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Ezekiel’s prophecy insists; look the power of Great Britain, Egypt, Syria, Sidon, Libya, Germany, and France; and now America’ economy is shrinking exponentially. And so is the world’ economy strength is no more! What does it mean? I am mindful that Great Britain boasting; “The sun never sets on our great Empire.” It can no longer be appropriate in their boasting. And now she had gone the level that the sun is hardly rise up on the British Empire in the 21st century. Ezekiel’s prophetic fulfilled. Formula, “I am the Lord Almighty: Stands, God takes charge: “Be still or else I will break your backbone power.” Therefore, I am mindful that the struggle of the vulnerable poor people, they are not alone. But God struggles with them. God is busy working every day. He is trampling out vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored. Everyone else is trapped into a birdcage, like a leper caste system man’s made corruption that ever-persist! The exploitation for self-serving must be stopped otherwise God will break the backbone of human power.
All of these things come to my mind, heart and soul as I stood there in the Westminster Abby in London with all of its beauty and splendor; and I thought about the beautiful Anthems that people would go in there to sing, “God save the Queen:” And yet the Church of England and Archbishop of Canterbury never took stand to protest against the system of a leper caste exploitation. The Church of England sanctioned it. The Church of England gave it moral stature. All of the exploitation and humiliation of vulnerable people, illiterate perpetuated the British Empire was sanctioned by the Church of England. The same thing in South Africa Dutch Reformed Church sanctioned apartheid rule.. As I stood there in Westminster Abby seeing all dead Kings and Queens buried there. I thought of the fact that the British Empire must be like the ancient Egypt, exploited India. Think about it!
India with 400 million inhabitants and a tiny British Island exploited them so much that out of a population of 400 million, and 350 million made an annual income of less than $50. A year: and 25 of that had to be paid for income taxes and the other things of life. Again, I thought about Africa, particularly South Africa’ apartheid and how the people there, if they can make $1oo a year they are living very well, they think Two shillings a day, and one shilling in those days was 25 cents and that’s a good wage for an African Indigenous: That’s because of the domination of the British Empire in 19th century that influence Dutch Reformed Church to sanction apartheid rule in South Africa. One may well ask compelling this question: “Does God really care?” Yes, God cares! God struggles with you! Because God wants to use you, would you care to be used by God? And he is working tirelessly every day in order to make you fully understand. The British Empire is no more probably never again to exist of its kind again neither Dutch Reformed Church nor apartheid will ever exists. God is very busy working because He cares! See (Ezek. 18: 30-32 and 2 Corinth 5: 10): Formula; “And your power will be no more!” “I will judge all of you according to your ways!” God said.
South Africa Apartheid, Leper Caste System Parallels with America’ Segregation System: Toward the end of the Reconstruction era, something very significant happened during the British Empire. There developed what was known as the “Populist Movement.” The leaders of this movement began awakening the much less educated poor white-Afrikaners masses and the former vulnerable much less educated African-Indigenous to the fact that they were being fleeced by the emerging Bourbon interests (Bourgeois) Despotic: Not only that, but they began uniting also the much less educated African-black as well as the much less educate white-Afrikaners masses into a voting bloc that threatened to drive the Bourbon interests from the command posts of political power in South Africa’ regions, and also based on

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