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there appeared no more hopes of their restoration for ever. Neither are the coals of the old brands yet quenched, but they burn still under the embers of sedition, wherewith they are raked up, and threaten, yet, new and worse fires, perhaps to the civil, but certainly to the religious state of things among us; which God avert !

This good man did not live to see the dismembering of the British empire, by the

separation of the American colonies, begun and carried on by the same party both here and there, to the loss of so many thousand lives, and the oppressing of the people with new and endless burthens of taxes. So notorious was the case, that even the gentlemen of the army, who had an opportunity of making proper observations, and were properly disposed to make them, brought home this report with them to the mother country, that if the Church of England had but obtained that timely support in the colonies, for which it had so often petitioned, the American rebellion had never happened: and if this government shall be as remiss toward itself, in the mother country, as it has been toward the colonies, the same evils will soon break out at home.


Printed by J. Crowder, Warwick-square.


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