Rum, Romance & Rebellion

Minton, Balch, 1928 - 289 páginas

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Página 147 - That we will neither import, nor purchase any slave imported after the first day of December next, after which time we will wholly discontinue the slave-trade, and will neither be concerned in it ourselves, nor will we hire our vessels, nor sell our commodities or manufactures to those who are concerned in it.
Página 234 - Should a traveller, returning from a far country, bring us an account of men, wholly different from any with whom we were ever acquainted...
Página 25 - ... our Rum doth as little hurt as your Brandy and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome : however to keep the Indians temperate and sober is a very, good and Christian performance but to prohibit them all strong liquors...
Página 39 - ... if the King of Great Britain in person were encamped on Boston Common, at the head of twenty thousand men, with all his navy on our coast, he would not be able to execute these laws. They would be resisted or eluded.
Página 225 - An other reason may be, that it may be in this case as it is with waters when their streames are stopped or dammed up, when they gett passage they flow with more violence, and make more noys and disturbance, then when they are suffered to rune quietly in their owne chanels.
Página 139 - But Las Casas, from the inconsistency natural to men who hurry with headlong impetuosity towards a favourite point, was incapable of making this distinction.
Página 221 - Since in a bed a man and maid May bundle and be chaste; It doth no good to burn up wood; It is a needless waste.
Página 194 - If after ten o'clock they see lights, to inquire if there be warrantable cause ; and if they hear any noise or disorder, wisely to demand the reason ; if they are dancing and singing vainly, to admonish them to cease; if they do not discontinue, after moderate admonition, then the constable to take their names and acquaint the authorities therewith.
Página 129 - ... to impart a gloss to his skin. Ormond remarked that these jockey-tricks are as common in Africa as among horse-dealers in Christian lands ; and desiring me to feel the negro's pulse, I immediately detected disease or excessive excitement. In a few days I found the poor wretch, abandoned...
Página 188 - What things have we seen Done at the Mermaid! heard words that have been So nimble, and so full of subtle flame, As if that every one (from whence they came) Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest, And had resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life...

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