Conspiracy Against Divine Sexuality: It All Started in Eden

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Whether you believe in a Creator or not, human sexuality affects every layer of your spirit and life. You are either tickled to your hearts delights by the streams of fiery passions of your sexuality, or are aimlessly drifting through the doldrums of the monotonous waves of life -as a shipwreck.

In this graphic and honest discussion on the complexity and history of human sexuality and its purpose and impact on us all, the author is boldly delving into this stormy topic with these aims in mind: How did it all start and where to find the answers? Was there an original pure teaching of this dynamic human phenomenon? Who was interested in fouling the atmosphere of human sexuality? How and by whom was it perpetuated on innocent lives throughout history? What were the results of this conspiracy on you personally? How to reverse it? What is The Song of Solomon the master lover all about, and how to achieve the ideal spiritual and sexual intercourse?

In this work, the Biblical and historic narratives concerning human sexuality will enlighten us, one step at a time, until we reach the sparkling and inviting lights at the end of our sexual journey.


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Moran M. Judson was born in 1944 to a Jewish Orthodox family in British Aden, Yemen. In 1949, his family migrated to Israel. In late 1965, he moved to New York, where, few years later, he begun working with a community practicing both the Old and New Testaments’ teachings of the Bible. From 1970 to 1975 he served on the faculty of a religious college in Pasadena, California – teaching Modern and Biblical Hebrew, while pursuing his B.A. degree in Liberal Arts. In 1975, Mr. Judson begun his new career as a Bible lecturer. Mr. Judson has published dozens of articles and books on human relationships and Middle East issues. He presently lectures and also teaches Bible Law from the Old and New Testaments on the internet website:

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