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was absent--to the surprize of some of my neighbours, who remarked how much of our time we spent in solitude, and wondered what we could find to converse about. But her mind was so well furnished, and her objects so well selected, that there were few great subjects in which we had not a common interest. I have lost my best friend, who, regardless of herself, studied my ease and advantage in every thing. These things may be small to others, but they are great to me: and, though they are gone as a vision of the night, the memory of them will always be upon my mind during the remainder of my journey, which I must now travel alone. Nevertheless, if the word of God be my companion, and his Holy Spirit my guide, I need not be solitary_till I shall once more join my departed saint, never more to be separated; which God grant in his good time, according to his word and promise in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Froin your faithful and afflicted,



The following INSCRIPTION and EPITAPH to the memory of two eminent persons, the particular friends of Mr. Jones, were thought worthy to be preserved among his other works.

(No. IV.)

INSCRIPTION to the memory of the Rev. ALEXANDER

CATcott, intended to be placed in the Library of the City of Bristol, to which that learned and laborious Naturalist, and sound Divine, had presented his invaluable Collection of Fossils.

Multiformia hæc et pretiosa Fossilium Exemplaria

Terræ Adamiticæ Reliquias, Ac indubitata Diluvii Universalis Monimenta, Magno Labore (non sine periculo) undique eruta et


Scriptis suis illustravit
Et Posteritati, Rerum naturalium studiosæ dicavit

Ecclesiæ de Temple in hâc Urbe,

Pastor, dum viveret, vigilantissimus;
Vir Vitæ integer, Moribus simplex, Pietate insignis;
Sacrâ Theologiâ, quam, ex fontibus Græcis & Hebraicis,

A primâ Juventute hauserat, eruditissimus;

Philosophia Mosaica nulli secundus;
Doctis legendus, Bonis omnibus venerandus.

Hæc scias, Hospes, æquum est de Viro optimé merito Tu vero, Ipsius Voti, et Exempli memor,

Utere his, cum illo, ad Gloriam Dei.


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Epitaph in the Parish Church of Epsom, in Surry.


Glory to God alone.

Sacred to the Memory
Of the Rev. John PARKHURST, M. A.

Of this Parish,
And descended from the PARKHURSTS of Catesby in


His Life was distinguished, Not by any Honours in the Church, but by deep and

laborious Researches Into the Treasures of divine Learning, The Fruits of which are preserved in two invaluable

Wherein the original Text of the
Old and New Testament is interpreted
With extraordinary Light and Truth.

If Thou art thankful to God that such a Man lived,

Pray for the Christian World, That neither the Pride of false Learning, nor the

Growth of Unbelief May so far prevail as to render his pious Labours


any Degree ineffectual.
He lived in Christian Charity,

And departed in Faith and Hope,
On the 21st Day of February, 1797,

In the 69th Year of his Age.







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