The Name of God Y.eH.oW.aH Which is pronounced as it is Written I_Eh_oU_Ah

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The understanding of God's name YHWH is so controversial that it is eventually the controversy of controversies, or the ultimate controversy. Indeed, why most of competent Hebrew scholars propagate patently false explanations about God's name? Why do the Jews refuse to read God's name as it is written and read Adonay "my Lord" (a plural of majesty) instead of it? Why God's name is usually punctuated e, â (shewa, qamats) by the Masoretes what makes its reading impossible, because the 4 consonants of the name YHWH must have at least 3 vowels (long or short) to be read, like the words 'aDoNâY and 'eLoHîM "God" (a plural of majesty), which have 4 consonants and 3 vowels? At last, why the obvious reading "Yehowah", according to theophoric names, which all begin by Yehô-, without exception, is so despised, and why the simple biblical meaning, "He will be" from Exodus 3:14, is rejected.

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Read Gertoux's paper - He leaves no stone UN-turned and covers everything i could hope to cover including the Greeks form of the Trigrammaton 'Iaw' (Yaw). A nice reference for all time. If you want to know the true name of God or Jesus this is the document for educated true believers.


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