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Wherefore by their fruits ye if thou wilt, thou canst cleanse shall know them.

me.” 3 And Jesus stretching 21 “ Not every one that saith forth his hand, touched him, to me, Lord, Lord,' shall enter saying, “ I will; be thou cleaninto the kingdom of heaven; but sed.” And immediately his lehe that doth the will of my Fa- prosy was cleansed. 4 Then Jether in heaven; 22 Many will sus said to him, “ See thou tell say to me in that day ; Lord, no one; but go show thyself to Lord, have we not prophesied the priest, and offer the gift in thy name? and in thy name which Moses commanded ; for cast out demons ? and in thy a testimony to them.” name done many wonderful 5 Having entered into Caper. works?" 23 And then I will de- naum, a centurion came to him, clare to them, 'I never knew beseeching him, 6 and saying, you: depart from me, ye that“ Sir, my servant lieth at home work iniquity.'

sick of the palsy, greatly afflict24 6 Whosoever therefore ed.” 7 And Jesus said to him, heareth these words of mine, “I will come and cure him.” and doth them, I will compare

8 Then the centurion answer. him to a wise man, who built ing said, “Sir, I am not worthy his house upon a rock : 25 and that thou shouldest enter under the rain descended, and the my roof: but only command by rivers overflowed and the winds word, and my servant will be blew, and beat upon that house, healed. 9 For I also, though a yet it fell not : for it was found man under authority, yet having ed on a rock. 26 And whosoever soldiers under me, say to this heareth these words of mine, Go,' and he goeth, and to anoand doth them not, shall be ther, Come, and he cometh : compared to a foolish man, who and to my servant, Do this,' built his house on the sand : 27 and he doth it." 10 Now Jesus and the rain descended, and the hearing this, wondered, and said rivers overflowed, and the winds to those who followed, “Verily, blew, and beat upon that house; I tell you, that not even in Israel and it fell, and the fall of it was have I found so great faith.

11 great."

And I assure you, that many shall 28 And it came to pass when come from the east and the Jesus had ended these words, west, and shall place themselves that the people were amazed at table with Abraham,' and at his teaching: 29 for he taught Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom them as having authority; and of heaven: 12 but the sons of not as the Scribes.

the kingdom shall be thrust out CH. VIII. 1 NOW, when Jesus into darkness: there shall be came down from the mountain, weeping, and gnashing of teeth." great multitudes followed him 13 And Jesus said to the centu

2 And, behold a leper came and rion, “ Go; and according as did him obeisance, saying, “Sir, thou hast believed, so be it done

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to thee.” And his servant was rebuked the winds and the sea : healed in that very hour. and there was a great calm. 27

14 AND Jesus coming into And the men wondered saying, Peter's house, saw his wife's “ What personage is this, that mother lying sick of a fever. even the winds and the sea obey 15 And having touched her him!” hand, the fever left her: and 28 AND when he was come she arose, and ministered unto to the other side, into the them.

country of the Gergesenes, 16 Now when evening was there met him two demoniacs, come, they brought to him ma- coming out of the tombs very ny demoniacs: and he expelled fierce, so that no one could pass the spirits with a word, and along by that way, 29 And, lo, cured all the sick : 17 Thus they cried out, saying, “ What verifying the saying of the pro- hast thou to do with us, thou phet Isaiah, “ He took away Son of God? Art thou come our infirmities, and removed hither to torment us before the our diseases."

time?" 30 Now there was at 18 But Jesus seeing great some distance from them a herd multitudes about him, gave or- of many swine feeding. 31 So ders to depart to the opposite the demons besought him sayshore. 19 And a certain scribe ing, “ If thou cast us out, send coming, said to him, “ Master, us into the herd of swine." I will follow thee whithersoever And he said to them, “ Go." thou goest.” 20 And Jesus And when they were come out, said to him, “ The foxes have they went into the swine : and, holes, and the birds of the air lo, the whole herd ran violently have places of shelter : but the down a precipice into the sea, Son of man hath not where to and perished in the waters. 33 rest his head.” 21 And ano- And the herdsmen fled, and ther of his disciples said to him, went away into the city, and re“Sir, suffer me first to go and ported all this ; and what had bury my father.” 22 But Jesus happened to the demoniacs. 34 said to him, “ Follow me; and And, lo, the whole city came let the dead bury their dead." out to meet Jesus ; and having

