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according to the flesh : I judge | They understood not that he no one. 16 And yet if I judge, spake to them of the Father. my judgment is true: because 28 Then Jesus said to them, I am not alone, but I and the “ When ye have lifted up the Father who sent me. 17 It is Son of man, then ye will know written in your law also, that that I am he, and that I do nothe witness of two men is true. thing of myself; but speak 18 I bear witness of myself; and these things as my Father hath the Father who sent me beareth taught me. 29 And he who sent witness of me."

me is with me : [the Father] 19 They said, therefore, to hath not left me alone ; because him, “ Where is thy Father p" I always do those things which Jesus answered, “Ye neither please him." know me, nor my Father: if ye 30 AS he spake these words, had known me, ye would have many believed in him. 31 Then known my Father also.” 20 He Jesus said to those Jews who spake these words in the trea- believed in him, If ye consury, as he was teaching in the tinue in my word, then ye are temple: and yet no one laid truly my disciples : 32 and ye hands on him ; for his hour was shall know the truth, and the not yet come.

truth shall make you free." 33 21 Then (Jesus] said to them But some of them answered him, again, “I am going away, and “ We are Abraham's offspring, ye will seek me, and will die in and were never slaves to any your sin : whither I go, ye can one : how sayest thou, 'Ye shall not come." 22 Then the Jews | become free?'" said, “Will he kill himself ? 34 Jesus answered them, because he saith, "Whither I“ Verily, verily, I say to you, go, ye cannot come.' " 23 And Whosoever committeth sin is he said to them, “ Ye are from the slave [of sin). 55 And the beneath ; I am from above : ye slave abideth not in the house are of this world; I am not of to the age: but the son abideth this world. 24 I therefore said to the age. 36 If the Son thereto you, that ye will die in your fore, shall make you free, ye sins : for if ye believe not that will be free indeed. 37 I know I am he, ye will die in your that ye are Abraham's offspring: sins."

yet ye seek to kill me, because 25 Then they said to him, my word hath no place in you. “Who art thou ?" [ And] Jesus 38 I speak that which I have said to them, “Even what I seen with [my] Father: and ye told you at first. 26 I have many do that which ye have seen with things to say concerning you, [your] father." and to condemn : but he who 39 They answered, and said to sent me, is true; and I speak him, “Abraham is our father." to the world those things which Jesus said to them, “ If ye were I have heard from him.” 27 Abraham's children, ye would

do the works of Abraham. 40/swered, “I have not a demon : But now ye seek to kill me, a but I honour my Father, and ye man who has told you the truth, dishonour me. 50 But I seek which I have heard from God: not mine own glory: there is Abraham did not act thus, Ye one who seeketh it, and judgeth. do the works of your father.” 51 Verily, verily, I say to you, 41 [Then] they said to him, If a man keep my words, he “We are not born of fornica- shall by no means see death to tion: we have one Father, even the age.” God.”

52 The Jews therefore said 42 Jesus said to them, “ If to him, “ Now we know that God were your Father, ye would thou hast a demon. Abraham love me: for I proceeded, and is dead and the prophets also: am come from God; yet I came yet thou sayest, . If a man keep not of myself, but He sent me. my words, he shall by no means 43 Why do ye not understand taste of death (to the age]. 53 my discourse? because ye can- Art thou greater than our fanot hearken to my word. 44 Ye er Abraham, who is dead ? are of your father the impostor;* and the prophets are dead also : and the desires of your father whom makest thou thyself ?” ye are disposed to do. He was 54 Jesus answered, “If I a slayer of men from the begin- glorify myself, my glory is noning, and continued not in the thing: it is my father who truth; because there is no truth glorifieth me; of whom ye say, in him. When he speaketh a that he is your God: 55 and yet lie, he speaketh of his own : for ye know him not; but I know he is a liar, and the father of him: and if I should say, 'I lies.f 45 And because I speak know him not,' I should speak the truth, ye believe me not. falsely, like you : but I know 46 Which of you convicteth me him, and keep his words. 56 of falsehood ? 47 If I speak the Your Father Abraham earnesttruth, why do ye not believe ly desired that he might see my me? he that is of God, hearken- day: and he saw it, and was eth to God's words : ye there. glad.” fore hearken not, because ye 57 The Jews therefore said are not of God."

