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Boston, July 12th, 1756.

I'm to inform you I have shipt on Board the Sloop Greyhound, William Harris, who saild last Saturday 60 Casks Head matter which I wish safe to hand.1 I have bought and am about purchasing 30 Casks more to go by Sturgis 2 who sails the last of this week; that per Harris cost from £158 to £160 per Tonn for the Oil, the last only £150 to which price Oil is now reduc'd. am sorry yours per Arey was not at market before it fell. I am Your most H'ble Servant,


P. S. What Oil is now at markett is like to go at £145. if so, part of the 30 bbs mentiond above will be at the same price for the oil.



Boston, July 19th, 1756.

CAPT. ROTCH arriv'd yesterday and tells me they have shipt you 60 or 70 Casks Headmatter from Nantucket, and that it was by mistake and through forgetfulness of his Father that the 50 bbs they shipt Messrs. Harts was not shipt you. the report of a declaration of warr comes so many different ways leaves little room to doubt the truth of it. I shall therefore desist from selling your Molasses (unless a Bargain of Headmatter should offer) till I'm further advis'd from you. have sold only 9 hhds. at II/, and believe can now get so for the remainder. Yours per Arey inclosing Bill Lading for 80 Casks Oil came duly to to hand.3 the Oil sold at £146 per Tonn and this day is fallen to £140. have shipt on Board Capt. Sturgis for your Account 31 Casks Headmatter, 18 of which at £150

1 Value £217. 14. 11 lawful money.

2 Thomas Sturgis.

* The 80 casks sold for £196.5.11 lawful money.

am promis'd 6 bbs more

for the Oil and 13 at £146, which will be at £140, or less, as it is daily falling. your damag'd Cocoa is still on hand but will probably sell to advantage, as tis likely most other sorts of goods will when warr is declard. I am Your most H'ble Servant,


P. S. I shall ship the 6 hhds. Fish to Mr. Levy,1 per Wimble,2 you order'd some time agoe, and shall forward the Sales of your Oil per Sturgis.



James Duncan to Metcalf Bowler3 AND COMPANY Honduras Bay, March 3d, 1757



THIS being the first opportunity since I left you Gladly Embrace it to acquaint you of my safe arrivall here, after fifty one days passage. I touch'd at Musquito agreeable to Orders, and offer'd part of the Briggtn to William Pitt, Esqr., but he refusing made the best of my way here, and have Desposed of all my Cargo except the Flour and Mosheets. the Baymen has stated the Price of Flour at 32/6 per C, which made me keep that article 'till the last, but am afraid shall be oblig❜d to comply to get clear of it. Have now on board Ninety Tons Loggwood, and expect Twenty more to morrow, so that barring accidents shall sail in Twenty days from this date, and for many Reasons too tedious to mention, shall be oblig'd to touch at Rhode Island on my way to Amsterdam. I beg the favour of you to write to Mr. Deneauville, or whoever you order the

1 Hayman Levy.

2 William Wimble, of sloop Stamford.


3 Metcalf Bowler married Ann, daughter of Major Fairchild, and after an adventurous career in commerce, privateering, and the American War of Independence, died in Providence, 1789, where he kept a house of entertainment, the "Queen's Head." Mason, Annals of Trinity Church, Newport, 107 n.

4 The original is in the Rhode Island Historical Society.

5 The English claimed a protectorate over the Mosquito Indians, and resorted to the coast for mahogany, log wood and other dye woods, but the claim was disputed by Spain. The Mosquito Coast is now a part of Nicaragua.

• Deneuville.

Vessell too, to make Insurance for my Acct. three thousand guilders; but if Insurance can't be had in Holland, then please to insure five hundred Dollars for my Acct. at Rhode Island (from here to Rhode Island, and no where else) I have receiv'd all my old debts except one craft load Wood, which expect to have on board to morrow, and was much better than purchasing the Wood now; for they are so well supply'd both at the shoar, and here, that the people are not sensible of a War yet. but the times will soon alter, and as there will be a plenty of Loggwood in the Old River for some months yet, and should there be the least appearance of a Spanish War (which God forbid) and 'tis agreeable to every one concern'd, I should be glad to take another voyage this way, before we go to Hollond, as I have a Letter on board from Mr. Pitt to Mr. Bowler, giving him his particular reasons for not taking a part of the Briggtn this Voyage, and some assurances that he will be concerned with him the next Voyage, and as the Trade of the Shoar increases much with the Spaniards, if we can once get a Vessell in there, am well Assured 'twill prove very Advantagious. however the whole is with you to Determine, and I shall use my utmost Endeavours for the Advantage of the Present Voyage, and remain with due Regards, Gentlemen, your very Humb Servt.


P. S. Inclos'd you have 'a Copy of a Letter I rec'd at Black River from the Captain of the Wager Man of War, to the Inhabitants of the Bay. The Wager was bound to Port Mahon (a new Settlement about 35 Leagues to the Southward of this Place) to demand all the English Prisoners there, and satisfaction for 3 Vessells Lately taken by Don Palma. Am in some hopes of receiving the Wood for Mr. Allen's note, and if I do shall ship it to Holland.

Addressed to Messrs Metcalf, Bowler and Company, Owners of the Briggantine George in Rhode Island. Per favour Captain John Coddington.


KNOW all men by these presents that We the Subscribers being the officers Mariners and Company now belonging to the Brige George a Private man of Warr, Whereof Benjamin Wanton2 is Commander belonging to Newport in the County of Newport and Colony of Rhode Island, Do hereby Constitute and make Christopher Champlin Junr of Newport aforesaid merchant, jointly and severally our Sole Agent or Attorney, for us and in our names and stead and to our uses to ask demand sue for levy and require, recover and receive of and from all and every person and persons of in and to all and every the prizes, goods wares and merchand'zes moneys and effects, and things of every nature and kind whatsoever that shall or may be taken or siezed by the said Brige George during her intended cruize from her sailing from Newport untill her arrival there again, as well in consortship with other private vessells of Warr or otherwise Giveing and hereby Granting unto our said Attorney our full and whole power strength and authority in and about the premisses and to take and use all due course and process both in law and equity to recover the same, on receipt thereof or any part or parcell thereof in the Name of us and each of us as the case may require to make proper acquittances and lawfull discharges for the same, and We do hereby invest our said attorney with full power and authority to do and to perform all and every lawful act, and acts, thing and things necessary to effect the ends aforesaid with full power to make and substitute one or more attorney or attorneys under him and again at pleasure to revoke or displace them. In Witness Whereof We have hereunto sett our hands and seals this eighteenth day of June in the Thirtieth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second King of Great Britain &c. and in the year of our Lord one thousand [seven hundred] and fifty seven. N. B. Whatsoever Coin the Prize, or Prizes shall be sold for, the shares shall be paid out in the same.

1 The original is in the Rhode Island Historical Society. 2 Baptized September 10, 1733.

Mr. Champlin: Our people
have not all sign'd this, by
Reason there was a good many
on Board each Prize, so that
'twas impossible to get it done
through so much confusion,
but make no manner of doubt
but they will all come into it,
as there seems now not to be
the least objection.




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HEZEKIAH Eggleston





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