23 And when he had gone into seen him, they besought him to a ship,his disciples followed him. depart out of their territory. 24 And, lo, a great tempest arose

Ch. IX. 1 AND having gone in the sea, so that the ship was into [the] ship, he passed over, covered with the waves : but he and came to his own city. 2 was asleep. 25 And his disci- And, lo, there was brought to ples came and awoke him, say- him a paralytic, lying on a bed: ing, “ Master, save us: we per- and Jesus seeing their faith, ish." 26 And he said to them, said to the paralytic,“ Son, take “ Why are ye fearful, 0 ye of courage ; thy sins are forgiven little faith? Then he arose and thee." 3 Whereupon some of

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the Scribes said within them- | groom mourn, as long as the selves, “ This man blasphem- bridegroom is with them? But eth.” 4 But Jesus perceiving the days will come when the their thoughts, said, “ Why bridegroom shall be taken from think ye evil in your hearts? them; and then they will fast. 5 For which is easier ? to say, 16 Now no one putteth a piece • Thy sins are forgiven thee?' of undressed cloth

upon an old or to say,

· Arise and walk ?? 6 garment: for the piece which But that ye may know that the filleth it up taketh from the garSon of man hath power on earth ment and a worse rent is made. to forgive sins,” (then he said 17 Nor do men put new wine to the paralytic,) Arise, take into old leathern bottles : otherup thy bed, and go home.” 7 wise, the bottles burst, and the Accordingly he arose, and went wine is spilled, and the bottles to his house. 8 And the mul are destroyed : but new wine is titudes seeing this, wondered, put into new bottles, and both and glorified God, who had giv- are preserved together.” en such power to men.

18 WHILE he spake these 9 And Jesus going on from things to them, lo, a certain thence, saw a man named Mat- ruler came and did him obei. thew, sitting at the toll-office; sance, saying, “My daughter and said to him, “ Follow me.” is by this time dead : but come And he arose and followed him. and lay thy hand upon her, and

10 And it came to pass while she will revive. 19 And Jesus Jesus was at meat in the house, arose, and followed him, with behold, many publicans and sin- his disciples. 20 (And, lo, a

came and placed them- woman, who had been disselves with him and his disci. eased with an issue of blood ples. 11 And the Pharisees twelve years, came behind him, observing it, said to his disci. and touched the tuft of his manples, “ Why eateth your Mas- tle: 21 for she said within herself, ter with publicans and sin- “ If I may but touch his manners ?" 12 But Jesus hearing tle, I shall be restored.” 22 But it, said (to them), “ The whole Jesus turned about, and observneed not a physician, but the ing her, he said, “ Take cousick. 13 But go ye, learn what rage, daughter ; thy faith hath that meaneth, I will have mer- cured thee.” And the woman cy and not sacrifice :' for I was well from that hour.) 23 come not to call righteous men, And Jesus coming into the rubut sinners."

ler's house, and perceiving the 14 Then the disciples of John musicians and the crowd making came to him, saying, “ Why do a noise, 24 said to them,“Withwe and the Pharisees fast much, draw : for the damsel is not but thy disciples fast not ?" 15 dead, but sleepeth.” And they And Jesus said to them, “ Can derided him. 25 But when the the companions of the bride- / people were put out, he enter


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ed in, and took her by the hand, | few. 38 Pray ye therefore the and the damsel arose. 26 And Lord of the harvest, that he the fame of this action spread would send forth labourers into through all that country.

his harvest." 27 AND as Jesus departed Ch. X. 1 And having called thence, two blind men followed to him his twelve disciples, he him, crying out, and saying, gave them power over im“Son of David, have pity on pure spirits, to cast them out, us.” 28 And being come into and to cure every disease and the house, the blind men ap- every malady. 2 Now these proached him : and Jesus said are the names of the twelve to them, “Do ye believe that I apostles : First, Simon- who can do this? They answered, is called Peter, and Andrew “ Yes Master.” 29 Then he his brother; James the son of touched their eyes, saying, “Ac- Zebedee, and John his brother ; cording to your faith be it unto Philip and Bartholomew ; Thoyou.” 30 And their eyes were mas, and Matthew the publican; opened; and Jesus strictly charg- James the son of Alpheus, and ed them, saying, “See that no Lebbeus (surnamed Thaddeone know it." 31 But being us ;] 4 Simon the Canaanite, departed, they spread his fame and Judas Iscariot, who also through all that country.

