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wooll slow at 10/6. Bohea Tea about 32/ to 32/6 the difficulty of Importation is very great, the officers on ar Information having been this day in pursuit of some I have by me, but having a Cockett1 for it sav'd it, notwithstanding if you are determined to send any must caution against venturing too much in one bottom, as it is an unsettled point here whether in a Court of Admiralty, a Cockett wil screen it, if can't be prov'd to be Legally Imported from Great Brittain, in short the Gentlemen here in fair Trade are determined to prevent the Importation of Hollands goods at all adventures, and tis probable may employ people to be on the look out.2 I expect Mr. Folger in Town from Nantucket3 in a few days, when shall engage what Head matter1 I can for you. I am Your most H'ble Servt. HENRY LLOYD



Boston, May 3d, 1756.

HAVE rec'd yours of 30th ulto.; that you refer to per Mr Pate never came to hand. observe what you say about purchasing Sperma Ceti of Mr. Quincey. when he comes to Town will make it my Business to see him, and make the offer you prescribe, but am very sure he will not take up with it, as I have had occasion but lately to t[reat] with him on that head, when he refus'd 12/6, and if I remember said he would not sell under 13/6. beleive can get of Mr. Langdon at 13/, which is the lowest I have been offer'd at any

1 A document issued by the customs officer as a certificate that their merchandise had been duly entered and had paid duty.

2 The privilege to import tea, under license, from any foreign parts, was repealed by 7 Geo. I. c. 21. § 12.

3 Nantucket in 1756 had eighty vessels in the whale fishery, and the returns were 12,000 barrels, selling for £27,600.

4 Spermaceti, a wax found in the head cavities of the sperm-whale (Physeter macrocephalus), where it is dissolved in the sperm oil while the creature is living. At a temperature of about 6° C. the solid matter separates in a crystalline condition; and the old method was to dig the brain from the cavity and separate the oil from it by dripping. The residue is crude spermaceti, of which an ordinary sized whale would yield twelve barrels.

time. if will do at that please to let me know your mind and I will procure what I can.


Mr. Rotch of Nantucket 1 is now here and offers me Head Matter, any quantities I may want at the usual premio over and above the price of Oyl and 2 per Ct. Commissions, to be deliver❜d at New Port, and will take the Oyl from which the Head Matter is extracted in part of pay either at the price of Oyl when the Head matter is deliver'd, or as it shall be when he receives it, which ever you choose at the time of purchase. Molasses is now 11/6 many people think will not be under, others that it will. I imagine that of the best quality may hold up to that, at least will not be under 11/. I am Your most Humble Servant



P. S. I have seen Mr. Quincey he will not sell his Sperma Ceti under 13/6 per lb., and Mr. Langdon has none to spare. since writing the above your favours inclosing a line from Messrs. Harts is come to hand. can by no means advise to sending any Tea without a proper Clearance, and if with ] then a Chest or two at a time by experienc'd Coasters. when your [ I comes to hand will use my best Endeavours in [torn] in procuring the Sperma Ceti and that I shall use all the Caution I'm master of in the affair, well knowing the Gentleman's policy you mention. I imagine there will be no advantage taken of the 2 Baggs of Cocoa more then is mention'd in the Cockett. I am Your most Humble Servant




Boston, May 10th, 1756.

I DULY received your favour of the 7th current and observe Mr. Quincy's Terms are such as you can't comply with.

1 Joseph Rotch (1704–1784) and his son, William (1734–1828), removed from Nantucket to New Bedford in 1765. The son is probably intended in the letter, and an autobiographical account of his experiences in the War of Independence is printed in the N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., XXXI and xxxII. See also Ricketson, History of New Bedford, 109.

when Mr. Rotch comes again shall let him know your proposals with Regard to Head Matter, and engage the 100 bbs. of him if I can on your Terms; but Question whether he will take the Oyl at New Port and be at the charge and risque of transporting it to Nantucket or round here.1 have not yet had an answer from Capt. Folger. I must caution you against being too nice and critical with the Nantucket men, for I can assure you nothing can be done with them in that case, the only way is to make the best Terms you can with them, whenever you have occasion to purchase; but tis in vain to attempt to tye them down to any measures they don't like. Molasses still rubbs off at 11/6, but does not readily go off in quantities at that, am told some was sold last week at 11/. Sugars are on the fall, vast quantities already come in, and more expected soon, is now at £10 to £16 as in quality Mr. Heyman Levy has accepted my order in favour of Judah Hays. your Cocoa not come to hand; it is daily on the fall, was sold in small quantities last week at £25. I am Your most Hble Servant,


Per Mr. Bannister.



