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Garrison, (Lloyd McKim,) Medal.

Ob. Between tall upright bronze lamps, LLOYD MCKIM GARRISON . MEDAL. / AWARDED. TO Above, in laurel wreath, the seal of Harvard bound with ribbons. On base below, between rosettes, a panel for name.

Rx. Genius of Poetry with lyre greeting the rising sun. Signed, V. D. BRENNER incused. 60 × 52 mm. Rectangular with curved top. Silver. Founded by the class of '88 in memory of their classmate who died in 1900. It and $100 are given annually for the best poem on a subject to be announced by the Department of English. Plate IX.

† 877

Gray, Asa. See 1949.

Harvard Advocate.

Ob. THE HARVARD ADVOCATE Pegasus to left, tethered to dictionary. Below, 1866

Rx. Plain. 41 mm. Bronze.

† 878

Ob. THE HARVARD ADVOCATE Pegasus to left, tethered to dictionary. Below, 1866

Rx.. VERITAS. NIHIL. VERETUR. / Shield of Harvard. DULCE. ESTI PERICULUM. Shield of Harvard. 38 mm. Bronze. By H. Mitchell. Plate X.

† 879

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Harvard Art Club.

Ob. H A C engraved upon a palette.

Rx. Plain.



Harvard Athletic Association. Rowing.

Ob. HARVARD ATHLETIC / ASSOCIATION In sunken field crossed oars resting on laurel wreath with plate for name.

Rx. Plain. 34 mm. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons.

† 881



Rx. Plain. 34 mm. Silver. By Widmer. Plate X.

† 882

Ob. . HARVARD ATHLETIC . /. ASSOCIATION. Resting on globe a winged foot. Above on scroll, AEQUO PEDE PULSANDA TELLUS Rr. A closed bound oak wreath. Below, DIEGES & CLUST 32 mm. Bronze.

† 883


Ob. HARVARD ATHLETIC / ASSOCIATION In sunken field crossed oars resting on laurel wreath with plate for name.

Rr. Plain. 34 mm. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons.

† 883 a

Harvard Banjo Club.

Ob. In voided octagon two crossed banjos. In octagon HARVARDBANJO-CLUB . / — 1866 engraved.

Rx. Plain. 44 mm. Silver. By Widmer.

† 884

Harvard Bicycle Club.

Ob. A voided circle on which HARVARD BICYCLE CLUB / 1879 incused. In circle, shield with arms of Harvard incused.

Rx. Plain. 43 mm. Silver.

† 885

Harvard Camera Club.

Ob. HARVARD CAMERA CLUB /* 1889 * A camera over which on ribbon SOLEM QUIS DICERE FALSUM AUDEAT

Rx. Plain. 38 mm. Irregular. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons. +886

Harvard Chess Club.

Ob. HARVARD CHESS CLUB /. 1885. A shield, gules three rooks. Rx. Plain. 42 mm. Pewter. By Widmer. † 887

Harvard Club of Boston. See 465.

Harvard Club of New York. See 953, 956.

Harvard Cricket Club.

Ob. HARVARD CRICKET CLUB / * 1860 * Bats, balls and stump. Rx. Plain. 41 mm. Bronze.

† 888

Harvard Crimson.

Ob. Harvard seal with below, laurels, 1878 and pen and ink.
Rx. Plain. 38 mm. Irregular. Silver. By Widmer. Plate IX. † 889
Harvard Dartmouth Dual Track Meet.

Ob. Over winged foot resting on crossed laurel and oak branches,
Rx. Plain. 35 mm. Bronze.


† 890

Harvard Debating Society. Coolidge Medal. 1889.

Ob. A bust to right inscribed on chest CICERO. Plate XII.
Rx. Plain. 28 mm. Irregular. Gold. Silver.

† 891

Harvard Dramatic Club.

Ob. A dancing female with torch to left, looking backwards, dividing 19 08 Above, on scroll, VERITAS Below, on scroll, THE / HARVARD DRAMATIC / CLUB

Rx. Plain. 42 × 50 mm. A triangle with concave sides and points blunted. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons. Plate IX. † 892

Harvard Fencers Club.

Ob. HARVARD FENCERS CLUB / 1900 On crossed foils the shield of Harvard. Below, on ribbon, POUR PLAISIR DE L'EPEE

Rx. Plain. 35 mm. Irregular. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons. Plate IX.

† 893

Harvard Fencing Club. 1888

Ob. HARVARD FENCING CLUB /* 1888 Wreath.

Rx. Two fencers. 41 mm. Bronze.

† 894

Harvard Glee Club.

Ob. On ribbon HARVARD GLEE CLUB / 1858.

Rx. On ribbon, CANTANTES LICET USQUE EAMUS. Trumpet, palm and mask. 42 mm. Bronze. Plate X.

