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Harvard-Yale Freshman Meet.

Ob. HARVARD-YALE / FRESHMAN Below, in laurel wreaths united by laurel, the shields of Harvard and Yale. Below, DUAL MEET Rx. Plain. 31 mm. Bronze.

† 916

Harvard-Yale Track Meet.

Ob. HARVARD YALE / UNIVERSITY / shields of Yale and Harvard /
Rx. A closed bound laurel wreath. 28 mm. Pewter.

† 917

Hasty Pudding.

Ob. CONCORDIA DISCORS Sphinx on wreath. Below, 1795.

Rx. H. P. C. Two hands helping themselves from pot. Below on ribbon, SEGES TOTIS RESPONDET 38 mm. Octagonal. Silver. Copper. Plate XIII. † 918

Hollis Hall.

Ob. In laurels a building. Below, HOLLIS HALL

Rr. In laurels a torch resting on ribbon inscribed 1763 1913 Below, 150th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION / OF /HOLLIS HALL / laurels. 39 mm. Copper. By Whitehead Hoag Co.

† 919

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. See 1958.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. See 1960.

Institute of 1770.

Ob. HAEC STUDIA ADOLESCENTIAM ALUNT. Caduceus and scroll on book. Below, INSTITUTE / OF /* 1770 *

Rx. Hanging from two columns the shield of Harvard with tablets above and below for name and class. 42 mm. Tin. + 920

Iroquois Club.

Ob. IROQUOIS CLUB Head of Indian to left.

Rx. Pine tree across which band for name of member. 42 × 36 mm. Irregular. Thick planchet. Silver. By Shreve, Crump & Low. Plate IX.

† 921


Ob. HARVARD UNIVERSITY / MDCCCCIV An ivy leaf inscribed A Σ with, in its centre, a button, on which IV

Rx. Plain. 42 mm. Bronze. Plate XII.

† 922

Kalumet Club.

Ob. KALUMET Over Indian pipe.

Rx. Plain. 47 mm. Pentagon. Silver. By Widmer. Plate XIV. See S. K. Club, 943.

† 923

Kappa Gamma Chi.

Ob. IN ACADEMIA HARVARDIANA ornament. In beaded circle, shield with arms of the society. Above, CONDITA Below, MDCCCXCVII.

Rx. Tied wreath of laurel. Exergue, DIEGES & CLUST 38 mm. Bronze.

† 924

Knights of the Square Table. See 939.

Lalande. See 1969.

Lawrence. See 1971.

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. See 1976.

Lowell, James Russell. See 1981.

Monks of the Flagon.

Ob. A flagon on a ribbon on which, UN POUR TOUS ET TOUS POUR


Rx. A chevron on which in old type м O F Exergue, 1848 42 × 33 mm. Shield shaped. Silver. This society, of which I have been able to learn but little, was of a distinctly lively nature. To inquiries as to its purpose by "Inquisitive Authority" it was represented that the name was "Magnet of Friendship" and the tastes were literary, to such good effect that the then President presented it with a complete set of his works. Plate IX. † 925

Norton, Charles Eliot. See 1991.

0. K.

Ob. A voided o in which K On the O, ARS CELARE ARTEM / 1859. 41 mm. Silver. Bronze. Plate XII. † 926

Otological Congress. See 620.

Owl Club.



Paine, James Knowles. See 906.

926 a

Pasteur Medal.

Ob. RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE Laureated female bust to left. Signed, O. ROTY.

Rx. UNIVERSITÉ / HARVARD / — / MEDAILLE / PASTEUR In field to left, a bundle of oak, palm and laurel, on which a tablet with 1898. Exergue, a DESAIDE EDIT 58 mm. Bronze gilt. Bronze. A prize in debating on a subject drawn from contemporary French politics, founded in 1898 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Plate XIV. † 927

Patria Society.

Ob. THE PATRIA SOCIETY OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY /. 1636–1909. On glory of United States flags an eagle displayed, with on breast the shield of Harvard.

Rx. Crossed laurels. 40 × 28 mm. Oval. Silver. Bronze. Plate XII.

† 928

Pen and Brush Club.

Ob. Resting on palette and mahlstick bust of female to left dividing PEN / AND BRUSH / CLUB

Rx. Crossed pen and brush dividing 18 94 37 mm. Irregular Pewter. Plate XIV. † 929

Phi Beta Kappa.

Ob. s. P. SEPTEMBER 5 / 1781.