Boston, June 14th, 1756.

I HAVE only time to acknowledge the Receipt of your favours of 3d and 11th current. the first inclosing Bill Lading for 35 hhds. Molasses per Stone, which with 5 more per him are come to hand, and hous'd, no one at present offering to purchase. the price is reduc'd to 10/6 some has been bought at 10/ but hope shall do something better with yours, if I can give a short Credit in which I must govern myself, as I shall need Cash to purchase head matter, between 60 and 70 bbs. of which I hope to ship you by Arey, who talks of sailing this Evening, 34 Casks of which is already on Board. the price will be from £145 to £147. 15/

1 Rotch insisted that Lopez should take the head matter at Nantucket, and delivering the oil at Boston at Lopez's own charge and risk.

per Tonn for the Oil, £5. 10/ only per bbl. bounty for some, and £5 with 2 per cent. Commission and Freight for others. Oil has been rising every Day this week past, but hope is got to the heighth. Mr. Rotch's Son arriv'd last Saturday and says his Father will be able to ship some head matter per Arey. I advis'd you in my last I had sold the Io hhds. Molasses, 9 hhds. at 11/ per Gallon and 1 at 11/6. fear 15 Baggs of your Cocoa will not sell on any reasonable Terms, for anything further must refer you to mine per last post which suppose you'l receive this week. I am Your most H'ble Servant,




Boston, June 28th, 1756.

I DULY rec'd your favours of 15th Current per Morton, with Bill Lading for 10 hhds. Molasses, which have stor❜d, and 18th per Mr. Polock. Molasses still continues down at 10/ to 10/6, but if the News of Port Mahon's being beseig'd (as you have it in our papers) be confirm'd and a declaration of Warr should ensue2 thereon, it must soon rise. shall not part with any till farther orders, unless am oblig'd to do it to secure a parcell of Sperma Ceti. there is about 20 or 30 bbs. come in this morning I hope to get, but depends wholly on the person to whom the Oil is sold. if to my Freind Mr. Apthorp who first bespoke it I shall have it. were it practicable to procure money on Interest I would do it, but all those who let have of late so generally put it out on Government security I know not where to go for £100. you may depend on my best endeavours to procure the 100 bbs. Head matter besides what I have sent, and if possible reconcile Mr. Folger who is expected here this week. he commands but little if any, more then comes in his own Vessells. Mr. Rotch is expected also, and tho' he

1 The original is in the Newport Historical Society. 2 War against France was declared May 18, 1756.

supplys so many manufactories, and has shipt considerable to Europe this Season, I dont despair of his complying with his promise for 200 bbs., part of which expect you'l receive per Arey. will do the best I can with the Cocoa but is so bad fear must be oblig'd to sell at a very under rate. have offer'd it at £22. 10/ and shall not refuse £20. I am Your most Humble Servant,




Boston, July 7th, 1756.

I RECEIVED Your Favours of 5th current per Mr. Joseph De Lucena, advising of Weaver's arrival with your 5 bbls Head matter. I have now by me 60 barrills more for you and hope to be freequently picking up small parcells, which shall forward as opportunity presents, that you may have the advantage of returning your Oil while the market holds the present price is £160 per Tonn and can have so for yours per Arey if in seasonably.


I have not yet been under a necessity of selling your Molasses to disadvantage; but if a large quantity of Head matter offers and cant do otherwise must dispose of as much as such emergency will call for. you may depend on my utmost endeavours in Collecting as much as you have given orders for.

Mr. Rotch's Son is here and tells me they shall be able to send you a parcell of Head matter per the first Vessell bound from Nantucket to Newport, and will complete the order as soon as they can. Folger is not here, believe it too late to procure much from [him.] I am Your most h'ble Servant, H. LLOYD

1 "Sugars and all W. India produce are daily arriving and of course become dull; but if the advice from Port Mahon proves true tis probable a war will soon follow which will in a short time alter the price of goods. . . . Trading seems under great discouragements here, notwithstanding our navigation in general has been more successful than for many years past. Whether a war will operate to our advantage or not must be left to the event; but if the trade does not revive, we have but one way to save ourselves, and that is to retrench our expensive living." Stephen W. Greenleaf to Wilkinson and Ayrault, Boston, June 29, 1756. R. I. Hist. Soc.

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