to him, “Thou art not yet fifty 48 The Jews answered and years old ; and hast thou seen said to him, “ Say we not well, Abraham ?" 58 Jesus said to that thou art a Samaritan, and them, “Verily, verily, I say hast a demon ?” 49 Jesus an to you, Before Abraham was

the impostor, or devil, i. e. the principle of moral evil personified. Wicked men are his children, and resemble bim: This syinbolical person is here represented as uniformly wicked: he is a manslayer or murderer, as vice leads to misery and ruin. He is the father of liars, as being the supposed source of evil, and tempter to all wickedness. See Essays by the Rev.J. Simpson, p. 143. † Gr. of him, or of it.

i. e. he foresaw it. See ch. xii. 41.

born I am he."* 59 Then they made clay and anointed mine took up stones to cast at him : eyes, and said to me, Go to but Jesus concealed himself, Siloam, and wash thyself:' and and went out of the temple. I went and washed myself, and

Ch. IX. 1 And as he passed received my sight." 12 Then by, he saw a man that had been they said to him, “ Where is blind from his birth. 2 And his he?” He said, “I know not." disciples asked him, saying, 13 Then they brought him to “ Master, who sinned, this man, the Pharisees; [him who had or his parents, that he was been blind.) 14 Now it was the born blind p" 3 Jesus answered, sabbath, when Jesus made the 5. Neither did this man sin, nor clay, and opened his eyes. 15 his parents : but that the works | Then the Pharisees also asked of God might be manifested in him again, how he had received him. 4 I must work the works his sight. And he said to them, of him who sent me, while it “ He put clay on mine eyes, is day: the night cometh, when and I washed myself, and see.” no one can work. 5 While I am 16 Wherefore, some of the in the world, I am the light of Pharisees said, This man is not the world."

from God, because he keepeth 6 When he had said this, he not the sabbath.” Others said, spat on the ground, and made “ How can a sinner do such elay with the spittle, and anoint- miracles ?" And there was a ed the eyes (of the blind man] division among

them. with the clay, 7 and said to him, 17 They said again to the « Go, wash thyself in the pool blind man, “What sayest thou of Siloam :" (which is, by in- of him, since he hath opened terpretation, Sent.) He depart. thine eyes ?” And he said, ed, therefore, and washed him-" He is a prophet.” 18 Upon self, and came seeing. 8 The this the Jews did not believe neighbours, therefore, and those concerning him, that he had who had seen him before, (for been blind, and had received he had been a beggar) said, “ Is his sight; urtil they called his not this he who sat and beg- parents: (the parents of him ged?” 9 Some said, “ This is that had received his sight.]t he." And others said, “ He is 19 And they asked them, saylike him.” But he said, “I am ing, “ Is this your son, of whom

ye say that he was born blind? 10 They said, therefore, to how then doth he now see po him, “How were thine eyes 20 His parents answered them, opened ?" 11 He answered and and said, “ We know that this said, “A man, called Jesus, I is our son, and that he was born


* As if he had said, “ My mission was settled and certain before the birth of Abraham.” Como pare Matt. xvii. 11. See Wakefield's note on the text.

+ “ See the external authorities, which show that the two last Greek words in this verse are a gloss. And though there is no external authority for omitting the three last words of ver. 13, they have the appearance of a marginal note inserted in the text." Neweome.

of one

blind : 21 but by what means he age, it hath not been heard that now seeth, we know not; or any one opened the eyes who hath opened his eyes, we born blind. 33 If this man were know not: he is of age; ask him: not from God, he could do nohe will speak for himself.” thing.'

