How to get Anything Paid For!

Trafford Publishing, 2007 M01 26
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Debt, uncontrolled, can be devastating to ones life. A thriving business whose debt has gone unchecked, can find itself suddenly facing chapter 13 or closing it's doors. Statistics show that a once happy and fulfilling marriage can grow cold and eventually end in divorce when debt is not handled properly. I have heard of people who have committed suicide because they had gotten so far into debt, that they felt death was the only way out. Some handle debt better than others. The reasons can be complex. I have tried in this book to make the ridding of debt from your life simple and clear. I take a focused look at the psychological root cause of why one falls back into debt despite great efforts to get out. This gives merit to the age old saying: The rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer. We examine the bible scripture that corrects this dilemma where it instructs us to renew our minds. The precise meaning is to renew our mindset. See Ephesians 4 verse 23. I found the term: Debt free too vague for my use. I had fifteen credit cards, at the max, and a mortgage about to fall behind. I found out that by saying out loud what I wanted to happen yielded results. Saying that my J.C. Penny card was paid off was something I could see and do. Saying: My home is paid for was something I could see and get motivated to do. By doing this with all fifteen credit cards and my house, I did obtain debt freedom. Treat your goal of (Paid for) like a puzzle. See the big picture, but focus on putting it together piece by piece.

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