Rx. B K In upper left hand corner a hand pointing at 3 stars. 15 x 16 mm. Silver. All engraved. S. P. Societas Philosophica. See Lane, Catalogue of the Harvard Chapter. 930

[ocr errors]

Ob. In oval s P Below, SEPTEMBER. 5th / 1781 At bottom on label, name of recipient [Lucius Virgil Hubbard, A.B. 1824.] Silver. † 931

Ob. As last.

Rr. As last, but 6 stars. [Horatio Robinson Storer, A.B. 1850.]


† 933

Ob. As last.

Rr. As last, but 19 stars. Copper.

Ob. SP / DECEMBER 5 / 1776

Rx. In upper left corner 3 stars 2/1. Below B K at which points a hand in lower right corner. Gold. All engraved. This, the regular Phi Beta Kappa medal, is square, in key shape, and occurs in four sizes.


Phænix Club.

Ob. A phoenix rising from flames.

Rx. In laurels, PHOENIX / CLUB / HARVARD / UNIVERSITY mm. Irregular. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons.


† 935

Pierian Sodality.

Ob. PIERIAN / SODALITY. / clasped hands / tablet / 1808. Rx. SIT MUSA LYRAE SOLERS. Lyre in vine wreath. 38 mm. Octagonal. Silver. Bronze. Plate XII.

†† 936

Pi Eta.

Ob. In laurel arms under which ribbon with SEMPER FAMA CRES


Rx. Plain. 34 mm. Irregular. Bronze. By Dorrety.

† 937

Porcellian Club.

Ob. A heart shaped medal engraved, PORCELLIAN / CLUB / INSTITUTED 1791

Rx. Engraved 'ov 'eλ / DUM VIVIMUS VIVAMUS / clasped hands. 35 × 31 mm. Silver. This was not used until 1800 and was the regular medal of the Club until 1831.


Ob. Resting on crossed swords a double circle in which DUM VIVIMUS VIVAMUS In field, a raised flattened oval for engraved initials of recipient. Above, PORCELLIAN Below, CLUB / 1831 Rx. Resting on crossed swords a double circle in which FIDE ET AMICITIA / P. C. K. S. T. [The Porcellian Club and the Knights of the Square Table united in 1831.] In field, boar's head, clasped hands and casque traversely. Above, 'ov 'eλ Below, a band on which 1791 1808 47 mm. Octagonal. Silver. Plate XII. † 939

Ob. A star of 14 rays. In centre, engraved, FIDE ET AMICITIA / K. P. S. / 1809

Rx. Plain. Silver. The Society's specimen is engraved with the name of Dr. Jonathan Greely Stevenson, a member of the class of 1816, and the medal was engraved after his death in 1835. I have been unable to learn what K. P. S. stand for, but the piece has evidently some connection with the Porcellian Club, as it has its motto. Dr. Stevenson was a member of the Knights of the Square Table whose members were incorporated in the Porcellian in 1831. Plate XVI.

† 940

Psi Upsilon.

A diamond shaped black enamel pin with gold rim. In field, clasped hands between Y

† 941

Sargent, Charles P. See 2094.

Sargent, Dudley Allen. See 2028.


(b. ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗΝ ΠΟΕΙ ΚΑΙ ΕΡΓΑΖΟΥ / laurels. In seal ring, resting on leaves, SIGNET

Rx. Plain. 37 mm. Bronze. Plate XV.

† 942

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S. K. Club [Sphinx and Kalumet.]

Ob. The Egyptian head of the Sphinx Club to right.

Rx. The Indian pipe of the Kalumet Club. To right, in field, SK 38 mm. Silver. By Widmer.

† 943

Smith, Dr. Theobald. See 2036.

Speakers Club.

Ob. A gavel dividing 19 07 Below, shield of Harvard with, below it, a ribbon on which PRO BONO UNIVERSITATIS

Rx. THE / SPEAKERS CLVB / HARVARD / VNIVERSITY Field vacant. Below, two crossed laurels. 40 mm. Irregular. Silver. Plate XV.

† 944

Spee Club.

Ob. THE SPEE CLUB HARVARD Shield of club with below, a tablet for name.

Rx. TIMH KAI QIAAAEADIA Bear standing on hind legs facing. Near left leg, RC [Russell Crook.] On edge, MEDALLIC ART CO N.Y. 38 mm. Silvered. Plate XV.

† 945

Sphinx Club.

Ob. Head of Sphinx to right.

Rx. SPHINX / CLUB At bottom, a winged scarabaeus. 44 mm. Silver. Aluminum. Plate XV.

† 946

Stylus Club.


Ob. - NIL
between two open books.

ARDVVM — EST On shield, a brush

Rx. THE / STYLVS / CLVB 42 mm. Silver. By Widmer. Plate XV.

† 947

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