22 His parents spake these 35 They answered, and said words, because they feared the to him, "Thou wast altogether Jews: for the Jews had already born in sins, and dost thou teach agreed that, if any one should us?” And they cast him out. confess him to be Christ; he 34 Jesus heard that they had should be put out of the syna- cast him out: and having found gogue. 23 For this cause his pa him, said to him, “Dost thou rents said, “He is of age; ask believe in the Son of God ?" 36 him.” 24 A second time, there. He answered and said, “ Who fore, they called the man that is he, Master, that I may behad been blind, and said to him, lieve in him ?" 37 [And] Jesus

Give glory to God : we know said to him, « Thou hast both that this man is a sinner." seen him, and it is he who talk

25 [Then] he answered and eth with thee.” 38 And he said, said, “ Whether he be a sin- “ Master, I believe.” And he ner, I know not: one thing I did him obeisance. know, that, whereas I was blind, 39 Then Jesus said, “ For I now see.” 26 Then they said judgment I am come into this to him, again, “What did he world: that those who see not, to thee? how opened he thine may see; and that those who eyes ?” 27 He answered them, see, may become blind.” 40 “I have told you already, and (And] some of the Pharisees ye did not hearken: why de- that were with him, heard these sire ye to hear it again ? would words, and said to him, “ Are ye also be his disciples ?” we also blind ?” 41 Jesus said

28 Then they reviled him, to them, If ye were blind, ye and said, “ Thou art his disci- would not have sin : but now yo ple; but we are the disciples of say, 'We see;' your sin EthereMoses. 29 We know that God fore] remaineth. spake to Moses : but we know Ch. X. 1 “Verily, verily I not whence this man is. say to you, he that entereth not

30 The man answered 'and by the door, into the sheep-fold, said to them, “ This surely is but climbeth up some other a wonderful thing, that ye know way, that man is a thief and a not whence he is, and yet he robber. 2 But he that entereth hath opened mine eyes. 31 in by the door, is the shepherd [Now] we know that God hear of the sheep. 3 To him the poreth not sinners : but if any one ter openeth; and the sheep be a worshipper of God, and do hearken to his voice: and he his will, him he heareth. 32 calleth his own sheep by name, From the commencement of the and leadeth them out. 4 [ And]

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when he bringeth forth his own 16 “And other sheep I have, sheep, he goeth before them, which are not of this fold: them and the sheep follow him; for also I must bring, and they will they know his voice. 5 Where-hear my voice: and there shall as, a stranger they will not fol- be one flock, and one shepherd. low, but will flee from him : for 17 For this my Father loveth they know not the voice of me; because I lay down my life, strangers.” 6 This parable Je- that I may take it again. 18 No sus spake to them: but they one taketh it from me; but I understood not what things they lay it down of myself. I have were, which he spake to them. authority to lay it down, and I

7 Jesus, therefore, said to have authority to receive it them again, “ Verily, verily, I again. This commission I have say to you, I am the door of the received from my Father.” sheep. 8 All who have come 19 There was a division before me are thieves and rob- (therefore] again, among the bers : but the sheep did not Jews because of these words. hear them. 9 I am the door: if 20 And many of them said, any one enter in by me, he “ He hath a demon, and is mad;* shall be safe, and shall go in why hear ye him ?” 21 Others and out, and find pasture. 10 said, “ These are not the words The thief cometh not, but to of him that hath a demon. Can steal, and to kill, and to destroy: a demon open the eyes of the I am come that they may have blind ?" life, and that they may have it 22 NOW the feast of dedi. abundantly. 11 I am the good cation was kept at Jerusalem; shepherd: the good shepherd [and] it was winter. 23 And layeth down his life for the sheep. Jesus walked in the temple, in

12" But he that is a hireling, Solomon's porch. 24 Then the and not the shepherd, wh ose Jews surrounded him, and said own the sheep are not, seeth to him, “ How long dost thou the wolf coming, and leaveth keep us in suspense? If thou the sheep, and fleeth; and the be the Christ, tell us plainly." wolf seizeth them, and scat- 25 Jesus answered them, “I tereth the sheep : 13 [and the have told you, and ye believe hireling fleeth,] because he is anot: the works which I do, in hireling, and careth not for the my Father's name, they bear sheep. 14 I am the good shep- witness of me. herd, and know my sheep, and 26 “But ye believe not because am known by mine; 15 even as ye are not of my sheep. [As I the Father knoweth me, and as said to you,] 27 my sheep hear I know the Father : and I lay my voice, and I know them, down my life for the sheep. and they follow me: 28 and I

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* He hath a demon and is mad.] Observe, these words express carise and effect. The effect, the disease, is insanity: the supposed cause is po session by a demon, vr a human ghost, than which no supposition can be more absurd: but it was the philosophy of the age.

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