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“ When sleep has clos'd my forrow-streaming eyes, « Then ghaftly dreams, and hateful thoughts arise: * All unaccompany'd methinks I

go “ O'er Irish bogs, a wilderness of woe ! “ Ah! my wits turn! frange phantoms round me fly! “ Lo! I am chang'd into a goosb’ry pye ! Forbear to eat me up, inhuman rabble ! “ Cocks crow, ducks quake, hens cackle, turkies


Thus as the rav'd, her womb with rueful throes Did to the light a lusty babe disclose: Long while the doubted of the smirking boy, Or on her knee to dandle, or destroy; Love prompted her to save, and Pride to drown, At length Pride conquer'd, and the dropt her son.

* - Semperque relinqui
Sola fibi, femper longam incomitata videtur
Ire viam, & Tyrios deserta quarere terra.
Eumenidum veluti demens videt agmina Pentheus, &c.

Æn. 4.

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THAT fears, what terrors does thy gift create !

Ambiguous emblem of uncertain fate!
The myrtle, ensign of fupreme command,
(Consign'd by venus to Melissa's hand)
Not less capricious than a reigning fair,
Oft favours, oft rejects the lover's care.
In myrtle groves oft fings the happy fwain,
In myrtle shades despairing ghofts complain;
The myrtle crowns the happy lovers heads,
Th’ unhappy lovers graves the myrtle spreads;
Oh! then the meaning of thy gift impart,
And cure the throbbings of an anxious heart;
Soon must this bough, as you shall fix his doom,
Adorn PHILANDER's head, or grace his tomb.





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N this small work all nature's wonders see,

The foften'd features of philofophy. In truth by easy steps you here advance, Truth, as diverting as the best romance. Long had these arts to fages been confin’d, None saw their beauty till by poring blind; By ing spent, like men that cram too full, From Wisdom's feast they rose not chear'd, but dail: The gay

and airy smii'd to see them grave,
And Aled such wisdom like TROPHONIUS' cave.
Juftly they thought they might those arts despise,
Which made men fullen, ere they would be wise.
Brought down to fight, with ease you view 'em here;

Tho' deep the bottom, yet the stream is clear.
Your flutt'ring sex, fciil valued science less;
Careless of

but the arts of dress.
Their pieless time was idly thro:vn away
On empiy novels, or some new-born play.
The best, perhaps, a few loose hours might spare
For some unmeaning thing, miscall'd a pray’r.



In vain the glittering orbs, each' starry night,
With mingling blazes shed a flood of light:
Each nymph with cold indiff'rence saw 'em rise;
And, taught by fops, to them preferr'd her eyes.
None thought the stars were suns so widely fown,
None dreamt of other worlds, besides our own.
Well might they boast their charms, when ev'ry fair
Thought this world all; and her's the brightest here.
Ah! quit not the large thoughts this book inspires,
For those thin trifles which your fex admires ;

claim to sense, and shew mankind, That reason is not to themselves confin'd. 'The haughty belle, whose beauty's awful fhrine, "Twere facrilege t'imagine not divine, Who thought so greatly of her eyes before, Bid her read this, and then be vain no more. How poor e'en You, who reign without controul, If we except the beauties of


soul! Should all beholders feel the same surprize; Should all who see



my eyes; Were no such blasts to make that beauty less; Should


be what I think, what all confess : "Tis but a narrow space those charms engage; One Island only, and not half an Age!


S O N G.


an AUNT.

GAY PLORIMEL, of gen'rous birth,

The most engaging fair on earth,

To please a blind gallant,
Has much of wit, and much of worth,
And much of tongue to set it forth,
But then she has-

How oft, alas! in vain I've try'd,
To tempt her from her guardian's side,

her in love's hook!
She's like a little wanton lamb,
That frisks about the careful dam,
And shuns the shepherd's crook.

Like wretched dives am I plac'd,
To see the joys I cannot taste,

Of all my hopes bereav'n:
Her Aunt the dismal gulph betwixt,
By all the powers of malice fixt,

To cheat me of my heaven.

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