† 895

Harvard Golf Club.

Ob. HARVARD GOLF CLUB / * 1898* Crossed golf bag and marker. Rx. Plain. 33 mm. Irregular. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons. † 896

Harvard Gymnastic Association.

Ob HARVARD GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION In laurel wreath a seated athlete to right, leaning against Harvard shield.

Rx. Plain. 32 mm. Irregular. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons. † 897

Harvard Hotchkiss Club.


Rx. HARVARD HOTCHKISS CLUB /. 1903. An oak wreath. 41 mm. Bronze. Plate X.

† 898

Harvard Interscholastic Association.

Ob. On circular band HARVARD INTERSCHOLASTIC ASSOCIATION Below, 1910 In field, crimson enamel H

Rx. A closed bound oak wreath. 33 mm. Irregular. Bronze. By Dieges & Clust.

† 899

Harvard Lampoon.

Ob. HAR/VA/RD Lampy on Pegasus to left.

Rx. Plain. 41 mm. Bronze.

† 900

Ob. HAR/VA/RD Lampy on Pegasus to left. Below, LAMPOON Rx. MDCCCLXXVI Ibis holding shield marked va NI TAS on three open books. 40 mm. Bronze. Plate XI.

† 901

Harvard Lawn Tennis Club.

Ob. HARVARD. LAWN. TENNIS. CLUB. /. CHAMPIONSHIP. Monogram. Below, on racquets, arms of Harvard. Signed . HM. [Mitchell.]

Rx.. CHAMPIONSHIP. H. L. T. c. In field, AWARDED / TO 37 mm. Bronze. † 902

Harvard Law School. See 860, 948.

Harvard Medical School. [Boston.]

Ob. Rosette DEP'T of rosette / PHYSIOLOGY In field, ornament / H. M. S. / ornament

Rx. 10 23 mm. Aluminum.

† 903

Harvard Memorial Society.

Ob. In circle of ornaments, HARVARD MEMORIAL SOCIETY / 1895 In double circle view of Massachusetts Hall, below which 1720 Rx. Plain. 90 mm. 9 mm. thick. Bronze.


Harvard Monthly.

Ob. In monogram н м shield of Harvard with, as crest, a squirrel holding pen. Exergue, 1885

Rx. On ribbon, VERITATEM FORTITER DICERE 38 mm. Octagonal. Pewter. By Widmer. Plate XI.

† 905

Harvard Musical Club.

Ob. Bust to left. Below, on ribbon, JOHN KNOWLES PAINE Below shield of Harvard crossed by bar of music on scroll.

Rx. HARVARD MUSICAL CLUB /* 1898 * Laurel wreath. 43 mm. Bronze. By Widmer. Plate XI.

† 906

Harvard Musical Clubs.

Ob. HARVARD In field to right, an upright lyre. To left of it MUS / IC/AL/CLVBS Below, MDCCCLVIII

Rx. On ribbon encircling field, GLEE 1858 BANJO 1886 MANDOLIN 1887 Field vacant. 40 mm. Irregular planchet. Silver. By N. G.

Wood & Sons. Medal struck in 1915 when the three clubs combined. The Harvard Banjo Club was apparently founded in 1866. Plate XI. See medal 884. † 907

Harvard Natural History Society.

Ob. A raised open eye. Engraved around HARVARD NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY Above the eye a panel for name. Below 1837 engraved in panel.

Rx. An inverted cornucopia highly raised. Engraved around DIVES OPIS NATURE SUAE 39 × 49 mm. Silver.

† 908

Harvard Polo Club.

Ob. Two polo players.

Rx. HARVARD POLO CLUB / * 1883 * A laurel wreath with vacant field. 43 mm. Pewter. By Widmer. Plate XIII.

† 909

Harvard Rifle and Pistol Club.

Ob. HARVARD RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB / 1904 On crossed rifle and pistol a target with, at two upper corners and below, open books on which VE RI TAS

Rx. Plain. 34 mm. Bronze. Plate XI.

+ 910

Harvard Shooting Club.

Ob. HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB / 1886 A raised target on which H Rx. Plain. 33 mm. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons.

† 911

Harvard Southern Club.


Rx. On ribbon. ABSIT INVIDIA. 42 mm. Copper. White metal. Plate XIII.

†† 912

Ob. As last.

Rx. Plain. 42 mm. Bronze.

Harvard Travellers Club.


† 913

Rr. Youth walking to right. In rear ships and mountains. On label above PERIGRINATVR 33 mm. Bronze. Plate XIII. † 914

Harvard University Debating Council.

Ob. HARVARD UNIVERSITY DEBATING COUNCIL... In circle, shield of the Council.

Rx. Plain. 41 mm. Bronze. By N. G. Wood & Sons. Plate XIII.

† 915

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