejudice to colour, culture, race, religion, and belief.

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Acerca del autor (2005)

Qamrul A. Khanson completed his formal education in Dairy Technology from Allahabad Agricultural Institute India. He received his Masters degree from the University Of Allahabad, India in 1974.  Later he qualified as Advanced Food Hygienist from Scotland and as QMS Lead Auditor from Canada, which paved him a role as dairy specialist.


His quality Assurance credentials led him to develop quality spiritual Intelligence techniques from the Qur’an, Gospel and Torah to identify and prevent evils for the benefit of Jewish, Christian and Muslim unity through preventive commonalities in Abrahamic faith.


The author also elaborated remedial insight to Muslim community, which needs the Qur’anic guidance, wisdom, strategy, remedy and spiritual intelligence to ward-off evils, which are causing diseases to Humans.


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