From Teaching to Toilets

Xulon Press, 2006 - 124 páginas
Based on a true story, this work illustrates one woman's journey down a pathway of deceit and self-condemnation after losing a career she loved and then on to her discovery of God's love and finding success through failure. (Practical Life)

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I read this farce of a book and would not recommend it to anyone who is truly seeking the goodness of God's grace. This self proclaimed minister lies, cheats and bullies anyone she feels is unworthy of her brand of religion. In her book she tried to convince readers that she was the victim of her co - workers and that she was eventually placed in a position where a choice had to be made between resigning from teaching and fighting back. I don't believe it because I've met this woman and she victimizes everyone around her, including those who think they are her friends. There is not an ounce of kindness in this person, only someone trying to make money off of others. I decided that she needs prayer because only God can effect change in her personality faults.  

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