The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volumen30

New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1876
Vols. 37-52 (1883-98) include section: Genealogical gleanings in England, by H. F. Waters.

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Página 370 - An act to discontinue in such manner and for such time as are therein mentioned, the landing and discharging, lading, or shipping of goods, wares, and merchandise, at the town, and within the harbour of Boston, in the province of Massachusetts Bay in North America...
Página 279 - Whether it be lawful to resist the Supreme Magistrate, if the Commonwealth cannot otherwise be preserved...
Página 292 - Lieutenant and you are your self to observe and follow such Orders and Instructions, as you shall from time to time receive from Me or...
Página 291 - Greeting: We, reposing especial Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage, and good Conduct, do by these Presents Constitute and Appoint you to be an Officer in Our Land Forces from the twentieth day of February 1895.
Página 235 - Conn., has nearly ready a history and genealogy of this family, which will be put to press as soon as a sufficient number of subscribers can be obtained to defray the expense of printing.
Página 273 - A collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776, with a statement of the names of ships, whence they sailed, and the date of their arrival at Philadelphia...
Página 326 - Abercromby was so absurd, disastrous, and distructive, that a very general opinion prevailed that the War was conducted by a mixture of Ignorance, Treachery and Cowardice, and some persons wished we had nothing to do with Great Britain for ever. Of this number I distinctly remember, I was myself one, fully believing that we were able to defend ourselves against the French and Indians, without any assistance or embarrassment from Great Britain. In...
Página 230 - After looking through the correspondence on record in this legation (a memorandum of which is inclosed), and seeking in vain for the name of the institution in the list of colleges and universities published by the bureau of education, in the department of the interior, at Washington, my answer was unfavorable to Volland's claim.
Página 241 - Sweet in the confidence of faith To trust his firm decrees ; Sweet to lie passive in his hands, And know no will but his.
Página 230 - Magisterially to us, is this, we are forsooth their worships slaves, bought with their money, and by consequence ought not to buy or sell, but with those they shall authorize, with a few trifles, to cozen us of all for which we toile and labour.

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