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Justice exerce, with mercy and conscience,
And let no small beast suffer faith or scorns
Of greater beasts, that been of more puissance;
Do law alike to Apes and Unicorns,
And let no Bugle with his bourteous horns
Oppress the meek plough Ox, for all his pride,
But in the yoke go quietly him befide.

When this was said, with noise and sound of joy,
All kind of Quadrupeds in their degree,
At once cry'd LAUD, and then vive LE ROY;
Then at his feet fell with humility ;
To him they all paid homage and fealty ;
And he did them receive with princely laits,
Whofe noble ire his greatness mitigates.

Then crowned she the Eagle King of fowls
And sharp as darts of steel she made his pens,
And bade him be as just to Whawps and Owls,
As unto Peacocks, Papingoes, or Cranes,
And make one Law for Wicht Fowls and for Wrens,
And let no fowl of rapine do affray,
Nor birds devour, but his own proper prey.

Then called the all flow'rs grew in the field,
Describing all their fashions and effeirs,
Upon the awful THISTLE she beheld,

And saw him guarded with a bush of spears,
Considering him so able for the wars,
A radiant crown of rubies she him gave,
And said, in field go forth, and fend the laif.

And since thou art a King, be thou discreet,
Herb without value hold not of such price,
As herb of virtue and of odour sweet;
And let no nettle vile, and full of vice,
Her fellow with the goodly Flow'r-de-lyce;
Nor let no wild weed, full of churlishness,
Compare her to the Lilly's nobleness,

Nor hold none other flow'r in such dainty
As the fresh ROSE, of colour red and white;
For if thou doft, hurt is thine honesty,
Considering that no flow'r is so perfyte,
So full of pleafaunce, virtue, and delight;
So full of blissful angelic beauty,
Imperial birth, honour, and dignity.

Then to the ROSE she did her visage turn,
And said, O lusty daughter most benign,
Above the Lilly thou art illustrious born,
From royal lineage rising fresh and young,
But any spot, or macul doing sprung ;
Come bloom of joy, with richest gems

be crown'd, For o'er the laif thy beauty is renown'd.

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XXIII. A coftly crown with ftones clarified bright, This comely Queen did in her head inclose, While all the land illumined of light; Wherefore methought, the flow'rs did all rejoyce, Crying at once, Hail to the fragrant ROSE! Hail Empress of the herbs! fresh Queen of flow'rs! To thee be glore and honour at all hours.

XXIV. Then all the birds they fang with voice on height, Whose mirthful sound was marvellous to hear: The Mavys sang, Hail ROSE most rich and right, That does upflourish under Phebus' sphere, Hail plant of youth, hail prince's daughter dear, Hail bloffom breaking out of blood royal, Whose precious virtue is imperial.

XXV. The Merle she sang, Hail ROSE of most delight, Hail of all flow'rs the sweet and sov'raign Queen: The Lark she sang, hail ROSE both red and white, Most pleasant flow'r of mighty colours * twain : Nightingals fang, hail Nature's fuffragan, In beauty, nurture, and each nobleness, In rich array, renown, and gentleness.



Alluding to the Houses of york and LANCASTER, which were distinguished by the white and RED ROSE, and united in the person of Queen MARGARET.

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The common voice uprose of warblers small,
Upon this wife,

" O blessed be the hour
" That thou wast chose to be our principal,
« Welcome to be our Princess crown'd with pow's,
“ Our pearl, our pleasance, and our paramour,
“ Our peace, our play, our plain felicity:
• Christ thee conserve from all adversity."

Then all the concert sang with such a shout,
That I anon awaken'd where I lay,
And with a braid I turned me about
To see this court, but all were gone away;
Then up I leand me, halflings in affray,
Call’d to my Muse, and for my subject chose
To fing the royal THISTLE and the ROSE.

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O Blivion wraps not in her silent shade

All human labours. Virtue blooms a flower, That Time's rough hand shall never violate. Still CAROLINE shall live in faithful verse, Sweet nurse of Memory, and in the voice Of grateful Britain. These shall testify How well her calm impartial rule fupplied A Monarch's absence ; these commemorate Her foul contemplative of peaceful Truth And nature, mindful midst the pomp of Courts Of wise retirement, and the filent grove. She stretch'd thro' length'ning shades thy spa

cious walks, Delightful Richmond, and the terrass rais'd Of regal grandeur, whence the eye discerns Fair Thames with copious waters winding slow Midit pastures, spreading herds, and villages Of aspect neat, and villas wrapt in shades : air scene of chearful peace! The lovely sight Frequent she view'd, and bless’d the honour'd reign


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