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Committee of Publication









T is agreed between the Mafter, Seamen and Mariners of the venture
Mafter, now bound from the Port of Newport, Rhode-Island, to
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THAT in Confideration of the Monthly or other Wages, against each refpective Seaman and Mariner's Name hereun ler fet, they feverally fhall and will perform the abovementioned Voyage. And the faid Mafter deth hereby agree with, and hire the faid Seamen and Mariners for the faid Voyage, at fuch Monthly Wages, to be paid pursuant to the Laws of Great-Britain. And they the faid Seamen and Mariners do hereby promife and oblige themselves to do their Duty, and obey the lawful Commands of their Officers on board the faid loop or the Boats thereunto belonging, as becomes good and faithful Seamen and Mariners: And at all Places where the laid loop fhall put in, or anchor at, during the faid Voyage, to do their beft Endeavours for the Prelervation of the faid loop and Cargo, and do not refufe nor neglect doing their Duty by Day or Night, nor go out of the laid loop on board any other Veffel, or on fhore, under any pretence whatfoever, without Leave firft obtained of the C ptain or Commanding Officer on board: That in Default thereof, they will not only be liable to the Penalties mentioned in an Act of Parliament made in the Second Year of the Reign of King GEORGE the Second, entityled, "da Alt for the better Regulation and Government of Seamen in the Merchant's Service," but will further, in Cafe they should on any Account whatfoever, leave or defert the faid entituled, Hoop without the Mafter's Confent, 'till the abovementioned Voyage be ended, and the Loop- difcharged of her Loading, be liable to forfeit and lofe what Wages atfuch Time of their Desertion be due to them, together with every their Goods, Chattels, &c. on board, renouncing, by these Prefents, all Title, Right, Demand and Pretenfion thereunto forever, for them, their Heirs, Executors, and Administrators. And it is further agreed by both Parties, that Forty-eight Hours Abfence, without Leave, fhall be deemed a total Defortion, and render fuch Seamen and Mariners liable to the Penalties abovementioned: That each and every lawful Command, which the said Master shall think neceffary hereafter to flue, for the effectual Government of the faid Veffel, fuppreffing Immorality and Vice of all Kinds, be ftrictly complied with, under Penalty of the Perfon or Perfons difobeying, fortening his or their whole Wages, or Hire, together with every Thing belonging to him or them on board the faid Veffel. And it is further agreed on, That no Officer nor Seaman belonging to the said Poop Dall demand, or be entitled to his Wages, or any part thereof, until the Arrival of the faidoo at the abovementioned Port of Discharge Newport abovesais That each Seaman and Mariner, who fhall well and truly perform the abovementioned Voyage (provided always that there be no Plunderage, Embezzlement, or other unlawful Acts committed on the faid Veffel's Cargo, or Stores) be entitled to the Wages or Hire that may become due to him, pursuant to this Agreement. That for the due Performance of each and every of the abovementioned Articles, Agreements, and Acknowledgments of their being voluntary, and without Compulfion, or any clandeftine Means being ufed, agreed to, and figned by us. IN TESTIMONY whereof, we have each and every of us under affixed our Hands, the Month and Day against our Names affixed, in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty nink

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Printed and fold by SOLOMON SOUTHWICK, in NEWPORT.

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