Missions, Nationalism and the End of Empire

Stanley, Alaine M. Low
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2003 - 313 páginas
Christian missions have often been seen as the religious arm of Western imperialism. What is rarely appreciated is the role they played in bringing about an end to the Western colonial empires after the Second World War. "Missions, Nationalism, and the End of Empire" explores this neglected subject.

Respected authorities on the history of missions explore new territory in these chapters, examining from diverse angles the linkages between Christianity, nationalism, and the dissolution of the colonial empires in Asia and Africa. This work not only sheds light on the relation of religion and politics but also uncovers the sometimes paradoxical implications of the church's call to bring the gospel to all the world.

Contributors: Daniel H. Bays
Philip Boobbyer
Judith M. Brown
Richard Elphick
Deborah Gaitskell
Adrian Hastings
Caroline Howell
Ka-che Yip
Ogbu U. Kalu
Hartmut Lehmann
Derek Peterson
Andrew Porter
Brian Stanley
John Stuart


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This 2003 anthology of essays discusses topics related to missions and colonial interests, which examble cited in Bible translations in Africa from Swahili into the Kikuyu language in Kenya.


Christianity and the End of Empire
The Clash of Nationalism and Universalism within TwentiethCentury Missionary Christianity
Missionaries without Empire German Protestant Missionary Efforts in the Interwar Period
Missions and Afrikaner Nationalism Soundings in the Prehistory of Apartheid
The Universities Mission to Central Africa AngloCatholicism and the TwentiethCentury Colonial Encounter
Who Is an Indian? Dilemmas of National Identity at the End of the British Raj in India
China and Christianity Perspectives on Missions Nationalism and the State in the Republican Period 19121949
Foreign Missions and Indigenous Protestant Leaders in China 19201955 Identity and Loyalty in an Age of Powerful Nationalism
Speaking for the Unvoiced? British Missionaries and Aspects of African Nationalism 19421959
Church and State in Crisis The Deposition of the Kabaka of Buganda 19531955
Moral ReArmament in Africa in the Era of Decolonization
Apartheid Mission and Independent Africa From Pretoria to Kampala with Hannah Stanton
Passive Revolution and Its Saboteurs African Christian Initiative in the Era of Decolonization 19551975
Bibliography of Principal Secondary Sources
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The Rhetoric of the Word Bible Translation and Mau Mau in Colonial Central Kenya

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