delivered him up. 32 And as they went out, lo, 5 These twelve Jesus sent there was brought to him a forth, and commanded them, dumb demoniac. 33 And the saying, “Go not into the way demon being cast out, the dumb of the gentiles, and into any city spake ; and the multitude won of the Samaritans enter ye not. dered, saying, “It was never 6 But go rather to the lost seen thus in Israel.” 34 But sheep of the house of Israel. 7 the Pharisees said, “He casteth And as ye go, preach, saying, out demons by the prince of the The reign of Heaven apdemons.

proacheth. 8 Cure the sick, 35 And Jesus went about all (raise the dead,] cleanse the lethe cities and villages, teaching pers, cast out demons: freely in their synagogues, and preach- ye have received, freely give. ing the glad tidings of the reign, 9 Provide neither gold, nor siland curing every disease and ver, nor brass in your purses ; every malady.

10 nor bag for your journey, 36 And seeing the multi- nor two coats, nor sandals, nor tudes, he had compassion on staves : for the labourer is wor. them, because they were wea- thy of his sustenance. 11 And ried, and scattered abroad, as into whatsoever city or village sheep having no shepherd. 37 ye enter, inquire who in it is Then he said to his disciples, worthy; and there remain, till “ The harvest indeed is plen- ye depart. 12 And when ye teous; but the labourers are lenter into a house, salute it

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13 And if the house be worthy, tell you, Ye shall not have fi-
your peace shall come upon it: nished the cities of Israel, till
but if it be not worthy, your the Son of man come.
peace shall return to yourselves. 24“A disciple is not above his
10 And whosoever shall not re- teacher, nor a servant above his
ceive you, nor hear your words, master. 25 It is enough for
in departing out of that house, the disciple that he be as his
or city, shake off the dust of teacher, and the servant as his
your feet. 15 Verily I tell you, master. If they have called the
It will be more tolerable for the master of the house Beelzebub,
land of Sodom and Gomorrah how much more will they call
in a day of judgment, than for those of his household ! 26 Fear
that city.

them not therefore : for there 16 «

Behold, I send you forth is nothing covered, which shall as sheep amidst wolves : be ye not be revealed ; and nothing therefore wise as serpents, and hidden, which shall not be · harmless as doves. 17 And known : 27 what I tell you in beware of men : for they will darkness, that speak ye in light: deliver you up to councils, and and what ye hear in the ear, they will scourge you in their that proclaim ye upon the house synagogues. 18 And ye will tops: 28 and fear not those be brought before governors who kill the body, but are and kings on my account; for not able to kill the soul : but a testimony to them and to the rather fear him that is able to gentiles. 19 But when they destroy both soul and body in deliver you up, take no anxious Gehenna. 29 Are not two sparthought how or what ye shall rows sold for a penny ? and yet speak : (for it shall be given not one of them falleth [to the you at the time what ye shall ground] without your Father. speak.] 20 For it is not ye 30 And even the hairs of your who speak, but the spirit of head are all numbered. 31 your Father which speaketh in Fear not therefore: ye are of you. 21 Now the brother will more value than many spardeliver up the brother to death, rows. and the father the child ; and 32 < Whosoever therefore the children will rise up against shall confess me before men, I their parents, and cause them to also will confess him before my be put to death. 22 And ye Father in heaven. 33 But whowill be hated by all men on ac soever shall deny me before count of my name: but he who men, I also will deny him beendureth to the end, shall be fore my Father in heaven. preserved. 23 But when they 34 « Think not that I am persecute you in one city, flee come to bring peace on earth : ye into another; and if they I came, not to bring peace, but persecute you out of this, ftee a sword. 35 For I am come to ye into another. [For] verily I set a man at variance against his

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