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The little Manual, now offered to the Public, has been undertaken in consequence of requests long since communicated to the Author, and frequently repeated, that he would prepare an ANALYSIS, or Abridgment of the four octavo volumes of his larger "Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures ;" as an assistant to the studies of Gentlemen, at the Universities and other Seminaries of Theological Literature, as also of those individuals who may respectively possess that work, and to whom such an auxiliary would be acceptable. At the same time, the present volume has been so arranged, as to form a Comprehensive Guide to the Study of the Bible, adapted to the use of GENERAL READERS : it will be found to contain,

I. A Summary of the Evidences of the Genuineness, Inspiration, &c. of the Holy Scriptures, refuting the most modern objections of Infidels;

II. An Outline of the Literary History and Interpretation of the Bible;

III. A Compendium of Biblical Geography and Antiquities; and

IV. Introductory Prefaces to the several Books of Scripture.

In preparing this Manual for the press, the order of the larger Introduction has generally been followed ; the Parts and Books, into which it is divided, corresponding with the volumes, and parts of volumes in that work. Those bibliographical, critical, and other details only have been omitted, which either would not admit of abridgment, or which would be uninteresting to the generality of English readers.

The Author has subjoined, in an Appendix, a List of Select Chapters of the Bible, forming an Epitome of the Old and New Testaments, adapted to perusal in the family, or in private, together with chronological and other tables; which he trusts, with the Divine blessing on his labours, will contribute to facilitate the devout and attentive reading of “the Holy Scriptures, which ALONE are able to make us wise unto salvation, THROUGH FAITH which is in Christ Jesus."

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CHAPTER I. On the Necessity, &c. of a Divine Revelation-

CHAPTER II. On the Genuineness and Authenticity of the Books of

the Old and New Testament

Sect. I. Genuineness and Authenticity of the Old Testament ibid.

Sect. II. Genuineness and Authenticity of the New Testa-

Sect. III. On the uncorrupted Preservation of the Books of the

Old and New Testament


CHAPTER III. On the Credibility of the old and New Testaments 10

Sect. I. Direct Evidences of the Credibility of the Old and New



Sect. II. Testimonies to the Credibility of the Old and New Tes.

taments, from Natural and Civil History


$ 1. Testimonies from Natural and Civil History to the Cre.

dibility of the Old Testament


§ 2. Testimonies of Profane Writers to the Credit

edibility of the

New Testament


$ 3. Collateral Testimonies to the Truth of the Facts record

ed in the Scriptures, from ancient Coins, Medals, and Mar-



CHAPTER IV. All the Books of the Old and New Testaments are of

Divine Authority, and their Authors are divinely inspired 24

Sect. I. Preliminary Considerations


Sect. II. The Miracles related in the Old and New Testaments

are Proofs that the Scriptures were given by Inspiration of



Sect. III. On Prophecy


Class I. Prophecies relating to the Jewish Nation in parti.



Class II. Prophecies relating to the Nations or Empires that

-were neighbouring to the Jews


Class III. Prophecies directly announcing the Messiah


Class IV. Prophecies by Jesus Christ and his Apostles


Refutation of various Objections against Prophecy


CEAPTER V, Internal Evidences of the Inspiration of the Scriptures 47

Sect. I. The System of Doctrine and the Moral Precepts, which

are delivered in the Scriptures, are so excellent and so per.

fectly holy, that the persons who published them to the

World, must have derived them from a purer and more ex.

alted Source than their own Meditations


21. A Concise View of the Religion of the Patriarchal Times 48

$ 2. A Summary View of the Doctrines and Precepts of the

Mosaic Dispensation


9 3. A Summary View of the Doctrines and Precepts of the

Gospel Dispensation


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