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to be the same contrivers and jugglers; and therefore they proclaim war equally against all, and are equally engaged to bear the brunt of all.

And if the contest be only between the deists and the priests, which of them are the men of the greatest parts and sense, let the effects determine it; and let the deists yield the victory to their conquerors, who, by their own confession, carry all the world before them.

XVI. If the deists say, that this is because all the world are blockheads, as well as those priests who govern them; that all are blockheads except the deists, who vote themselves only to be men of sense; this (besides the modesty of it) will spoil their great and beloved topic, in behalf of what they call natural religion, against the revealed, viz. appealing to the common reason of mankind. This they set up against revelation; think this to be sufficient for all the uses of men, here or hereafter, (if there be any after state,) and therefore that there is no use of revelation; this common reason they advance as infallible, at least, as the surest guide, yet now cry out upon it, when it turns against them; when this common reason runs after revelation, (as it always has done,) then common reason is a beast; and we must look for reason, not from the common sentiment of mankind, but only among the beaux, the deists.

XVII. Therefore if the deists would avoid the mortification (which would be very uneasy to them) to yield and submit to be subdued and hewed down before the priests, whom of all mankind they hate and despise ; if they would avoid this, let them confess, as the truth is, that religion is no invention of priests, but of divine original; that priests were instituted by the same author of religion; and that their order is a perpetual and living monument of the matters of fact of their religion, instituted from the time that such matters of fact were said to be done, as the Levites from Moses; the apos tles, and succeeding clergy, from Christ, to this day. That no heathen priests can say the same; they were

not appointed by the gods whom they served, but by others in after ages; they cannot stand the test of the four rules before mentioned, which the Christian priests can do, and they only. Now the Christian priesthood, as instituted by Christ himself, and continued by succession to this day, being as impregnable and flagrant a testimony to the truth of the matters of fact of Christ, as the sacraments, or any other public institutions; besides that, if the priesthood were taken away, the sacraments, and other public institutions, which are administered by their hands, must fall with them; therefore the devil has been most busy, and bent his greatest force, in all ages, against the priesthood, knowing, that if that goes down, all goes with it.

XVIII. And now, last of all, if one word of advice would not be lost upca men who think so unmeasurably of themselves, as the deists, you may represent to them what a condition they are in, who spend that life and sense, which God has given them, in ridiculing the greatest of his blessings, his revelations of Christ, and by Christ, to redeem those from sin and misery, who shall believe in him and obey his laws. And that God, in his wonderful mercy and wisdom, has so guarded his revelations, as that it is past the power of men or devils to counterfeit ; and that there is no denying of them, unless we will be so absurd, as to deny not only the reason, but the certainty of the outward senses, not only of one, or two, or three, but of mankind in general. That this case is so very plain, that nothing but want of thought can hinder any to discover it. That they must yield it to be so plain, unless they can show some forgery, which has all the four marks before set down. But, if they cannot do this, they must quit their cause, and yield a happy victory over themselves; or else sit down under all that ignominy, with which they have loaded the priests, of being, not only the most pernicious, but (what will gall them more) the most inconsiderate, and inconsiderable of mankind.



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