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Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

I've just started reading this book and was glad to find writing on it. I am white and I have felt the pain and sting of racism; hatred for what I personally had not done, but been born in white skin. It hurts.....I, too, have felt a tremendous burden for the racism still alive on all sides of the fence today; but, it like to have broke me when I experienced the hatred on an on-going basis, with people I'd loved and tried to befriend on a job. You say it right, when you say Forgiveness is the answer.
I was an abused child all of my childhood; I dealt with my abuse through drug use at a young age. I was lied about and ridiculed in school, because of my drug use. I knew great success in my 20's; had children and was clean. In my 30's through difficult situations I ended up using again. My life spiraled out of control for several years and now, for several more years, I have been clean again. I don't struggle with unforgiveness or pain like I could and I believe it's because God gave me His forgiveness and then worked His forgiveness in and through me to others.
I don't struggle with loving my family; I don't struggle with seeing people as a color; God is the answer and through Christ we can do all things. Christ forgave us and we are told to forgive, as we were forgiven. There will always be that one person or persons to challenge your resolve on this issue, and we will always be able to push through and to overcome through Him. We have to believe what the Lord says about us: we are all made in the image of Him. None of us are more guilty than anyone else; when we broke one law, we became guilty of breaking all the law and that is why Christ came and died for us. Through Him, let's pray and let's move forward to actively live this life of love for one another. We need each other today more than ever; Christ is coming back. I don't want to be ashamed of being white any more and I don't want anyone else to be ashamed of their great-great-great grandparents past. God makes us beautiful.
Thank's for writing the book,

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