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That is the problem with the Abraham version of GOD and forgiveness. Where is the motivation to be forgiven IF there is NO FORGIVENESS? I learned to read Hebrew just so I could not be ignorant about the testaments. I was told IMMEDIATELY that this was not for me, I was told that my experience in this life, the good and the bad was for THEM. I was told to not hold onto the memories that they belong to them, their knowledge to have.
Have YOU bothered to learn to read Hebrew? How very wrong you are. I was molested at 3 years old by a female cousin, my father sexual molested me. To say my parents were dysfunctional is a under statement.
My father never met a woman he did not want, he was so popular, so handsome, so intelligent yet so messed up. He was the only role model I had since my mother and I to this day have very little in common and yes, even at 86 she is still a drunk as he is, to be honest.
I was always a very attractive girl then woman. Even today at my 50ish years I still get hit on. I THOUGHT that sex was the way to finding a husband, that was what I was taught. Booze made my pain go away, for a little while. Sad.
I listen to lectures all the time, besides reading, lectures is my favorite way to learn.
About 7 years ago, (God's favorite number) I was listening to a show, the subject was DEMON SEEDS. He said, like in my case, when children are molested or raped a demon seed is planted. When I heard that, I cried, my soul cried out in relief for the little girl who wanted to be good. The little girl who lived in the library surrounded by books. The little girl that no one cared about. I cried for the young woman who was chased by men almost every single day of my life. This man CHANGED MY LIFE, my soul was free to be WHO I always wanted to be. A lady.
My Creator has relieved me, my Creator though the grace of that show allowed me to be who I want to be...it took far too long but I got there.
I have a wonderful husband who loves me deeply as I love him. He saved me with his old school ways and charm. It was him who helped me see that liquor was just a habit, I was able to put that in it's place, what a relief it is to not be burden by this pollution. A disgusting habit, nothing more.
I just wanted to share that with you. I know from first hand experience that you are wrong.

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