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any two or more of our Houses be empowered to call a special Meeting to be holden at Taunton to which notice we each respectively promise to adhere.

roth. That in case we find notwithstanding this present Union that the price of Head matter still keeps up above six pounds Sterling per tun above the price of such oyl as aforesaid, or in case Head matter should now come down to our Difference in price now agreed upon, and should again rise beyond our aforesaid difference of six pounds Sterling per Tun, above the price of Such oil aforesaid. Then in either case, we agree to fit out at least Twelve vessels upon our joint Concern to be employed in the Whale fishery, each manufacturer in this United Company to furnish and receive an equal proportion in and from said vessells, and we also agree to add to the number of these Vessells from time to time as many more as may then appear most proper.

11th. That if any one or more members of either House in this United Company shall at any time within said Term, either directly or indirectly do or Cause to be done any Act or thing Contrary to the plain Spirit and intention of either of these articles, and the same shall be come known (by the evidence of one Credible person under his hand) to either of the other members of either House in said United Company, he shall upon such evidence of malconduct immediately advise the other Houses of such breach of articles and the evidence thereof and thereupon the said United Company shall be immediately dissolved, and each House shall be at Liberty to act in the same manner as though these articles had never been.

12th. That each and every of these Articles shall be understood in the most simple plain and obvious meaning of the words, and no one member shall contrary to the Spirit and intention of these Articles endeavour to make any advantage of such in accuracy or want of expression as may have happened through haste or otherwise.

In Witness of our full Consent to each and every of the aforesaid Articles and declaring upon our Honour, Reputa

tion and Character as Men, That we will throughout the said Term act agreeable to same We hereunto subscribe our names this Fifth day of November, 1761.

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The following are Names of the Gentlemen Concerned in the several Houses.



O. BROWN & Co.








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THE foregoing is Coppy of my last of the 30 September per Polly, Winn, via Newyork; since have been favourd with yours of the 23 November per Boscowen, Jacobson, via Boston, and the 4 inclos'd Bills value £328.1. are all

accepted when paid shall credit your Account for the same. I am sorry you shou'd take it amis that Mr. Rome had my Power of Attorney which intimated to you, as I never yet doubted the honour and reputation of your House having had such a Character of it as to put it beyond all doubt; but when you consider the Goods sent you was charg'd at 12 Months Creditt, which is now upwards of 3 years standing, that you cannot blame me for asking for the Ballance; for had much rather be paid at the time agreed on than have any Interest to charge which is no sort of satisfaction to us at this time, when we can make much greater advantages of it out of trade. I am sorry that I cou'd give you no Satisfaction with regard to the Average in the New Concert, shou'd have been glad to have left it to Arbitration, but the Underwriters wou'd not agree to it, and believe your Remedy at Law would have been very uncertain as the Captain's Protest and Papers were defective. You may be sure I took all possible methods to obtain you satisfaction, but found it ineffectual. I make you a tender of my best services when ever you have further occasion for them, And am, Sir, Your most Humble Servant,



Esteemed Friend Abram Redwood,

Madeira, 5th June, 1762.

We were very sorry to learn that Captain Allen of New London, who carried your last years supply of wine, fell into the hands of the French, by which misfortune you were disappointed of it; but we hope you will have better success with the pipe we have now shiped by way of Salem, consigned as per Bill of loading inclosed to Richard Lechmere, Esquire, who we doubt not will forward it carefully to you, and that you will find its quality to your satisfaction, having been very carefully chosen. The Cost as at bottom is 40/ cheaper than the last year's, and we shall value for it on Trecothick, Apthorp & Thomlinson.

The heavy loss our House suffers by the Death of Richard Hill, our late affectionate and honored partner, will be perceived we hope by no alteration in the method of our Business, which shall be preserved on the same principle that established it, vizt. a steady view to the interest of our Constituents, by his Son and Son-in-Law, who are with much respect to you [and] your's, Your most obliged and obedient friends LAMAR HILL & BISSET

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Codd fish 4 to 4400 rs. per Do. not more than 10 or 1200 Quintals should come to

fetch these prices.

New York wine [Rum] 95$ per pipe

West India Do. 62$ Do.


Worthy Friend Stephen Ayrault,

London, August 3rd, 1762.

SINCE our last 30th April per Jacobson and Capt. Sutfield, via New York, have none of your further Favours. The Bills then mentiond to be accepted, vizt.

Joseph Clarke on Jos: Sherwood

Thos. Filtch on Richard Jackson, Esq.


90.~. 8

are now both paid and plac'd to your Credit, and for which remittance return our thanks.

Agreable to what we wrote at that time have now to hand you Invoice and Bill Lading for the Goods order'd, amounting to £263.9.3 ship'd on board the Atlantic, Nathan'l Adams, Mr., per Boston (no opportunity offering for your Port,) consign'd to Thos. Green, Esqr. as usual, to whom we forward one Bill Lading, desiring him to follow

your directions in the forwarding them to Rhode Island. we wish them safe to hand and to your Satisfaction, which will give us pleasure to hear. Insurance from hence to Boston is done upon the best Terms, being 15 G[uinea]s, with returns as per Invoice, and the Risque is continued from Boston to Rhode Island at the old price 2 G's per Ct. which at this time is rather objected to, the Underwriters thinking it too little. We have now sent the Linnens you order'd on Mr. Lindsay's Account, (also that of your own,) which we hope may prove agreable. The Amount of Mr. Lindsay's Invoice exceeds the Bill remitted (by £10.17.2.) which was not intended. Therefore as we have wrote him, if you have no objection, will debit your Account with the same, for which shall wait your leave. Note what you say respecting the sundry Articles per Dymond. The Chair Nails short sent you shall have Credit for. we are sorry for the Complaint against the Kettles with respect to the heavy Bales, etc. that you should have the trouble of altering them. In any future parcel you may depend on our particular care to have them made lighter. The Frame Saws you mention were order'd [of] Smith and Loomes Comp'y, but at that time could not get any of that make; therefore ventured to send London Saws; which we were in hopes would have answerd very well; When the old Copper, etc., you mention comes to hand we will do the best w[e] can with it, and will settle your Account with the Executors [of] Mr. Rumsted, accordingly. hope ere this the Goods per Calef may be safe with you; The History of the House of Stuarts is not to be had. Agreable to your request have wrote the Invoice upon smaller and thiner paper which if it answers the purpose you will please to mention, and we will continue it.

Have now only to add our best wishes, and in hopes of hearing from you soon remain with all true Regard; Your Assured Friends,


[Endorsed,] To Stephen Ayrault, Merchant at Rhode Island. To the Care of Thos. Green, Esqr., Merchant at Boston. Per Capt. Adams.

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